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IOMing It Up

by pretty_feet


The Invasion of Meridell (IOM) avatar eludes many avid avatar collectors. Why? Most people say the game is just too hard, and it can be. But really, it isn’t. Another reason is the amount of time you have to spend on the game perhaps. Again, this should not be a problem if you spend your time wisely. So let’s get started so you can get the avatar this month. =]

Avatar Information

You can get an avatar from IOM, but it's up to you to figure it out! Just follow this guide, and you should be fine, though!

Basic Information about IOM

This guide isn’t really about telling you how to play. This guide is more for people who have tried to play and failed miserably. :P Don’t be ashamed; it happened to me too many times. So if you are looking for a guide on the basic rules of the game, you will need to look elsewhere. (You can neomail me if you need more guides; I know a few.)

Starting Off

Okay, so the first thing you need to do to be successful is check the stats of your crew. I recommend an attack strength of at least 8 and defense at least 10 for the Moehog. For the Skeith, get an attack strength of 18 and defence of at least 8. For the Techo, get a 9 for attack and an 11 for defense. Get an attack of 13 and a defense of 11 for the Scorchio. Finally, be sure to get at least 12 for both attack and defense for the Grundo.

It might not seem like much, but one point really makes a difference. In missions 6 and 7, you need high attack to do minimal damage to the Buzzes. If you do not get stats that you are happy with at first, click the “Delete” button and keep trying for better troops.

In addition, I strongly advise you to name your players. When you get hit, this is the message you get: “Invader Moehog01 has struck Soldier 5 for 1 points.” Who is soldier 5? Is he one of your main players? Or is he a saved invader? I don’t know. So, I highly recommend you name your main savers, so when Emily gets hit, you see: “Invader Moehog01 has struck Emily for 1 points.” (Yes, I named my Moehog Emily. It’s a good ego boost to name one of them after you. XD)

Getting Saves

Later in the guide, you will read how you need to save a certain amount of invaders per mission. For example, in mission 5, there are 8 invaders per battle, so 24 for the whole mission. I suggest each of your main fighters getting 32 saves in mission 5. How is that possible?

After you defeat an invader, it will turn into one of your fighters. However, if you put that saved invader in front of a dangerous invader, it will start to get hit. Eventually, it will turn back into an invader. So, I recommend converting all the invaders but one. Then, move one of the saved invaders directly underneath the invader. Surround the saved invader by your main fighters. Then, keep clicking the “End Turn Now” button until the saved invader converts back. Next, have your fighters hit the invader until it is saved again. Repeat as necessary.

Mission Guide

I’m just going to attempt walking you through each mission. Each mission has new items, new enemies, and all that good stuff; therefore, I will break the game up for you.

Mission 1

There isn’t a whole bunch to say about this mission. Move each of your fighters up one until an invader confronts them. Invader Moehogs are not too difficult, so be sure to establish your routine in this mission: Defeat all the invaders but one. Then let your fighters get the weapons they need. In battle 3, defeat all the invaders but two. Then send someone up to get the lost item. Make sure each of your fighters has 3 saves by the end of this mission. Saving the invaders is the most important part of the game. Each time you rank up, you get an additional strength and defense point.

Mission 2

Now on this mission, one invader starts off closer to your villages! But no worry; look for an Amulet of Teleportation to equip to your Skeith. If there is none around, keep clicking “End Turn Now” until either 4 villages are sacked or until all your fighters are converted. This gives you the option to restart the mission. I highly recommend restarting this mission if there is not an amulet close to your Skeith. I also advise restarting the first battle of any mission if you are unhappy with the items given, the position of villages, and the position of mountains. Use the first battle to your advantage. Anyways, back to this mission. Give your Skeith the amulet and move him up to the front line so he can defend against that one invader. Be sure to give your Scorchio the bow as well. For ranks, get all your fighters to 9 saves so they can be promoted to soldiers.

Mission 3

This mission is pretty much like 2. But now that your Scorchio is ranked soldier and has the bow, it can shoot invaders from 2 spots away, which obviously is nice. Another nice item you can use starting this mission is the Magic Force Spell. A Grundo equipped with the spell can heal your other fighters. Just click your Grundo, then the fighter that needs to be healed. Keep an eye out for the weapons for your other fighters. They might not have a special skill, but they should be increasing attack and defence bonuses. By the end of mission 3, all of your fighters should be Captains with 32 saves.

Mission 4

In mission 4 there is no special items for your characters, and this is where I personally think it gets hard. You can keep up your routine of moving the Skeith up and having the others follow. But I could never pass the mission like that. Personally, I would let the invaders take 3 villages. Move your Moehog, Skeith, and Techo straight up. Then move your Grundo and Scorchio into the middle of the game so they blockade three villages. So by the end of mission 4, each fighter should have 64 saves so it is ranked lieutenant.

Mission 5

Mission 5 is like mission 4. However, be sure to give your Moehog a Counter Enchantment Helmet. Also, try to equip as many berserker battle axes as you can without losing special skills. This is also the final mission that you have to spend hours ranking up. Get all your guys to 96 saves so they can be Corporals. I would blast through the first two battles and spend the last battle ranking up. You don’t want to rank up by the end of battle one, and then die in battle two. You would have to redo the whole mission again.

Mission 6

Be sure to equip your Techo with a Sword of Deflection. This sword allows your Techo to disenchant your Skeith so it can still teleport. Also, your Moehog (with the helmet) should be able to disenchant your Grundo so it can heal your army. Again, I recommend just blockading three villages, especially now with the Buzzes. For mission 6 and 7, I suggest you take you the invader Moehogs and Scorchios first, then get to work on the Buzzes. The Buzzes are EXTREMELY tedious. You have to roll like 16 and higher to do minimal damage. x_x

So, be sure to have the right items on each pet so it can disenchant/help the others. Also, on this level, don’t worry about the number of saves. All of your pets should be maxxed out now, so yay!

Mission 7

This is exactly like Mission 6, except with Scorchios instead of Moehogs. So just do exactly the same thing. You might want to equip your Skeith with a halberd so he can move more; just be aware it does do one less attack point. Just remember to watch your health, your villages, and the enchantments.

'Grats on getting through 7 missions!! Mission 8, 9, and 10 are not part of this guide for certain reasons that I cannot say. xD If you need additional help, feel free to neomail me, and I will try my best to explain or help in any way.

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