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Can't Go Wrong With a Classic

by mergirl294


“Guess what today is!?” Jackie sang as she flew down the stairs.

      “I have absolutely no idea,” her sister replied, looking over her paper at the blue Mynci.

      “It’s April Fool’s Day!” the Mynci declared, jumping around in anticipation. “You didn’t forget, did you?!”

      “How could I forget? Not after what happened last year!” the yellow Zafara exclaimed.

      “How was I supposed to know that Sara was allergic to bagguss pulp? Besides, this year I have a whole new plan! And it’s totally fool-proof!”

      “Jackie, maybe you should just stick to the old cobrall-in-a-can routine; you can never go wrong with a classic.”

      “Don’t worry, Tessa! It’s fool proof! I’m gonna go finalize my plans! See ya later, Tess!”

      “All right... just be careful!”

      Jackie gave her sister a vigorous nod, then raced out the door.

      “This is going to be interesting.” Tessa sighed and flipped the page of her paper.


      Jackie raced down the street, not stopping for even the most persistent of street vendors. She only stopped upon reaching a tall tree, with a fort nested between the branches. It was her much beloved tree-house, usually anyway. Now it was the hiding place for Jackie’s ultimate prank. The ‘Meepit Juice Breaker’ as she liked to call it.

      It was an ingenious plan. First Jackie would fill the slorg paddling pool at the bottom of the tree-house with Meepit Juice. Then she’d invite her friends to the tree-house for a swim. While they were in the pool she would replace their towels with flour-coated ones. But not just any flour; it was special, faerie brand, blue and white flour. Then while her friends were drying off she would release a small band of meepits from a crate hidden in the bushes. When the meepits saw blue and white, the color of their natural enemies, they would run after her friends. Upon smelling the meepit juice the meepits would begin to lick her friends. Then Jackie would open another crate filled with feepits. The feepits and meepits would start fighting, on top of her friends. When her friends ran away they would fall into a cleverly disguised pit filled with tchea fruits. And after climbing out of the pit they would be chased home by tchea-loving meepits! It was brilliant!

      But for such a brilliant and totally fool-proof plan to work, Jackie had to start setting it up early.

     She began by lugging the pool out from behind a bush. She tugged and pulled, and grunted, and finally it came loose. She started dragging it in front of the tree-house, on step at a time. Unfortunately one of those steps was not very well placed, and Jackie tripped over a branch lying on the ground. She landed with a crash on top of a pile of leaves.

     “Well, that was surprisingly convenient!” Jackie patted the soft leaves. The leaves, instead of thanking her for thanking them, gave way, and Jackie fell into a hole filled with tchea fruits.

      “At least I know the camouflage works,” she muttered, pulling herself out of the trench.

      Jackie peeled the tchea skins out of her fur and finished lugging the pool to the front of the tree. She then lugged the cartons of Meepit Juice over to the pool, careful to avoid the hole.

      After the pool was filled and the hole was covered back up, Jackie whipped out her electric notebook. “Let’s see, step one, get out paddling pool... check, step two, fill pool with juice... check, step three, feed the meepits so they don’t eat anybody... not check.” Jackie put the notebook back in her pocket and ran around back to the bush.

     Two crates were placed next to each other, one labeled with a pink “warning” sign, and the other a blue “warning” sign. Jackie took the one with the pink warning sign and carried it over to the pool. She slid open the door a crack and whispered, “Just take a drink; I need the rest of the juice for later.” She slid the door open the rest of the way, and released a stampede of meepits.

     “Watch out! Not so fast! Hey, you! Keep your hands to yourself! No pushing! AAAAARGH!!!” In their eagerness to get their little stubby hands on the goodness that was Meepit Juice, the meepits knocked Jackie over and into the pool.

     Now dripping wet, Jackie pulled herself out of the pool. Seeing the meepits looking at her with their meepity little eyes, she reassured them, “Don’t worry, you didn’t mean to knock me over! And the stain from Meepit Juic- uh oh, AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Jackie screamed at the top of her lungs as the meepits came running after her. She clambered up the ladder of the fort and grabbed for the first towel she could find. She began drying herself vigorously. She wasn’t going back down there until every drop of juice was out of her fur.

     Once satisfied with the dryness of her fur, Jackie swung back down to the meepits, who were sipping peacefully from the pool. As Jackie touched down onto the grass, the meepits turned to look at her; they looked back at each other, and charged. Jackie looked down at her fur; it was splotched sky blue and white. She had grabbed the wrong towel!

     “ARGH! I have to get to the feepits!” Jackie shrieked, running as fast as her Mynci legs would carry her. She vaulted over the tchea-pit, raced around the tree, and dove into the bush. She hurriedly unlatched the crate containing the feepits and let them loose.

     Quite obviously chaos ensued. The meepits, enraged at the feepits for intruding on their Meepit Juice territory, charged at them with their stubby little legs moving incredibly fast. And the feepits, enraged at the meepits for being enraged at them, raced out to meet their pink offenders. The feepits and meepits started an all out war, throwing twigs and doing complex combo moves Jackie had never been able to use in Meepit vs. Feepit.

     Dodging obstacles and enraged petpets, Jackie barely made it back home.

     She crawled through the door in the late afternoon, covered in tchea fruit, grass, and flour. Her fur was ruffled, and she had a bruise from where a Meepit had somersaulted into her.

     Tessa looked up from her paper as she heard the door slam shut. “Fool-proof, huh? You don’t look very fool-proof to me.”

     “Yeah, well, apparently meepits and feepits don’t like each other very much.” Jackie opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a can of neocola.

     “I suppose they don’t,” Tessa stated.

     “Well, I wish somebody had told me that before I ordered a crate of both and let them loose!” Jackie exclaimed, and then grimaced at the headache she was giving herself.

     Tessa pointed to the list on their refrigerator labeled “Safety rules”. Number three said, “Meepits and feepits do not get along, so don’t put them together.”

     “How long has that been there?” Jackie asked.

     “Since last April Fools’ Day. I put it there so you would remember to be careful. I don’t think it’s working very well.”

     “I was trying to be caref- EEEEK!” Jackie screamed as a cobrall jumped out of her neocola can.

     “Happy April Fools’ Day. Jackie, like I said, you can’t go wrong with a classic.”

The End

I wish I could unleash an army of meepits on my neighborhood. *sigh* Anyway, if you're reading this, then I'm in!

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