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Who Wants to Be a Shenkuu Warrior?

by exoforce101


SHENKUU - Hey there! You’ve probably played this new game at least once; it’s Shenkuu Warrior! It’s been getting a lot of fame for being addicting to everybody. The only problem is, most people give up when they only get 10 points on their first try. Some people just can’t wait to earn neopoints. Never fear! This guide is here to help you consistently max out your score for this game. I’ve played this game, and it’s an easy 3,000 neopoints in my pocket. Sometimes I even continue to play after my three plays for the day. It’s just so fun! I sometimes even forget about the score! You will see this game is very addicting, once you get used to it. Well, the princess needs help reaching the top of the mountain, and she doesn’t care how long it takes her. Neither should you. So, what are we waiting for? On to the guide!

First off, let’s talk about the controls. You move your mouse and click. That’s it! Oh, you also might want to take a look at the bottom of the screen. That is the angle that your grappling hook will aim. Be careful; the grappling hook shoots from the princess, not the bottom (well, you have to admit, it makes sense!). This makes the game a bit harder. Luckily, there’s no need to worry; you have infinite tries! So even if you fall, you just start at the beginning of the level, not the beginning of the game. You even keep the points you’d have at the start of the level! So, what makes people have such a hard time at this game? Their view on what kind of game it is. Most people see it as a game of luck, but that implies you have something to lose. This is a game of patience; as long as you’re patient, you cannot lose! So just take your time, and try to refrain from coffee. It won’t help you at all.

This is a breakdown of the first five levels. It explains length and approximate points earned. After the first few levels, points start to come like crazy!

1. This is the first mountain. If you know the controls, you can get past this in two clicks! This is a great tutorial level, and will boost your confidence about your skills if you follow this guide! Easy first 100 points!

2. The second mountain is twice as long. This level shouldn’t give you trouble, though you can sometimes miss ledges. Hey, it happens to the best of us! 300 points already!

3. The third mountain: now the game starts to test you. This level is long, but as long as you are willing to aim carefully, you can get an easy 800 points! First three levels, and you’re almost at the 1,000 mark!

4. This level may take several tries; it is much longer than the first one. Remember, you keep your points, so don’t get frustrated if you get stuck for a while. The reward is worthwhile: 1,800 points! If you just want to reach your max points, wait for the beginning of level 5, then send your score. If not, continue.

5. Now the game is becoming about speed! This level is long, hard, and has some pretty challenging times of crazy bouncing! Of course, like I said, the points are getting high. 5,000 points! That was enough to beat the better than you challenge, or close to it! 5 levels and you already almost have a trophy score!

Well, those are just the first 5 levels, but you should be an expert at this game to scout out the rest! Have patience, and the trophy is yours!

Oh, yes, you might want some tips. Well, here are the best!

1. You know how people on the boards say to aim by the angle at the bottom? This is useful advice, for the first levels. Unfortunately, levels will eventually go by so fast, you won’t be able to keep track of the princess and the angle. When this happens, use the princess as a guide. It will save you. Trust me!

2. You think that some jumps are hard? Well, usually there will be two ledges. Aim for the bottom one repeatedly. You will not fall! Use this to get in line with the higher one! It will skyrocket you so high, that in the early levels, it could be an instant win, in just a click! Easy as pie!

3. On the first few levels, aim for the highest ledges to end the level quickly. After that, you will want to aim for the lower ones to make your aim more accurate. When I say the later levels are long, I mean it! You wouldn’t want to fall when you are almost at the top, now would you?

4. Have patience! Always remember this! When you are rushed, do not even attempt this game! This game takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it!

5. The final tip: relax! This will help you to calm down if you can’t complete a level. TNT was even kind enough to provide soothing ambience within the game! Aren’t they nice? The soothing wind noises will calm you, and make reaching the top of the level, and even playing the game, oh so sweeter!

6. If you are getting extremely mad at the game, take a break! You won’t be any good all pent up with anger! If you can’t be calm for a second, this game isn’t for you. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Well, there you have it! Now you can see why this game is so addicting! This guide will help you, I assure you. Even if it doesn’t, well, you can’t really get mad, since you’ll be so addicted to the game, even if you lose! Well, are you still reading this? Get practicing! Shenkuu wasn’t discovered in a day (well, maybe it was, but you get the idea)!

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