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A Conundrumming Interview

by lions_critters


Also by xxxtattooxxx

Have you ever been wondering what kind of Lenny it takes to come up with a Lenny Conundrum week after week? Well, today just happens to be your lucky day, then. My partner and I are venturing over to the puzzle section of the Games Room to talk to this highly interesting character. You may be wondering why I brought my partner with me. Well, the answer is quite simple; I brought a master conundrum solver just in case our favorite Lenny begins blabbering in the way he seems to love to puzzle us with. Without much further ado, let’s get things started. This is my interview with the Lenny Conundrum Lenny.

Me: Hello, I am lunatic_lion but you can call me Lion. This is my translator xxxtattooxxx, but you can call her Tattoo. Well, it seems all of us know you as the Lenny Conundrum Lenny; is there anything you would like to be known as?

Lenny Conundrum Lenny: Welcome to my room here in the Games Room. Feel free to make yourself at home and feel free to call me Drum; all my close friends call me that.

Me: Drum, sounds like a very cool nickname. Obviously it comes from the word Conundrum, but let’s stop with the idle chit chat and get to some questions that have been bugging Neopians for many years. First off, how long does it usually take you to think of a puzzle?

Drum: It usually takes me the number of species in Neopia divided by the number of items you can fit in a shop when you first open it times the amount of Neopoints awarded for being first place in a game. So as you can see it is a lot of work; the answer is in seconds, by the way.

Me: Lucky for everyone reading I brought along Tattoo who is a master with puzzles and she will give us a much easier explanation in a few minutes.

----a few minutes pass----

Tattoo: Well, it appears that there are fifty-three species and the maximum number of items you can fit in a shop when first opened is five. This gives us 53/5, which is 10.6. The max price of a Notice Board ad was 4 million Neopoints, which gives us a grand total of 7,950 seconds; after quickly dividing by 60, it takes Drum 132.5 minutes to come up with our favorite puzzle.

Me: Whoa, does anyone else’s head hurt? Kind of scared to see what the answer to the next question will be. How do you feel about Chef Bonju’s avatar passing you as the longest unsolved avatar?

Drum: Bonju and I are actually quiet close. When Bonju found out he was going to be honored, he immediately came to me to ask for a challenging method for obtaining his avatar. After we thought for a while, I came up with a perplexing puzzle that I am quite proud of, as obviously no one has solved it yet. Bonju passing me doesn’t bug me at all, as it was my hard work that let him take this honor.

Me: At least no translation was required, but wow I guess all of us thought Bonju was the tricky one. Now, while we are on this topic, can you give us any hints, and how do you feel knowing Bonju attempted to murder Hoban?

Drum: My hint is going to be complex, but here it goes, kernasi. The answer is your other question is that Bonju is a great guy; I think what happened about Cyodrake's Gaze was completely an accident. Bonju would never harm a fellow friend, or shipmate, for that matter.

Me: Looks like another puzzle answer, so Tattoo, best of luck to you.

Tattoo: Wow, that one was quite easy; kernasi is an anagram for snarkie. On Snarkie’s lookup it says, “I have not (and will not) give ANY clues.”

Me: That is a shame, because there are a lot of eager Neopians who want that fantastic orange avatar. Ahh yes, this looks like a good question. During the Altador plot I ran into you trying to get a special gift for your uncle, Finneus. Well, I was just wondering how big his library is, and do you ever find your puzzles in there?

Drum: A very good question this is; the size of that library escapes me. I have yet to see every single room, but Uncle claims a new room is built every 15 minutes, so I don’t think I will ever be able to get though it all. A few of my puzzles have come from the books within those walls, but don’t bother looking. I asked Finneus to keep the puzzle books in a locked room for me, and he kindly did so. It looks like I have time for one last question. If I take too long awarding the prizes, then the puzzle will have to continue for two weeks, which usually creates an uproar on the Games Board.

Me: Ok, let me look through my questions again and pick the best one. Any tips to my fellow Neopians on solving your puzzles?

Drum: Well, there are not many things that can prepare you for a puzzle. I like to change the style of a puzzle each week, but I recommend having a calculator nearby in case I pick a math-based question. My other favorite puzzles are usually word problems. The best advice I can give for these problems is try to notice a pattern. Sometimes, you will have no clue what the answer is, but try taking a guess. At least you have a chance. If you do not enter at all, you have no chance at all.

Me: Wow, thanks for those wonderful tips, Drum. Also thank you for letting us into your little room here to conduct this interview. I learned quite a few new things about you today and I hope so did all of our readers. I would also like to thank our wonderful translator Tattoo.

Thank you to my friend, xxxtattooxxx, for helping me write this article. She has always been a great person and she also deserves credit. Also if you have any questions or comments please feel free to Neomail me. If you are reading this, then it is our first time in the Neopian Times and we would just like to give each other a pat on the back. Thanks for taking the time to read our article.

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