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10 Pranks That Will Have You Laughing

by donuts_254


Hello there! Or might I say April Fool’s Day! My name as you might already know is Fluffy! I’m one of donuts_254’s pets and I love to play a good prank on someone innocent. Being the prankster I am, my favorite time of year is April Fool’s, when I can make pranks on everyone I know and no one will scold me! I’m here to bring 10 of my favorite pranks! And don’t try these at home without an expert around! Sorry, but my owner forced me to say that.

The first prank is called Da Bomb! I just call it that because it sounds cool. All you need to do is prepare dinner for you and your victim(s), but keep yours away from the prank. Prepare anything you want; knock yourself out! I don’t mean literally... knock... yourself out. As I was saying, prepare a normal dinner and as a side dish put a Queela on yours, and a Queela BOMB on the prank plate. Watch that Queela go off in their stomachs! I did that to my brother Shoyru and next thing I know smoke comes out of his mouth. Ha! Oh, and you might want to have a glass of water around just in case.

The second prank is called Niptor Down Your Pants! All you need for this one is one Niptor. I think the standard color of Niptor will do enough. Be careful with these because they give nasty nips! To make sure they don’t bite YOU, keep them entertained by taping a stick with a dangling squeaky toy or something. When the person least expects it, chuck the Niptor at them! Be creative! Put it down their pants, down their shirt, on their beautiful hair, and so on.

My third prank is one of my favorites. I named it the Fuzzy Case. All you need is purple and green paint or purple and green carpet pieces. If your victim has fur, use the paint. If your victim has scales or is hairless, use carpet pieces. If you are using paint, all you have to do is to be awake when your victim is asleep. Approach them carefully and paint purple and green spots on their fur. If you’re dealing with someone that doesn’t have fur, grab a jar of glue and get ready. Paint spots of glue on your victim and paste the carpet pieces onto the glue spots. When they wake, they’ll think they have Fuzzy Fungus! We all know what happens when you get Fuzzy Fungus. When my victim woke up, they actually curled up into a corner. So, the lesson today is, don’t mess with pranksters or you’ll turn into a Fungus Ball.

The fourth prank coming up is called the Cold Water Bath. No, it doesn’t involve showers. All you have to do is wake up before your victim does. 6:00 AM would be ok, maybe 8:00 AM. Quietly sneak into the kitchen and fill a bucket with cold water. Sneak into your victim’s room and throw the water at them in one throw. As they wake up alarmed, throw in a crazy phrase like, “The Meepits have taken over Neopia!” or “Mutant doughnuts are raining from the sky!” I did this one and the victim actually ran around the room screaming, “I knew this would happen! Why me??” Just sit and watch. It is really fun.

This one you will absolutely love. I call it Operation Meepit. All you have to do is grab a Meepit plushie or a real Meepit (I used my sister’s Meepit for this one). Grab the Meepit and sit it on a rolling chair. Turn it around so your victim doesn’t see the Meepit when she or he enters the room (like an evil mastermind, you enter a room and they turn around on their mastermind chair). Hide behind furniture, etc, and wait for your victim to come in. As they come in say with an evil deep voice, “I have been expecting you.” They will approach the chair and hopefully turn around and see the Meepit. Everyone knows how creepy Meepits are. The Meepit will just sit there staring at them with those creepy little eyes. They will probably freak out or something.

My sixth prank is called Slippery Sliding. All you need is a stick of butter, a tub filled with water and a toaster. Fill the tub with water and then put the toaster in but don’t plug it in! Rub the stick of butter against the floor creating a path to the tub. To attract your victim’s attention put something they like right where the path begins. For example, my brother loves cookies and I put a plate of cookies right on the path. When he saw it he reached down to grab a cookie and he’s off onto the slippery path. When the path ends your victim will eventually fall into the tub and think they will get an electrical shock from the toaster. Little do they know that the toaster isn’t even plugged in!

My seventh prank is called Switching Door. The things that you’ll need for this one are a bucket of paint the same color as your victim’s bedroom wall and a bucket of paint the same color as your victim’s bedroom door. While your victim is asleep, paint their door so it blends in into their wall. Paint a fake door right next to the real door. When your victim wakes up and tries to open the door they’ll see it’s fake! They’ll be looking everywhere for the real door. Next time you do it, try to make it more exciting. For example, instead of painting the fake door right next to the real one, paint it on the ceiling! Even the floor!

My eighth prank is called Coffee Crazed! You’re gonna need a lot of coffee for this prank. All you need to do is slip some coffee into every meal of your victim. For breakfast, give them coffee and tell them it’s decaf! For lunch, slip some mashed coffee beans into their meal. If they ask what it has, just tell your victim it’s a very exotic spice you just got. For a snack give them a raspberry mocha bar. For dinner do the same as for lunch. Sooner or later they will be stuffed with Coffee and they won’t get any sleep.

My ninth prank is called Yarr, Matey! What you need is a coin or one of those clay dubloons or toffee dubloons. Paint it so it looks like a really expensive dubloon (e.g. platinum dubloon) and give it to your victim. Make your victim believe it is real and convince them to go to Krawk Island and spend it. Watch them as the angry pirates storm on them.

My tenth and final prank is called Lucky Neopoint. Grab a neopoint coin and glue it onto the floor! When your victim sees the coin on the floor, she or he will try to pick it up, but to no avail! They will keep trying, but the coin won’t come off! After your victim gives up, come with something that will unglue it instantly and see their surprised faces when you pick up the coin with no struggle! Thanks to ammy9474732 for this idea!

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