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Faerie Wars: Which Side To Choose?

by kittygirl5170


Well, the Neopets Team has introduced their newest plot, and I’ll be Sloth if it’s not the most intense one yet. The faeries, the most powerful citizens of Neopia, have engaged in a war of the direst consequences.

I guess I should start at the beginning. It all started when Fyora called a meeting, asking all the faeries to attend. At this meeting, Fyora explained that she thought there were too many faeries giving out quests, and after a long explanation, finally said that she thought one type of faerie quest should be cut.

This was, of course, met with great dismay. Each faerie thought that they should be allowed to continue to give quests, so they suggested that other faeries should have their quests cut. Shouts and insults were being thrown back and forth, and pandemonium broke out. Blows started being exchanged, and even the Faerie Queen could not regain order and Fyora herself was attacked so violently that she was forced to retreat to her tower. She is still there in hiding.

And now, all over Faerieland, battles are erupting. Insults have led to injury and injury has led to revenge and that revenge has led to more revenge and more insults. Fyora knows she needs help and she has asked the general Neopian public to help fight in this war. So now all of us have to decide which type of quest faerie to support. Each type of faerie has chosen a leader to be the face of their cause, to help recruit, and to lead and coordinate their efforts. In this article I am going to introduce you to these seven faeries and why you should join their cause.

Blaze the Fire Faerie

Fire faeries are those flaming people who keep asking you for clothing. Blaze leads her element with her fierce anger and her undeniable strength. She is, like all fire faeries, intimidating with those flaming wings. They stand out and as they are all clad in reds, oranges and yellows, all the fire faeries are hard to miss. These intimidating faeries’ main claim to the win is their undying perseverance and strength. And no one wants to see the fire faerie quests gone. What would we do with all the clothes we buy if we can’t use them for faerie quests? We’re not allowed to wear them, or put them on our petpets, so the only thing we can do is give them away to fire faeries or let them gather dust. So don’t let the fire faeries lose their quest giving ability.

Glare the Light Faerie

This faerie’s got all it takes to win a war. She’s a strong leader, a strong recruiter, and one of the best tactical officers. Once Glare sets her mind on something, she’s going to get it, and she has set her mind on not losing her ability to give quests. I don’t envy any poor faerie that is up against her troops in battle. And in case you forgot, the light faeries ask for trading cards in their quests, and in return they give you a level up. No stat raise is more helpful than a level up, and these kind faeries are ready to give you one. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them by not choosing their side to support. No, they are much too kind for you to let them down like that.

Jodi the Earth Faerie

I’m not quite sure why Jodi was chosen to lead the earth faeries, but now that she has been chosen, she wants to do her very best, and she wants you to help her. Sure she’s a little bit ditzy at times, but we can forgive her for that. And just because she has had her head in the clouds sometimes when she was supposed to be planning military strategy doesn’t mean that she’s totally incompetent. Er... actually that happens a lot. Maybe she is a bad leader. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon her! She needs all the help she can get. Really. So join the earth faeries’ cause. Just make sure not to make any practical jokes; Jodi’s gullible too. But if you’re faithful, these faeries have endless supplies of food, and who doesn’t love a good feast?

Storm the Air Faerie

The air faeries are kind, easy going people. They will ask you for make up so they can become more beautiful. You would think that these would be the people to be ditzy, not Jodi, but these are down-to-earth faeries. Storm is one of the nicest faeries I have ever met. Normally she wouldn’t hurt any living thing, and does her best to help as many people as possible. However, if you ever get Storm riled up about anything, find a convenient table to hide under, because she will be after you, or whatever got her mad. This is the state she’s in now: a powerful military leader with a will to win. Storm seems to have everlasting energy, and she’s a menace on the battle field because with that wild war cry and bloodshot eyes, people tend to run and hide.

Nychta the Dark Faerie

Nychta is another faerie I would hate to be on the bad side of. This woman is malevolent, selfish, cruel, and merciless. She practices her new war techniques on the cute plushies you bring her by doing her quests. Sure she’ll raise your pet’s health if you do her quest, but do you really want to condone someone who would hurt the poor, little plushies?

Well the Water Faerie

With all the books she’s been taking from Neopets, Well thinks she knows everything. This faerie is going to win this war because, of course, everyone loves the water faeries. However, she is smarter than your average faerie, and is completely qualified to lead the water faeries, because she is a talented tactician. I assure you not all of the water faeries are as arrogant as her. And we don’t want to see those nice water faeries lose their ability to give quests. So, if you want to support the water faeries, don’t let Well’s annoying personality dissuade you; just try not to spend that much time around her.

Smelly the Fire Faerie

“Another fire faerie?” you say. And yes, I can hear you. It’s part of my magical abilities as writer of this article. And yes, another fire faerie, but Smelly isn’t fighting for the fire faeries. No, she is campaigning for peace. This malodorous faerie, having some sense, decided that the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding and if the faeries would regain some civility, this could be talked out peacefully. Smelly has led large protests in Faerie City with many supporters alongside her, but unfortunately so far none of the other faeries have paid much attention to her. She has been a low standing member of faerie society for a long time. None of the faeries would ever respect someone who is so smelly, even if she was the most sensible of the group. So if you hate war, or think that this particular one is unjustified, join Smelly in her campaign to end this war.

So now that you know your options, who will you join? Which group of faeries is worth your time to defend their quests? It is up to you to decide; I am just here to inform you. Don’t let your favorite faerie down by just sitting around watching. Even if it is fun. It is time to take up arms and fight for the faeries’ right to give quests.

This is Kitty signing off. Go make your choice now, and don’t forget where you get all your news from: The Neopian Times. We are your 100% reliable news source.

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