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Guide to Faerie Quests

by _l_t_e_


In all the wide world of Neopia, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different items available for purchase, from a blue sticky hand to a slice of cheese to a sketchy-looking potion in a decorated bottle. So naturally, to go along with so many products, there are a large number of Neopian faeries, such as Fyora or the Space Faerie, who will appear at random and ask these items of you, with the vague promise of ‘something nice if you do’.

Now, I know many people will automatically think, “This can’t be true. It’s a hoax,” and refuse to give up any of the items so politely requested. Well, I’m here to tell you, there is no need. All these kind faeries will gladly follow up on their promises. Unfortunately, not all rewards are as valuable as the items it took to gain them. This helpful guide will leave you far more informed as to which faerie quests are wise to follow through on, and which are safer to simply decline.

1. The Fountain Faerie Quest – To start from the top, we will begin with what is widely believed to be the most profitable and rarest quest in Neopia: The Fountain Faerie Quest. With the reward being one of nearly any of the paint colors available for your pets, this quest is infinitely sought after by those desiring a certain look for their Neopet. But that is not its only use. Avatar hunters often hunt for the Fountain Faerie, for one can unlock one of the rarest avatars for use on the boards.

The Fountain Faerie can ask for items within an incredibly broad price range. Usually, the items she asks for will fall at about r94-r98 for rarity, but these items in themselves can vary widely in their actual NP price tag. It is entirely up to the user whether or not the quest is worth it. Many avatar hunters are willing to go to extreme lengths to deliver her requested item, but other users may not be willing to go as far.

If you happen to get the attention of the Fountain Faerie, judge whether or not you believe her quest is worth it. For example, if you’ve always wanted that Halloween paint job, and all she asks for is a 20k plushie, you should pounce on the quest. But, obviously, if her item is more expensive than the brush itself, don’t do it!

When doing a Fountain Faerie quest, keep this in mind – She will NOT paint your pet Robot, Sponge, Ice, Royal, Usuki or MSP.

2. Fyora’s Quests – Fyora herself, queen of the faeries, may sometimes request an item from a humble Neopian. At first, this seems a little silly. After all, couldn’t the queen of all faeries in Neopia get any item she wanted? I mean, she runs the renowned Hidden Tower and makes millions of NP a day! My theory is that she simply does not want to walk around in Neopia Central, for fear of being mobbed by fans. (It’s not an unimaginable fear.)

Regardless of why she may ask these things of you, she may, and it is your duty to fulfill (or not to fulfill) her request. Usually, she will ask of you a relatively rare item, one that may press on the bank accounts a little harder than other quests. However, in return, she will be happy to raise your pet’s battle stats in numerous areas. As an example, for fetching her a rare book she desires, your pet may gain a level, two defense points and three agility points!

Whether or not Fyora’s quest is worth the cost of her requested item is reliant on how high you value Battledome stats. If you desperately want to beat that darned Black Pteri, this quest could be helpful to complete. If, however, you find battling pets too violent, this quest would merely be a waste of your NP.

3. Space Faerie Quest – The Space Faerie is stunningly elusive. It isn’t often that she will appear to ask something of an everyday Neopian. When she does, however, what she asks for can be anything at all. One day she may ask for a red quiggle plushie, one of the easiest-found items in the market, and the next she may request a Honey Potion with a smile and a flick of her transparent wings.

The Space Faerie’s reward, however, is an amazing boost of level – four levels up for whichever pet she decides to bestow it on. Many people would see this as an ample reward for fetching whatever items she desires, while others have no use for higher levels on their pets. Depending on personal values, her quests can be quite profitable, and should usually be completed, within reason of course.

4. The Lesser Faeries – A number of less infamous faeries will also flit back and forth, asking things of Neopians at a constant rate. The items they request will often be much cheaper than those requested by the higher faeries, and their rewards are proportionally decreased.

The Water Faerie – This mermaid-looking faerie will always, without fail, request a book from her chosen Neopian. Books are one of the most widely priced items, some books roaming far into the unbuyable range, while others can be bought for less than 50 NP. Her reward is also, without fail, 2 defense points for a pet of her choice. Depending on the price of the book, this quest can be well worth your time.

The Earth Faerie – This faerie will always ask a magical item of her chosen quester. These items can include scrolls, potions, and anything in between. Many of these items can become slightly expensive, and since all the Earth Faerie does is fill up your pets’ bellies, her quests are usually not worth the effort to complete.

The Fire Faerie – This vain faerie can ask for any sort of clothing item, be it a blue bandana or a pair of sunglasses. All these items can be bought at Uni’s Clothing, but they are usually far cheaper when bought from a fellow Neopian user. With a reward of two strength points, and clothing being as cheap as it usually is, this quest should almost always be completed.

The Dark Faerie – Strange as it may seem, the Dark Faerie has an affinity for toys, and it is these she will request if she visits you. Toys can have varying price tags, but with a reward of two hit points at stake, it is a price tag many are often willing to pay.

The Light Faerie – This glowing faerie must have the largest collection of Collectable Cards in all of Neopia, for it is these she asks of whatever Neopian she comes across. There is no approximate price range for these cards – the range is too wide to guess at. With a reward of one level for any random pet, use your best judgment when it comes to the quest’s worth.

The Air Faerie – This faerie may be even more vain than the Fire Faerie. She requests countless grooming items, all available from the Grooming Parlour, or usually for cheaper from fellow Neopians’ stores. These items are usually relatively cheap, and, since the reward is two agility points to a random pet, her quests are often worth the NP spent.

This concludes my guide on all the random faerie quests of Neopia. As a side note, keep in mind while doing these quests that the faeries will forbid you use of the Shop Wizard until you fetch them the item or quit the quest. Luckily, there are numerous kind Neopians on the ‘Quests’ board who are more than happy to help you find a user currently selling the item you need. Also, any question you may have can probably be answered by the friendly folk on that board.

Until next time, this is Jojo, signing off.

Note: This guide supports the retrieving of items for Neopian Faeries ONLY. If any Neopian user asks for you to give them items, whether or not they claim they will give you anything in return, do NOT give them the items. Such transactions should only be made through the shops, trading post or auctions.

Hey guys, thanks for reading! Feel free to neomail suggestions/comments!

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