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When Empty Bags Attack

by age54321


It was just another ordinary day in Meridell. So there I was on my way to the ever-famous Kiss The Mortog game. I was an average Neopet owner with my long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail, and my ragged torn up jeans and old T-shirt on. I figured at only fifty neopoints per game I couldn’t lose much. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as hurriedly I walked up to the green Grundo who ran the game.

      He smiled cheerfully and said, “Hello, Madam! Would you like to Kiss The Mortog? It’s only...”

      I put my hand up hastily and said, “Yes, I know it’s only fifty neopoints.”

      I reached into my bag to fetch the neopoints and my mouth fell open when I found my bag was empty! Panicking, I desperately searched every pocket I had. I knew I had brought fifty neopoints with me, but where had they gone?

     The Grundo started to tap his foot impatiently on the dust covered ground and even started to mumble angrily. He was making me very nervous and I started to search even faster than I had been. Finally he said, “If you don’t have any money, then don’t play.”

      My arms fell to my sides and I decided there was no other choice; I would have to go get some more neopoints. I sighed and said, “Do you mind if I go home and get some neopoints? I’ll be right back!”

      The Grundo nodded and said, “Do what you want. As long as I make a profit I’ll be happy.”

      I ran into my neohome frantically and started searching for some money when I bumped into my pet Lupe, Neosealmorco. He was a normal blue Lupe who desperately wanted to get painted pirate, but had to survive with his current color because I couldn’t afford to paint him yet.

      He looked up at me and said angrily, “Hey watch where you are going!”

      I managed to pant out, “Neosealmorco, do you have any neopoints I could borrow? It’s going to a good cause!”

      Neosealmorco rolled his eyes and said in a huff, “It’s not going to be spent on another cheap game, is it? Remember when I loaned you those one thousand neopoints? You went and spent it on scratch cards!”

      I started to pout and whimpered, “Come on. I only need fifty neopoints. I’ll pay you back double, I promise!”

      Neosealmorco sighed and pulled out a bag of fifty neopoints. I scratched his head in thankful praise and ran out of the house.

      With a great big sigh I handed the neopoints to the Grundo and said, “There you go, fifty neopoints so I can play.” I rubbed my hands together and waited for him to show me my selection of Mortogs.

      The Grundo opened the sack and said, “There are only forty nine neopoints in here! Are you trying to cheat me? I won’t accept your money unless there are exactly fifty neopoints.”

      So there I was running all the way back home just to get one neopoint. As soon I was inside I ran up to Neosealmorco and said, “You only gave me forty nine neopoints! Give me one more!”

      Neosealmorco reached into his pocket and gave me one neopoint. He asked, “Do you always have to come to me for money? Can’t any of the other pets help?”

      I added the neopoint to the bag and said, “Of course I have to come to you. After all, you are my first pet, so you have the most experience.” I ran out the door hoping that now I could pay the Grundo and be able to play.

      When I handed the bag to the Grundo his face turned red and he yelled, “You have to be kidding me! This bag is empty! You are really pushing me to the limit!”

      He threw the bag at me and I looked into it to find, just as he had said, it was empty. My mouth dropped open and I exclaimed, “It was full of neopoints! I’m quite sure it was! I checked it myself and there was exactly fifty neopoints in it!”

      The Grundo said, “Well it looks pretty empty to me!” He turned away from me and started mumbling to himself.

      I dragged the empty bag home and entered the front door with my head drooping. I must've looked like a disaster because I certainly felt like one.

      Neosealmorco looked up from the Neopian Times issue he was reading and asked, “What’s wrong? You didn’t lose all the neopoints playing a game, did you?”

      I mumbled, “No, I didn’t get to play the game because there were no neopoints in the bag when I gave it to the Grundo who runs Kiss the Mortog.”

      Neosealmorco sighed and said, “You fell for the no neopoints in the sack trick, didn’t you?”

      “What are you talking about? I have the proof! This bag is empty. There are no neopoints in it right now!”

      Neosealmorco grabbed the bag from my hands and said, “Why that little thief! How dare he take neopoints from you like that!”

      I said, “Huh? He took neopoints from me?”

      Neosealmorco showed me the rip in the side of the bag. “See? He cut a hole in the bag and the money fell out. You just had fifty neopoints stolen from you by a greedy Grundo.”

      “It’s amazing what pets will do these days to make money!”

      “What’s even more amazing is how owners these days don’t notice how the pets are trying to make money.” He sighed and tossed the bag aside.

      “Are we going to do anything or just let that Grundo take my money?”

      “Your money? I remember you coming to me for that fifty neopoints and telling me you’d pay me double back! Well, when this is over, just remember that you still owe me one hundred neopoints!”

      I said, “Why are you always a pain in the neck? It’s not my fault that your money was stolen.”

      Neosealmorco said, “When are you going to learn? Come on, let’s go pay that Grundo a visit and see if we can get a refund.”

      Neosealmorco was tapping his paw on the ground waiting for the red Aisha in front of us to finish her game of Kiss the Mortog. I watched as the Aisha picked a Mortog and then kissed it in hope that it wouldn’t explode. Finally a Mortog exploded when the she kissed it, and she sighed in disappointment. We jealously watched her pick up the bags of neopoints she had earned and walk off beaming with joy.

      The Grundo looked up from the pile of neopoints he was counting and asked, “Hello Sir, how may I help...” The Grundo eyed me and said, “Oh no, not you again!”

      Neosealmorco ignored what the Grundo had said to me and asked, “Yes, my owner told me that you said she had an empty bag of neopoints, correct?”

      The Grundo said, “Yes, that’s correct. The bag was empty, and not a neopoint was to be found.”

     Neosealmorco raised an eyebrow and said, “Are you quite sure? I checked that bag myself before my owner left home, and it was quite full.”

      The Grundo glared at Neosealmorco and said, “It was empty, and that’s that. If you aren’t going to play, then step aside and let the customers behind you have their chance.”

      “No, we won’t step aside until you admit that you stole my neopoints!”

      Neosealmorco whispered, “You mean MY neopoints.”

      The Grundo demanded, “Are you accusing me of thievery? I don’t believe it! I would never do such a thing even if I was desperate.”

      I pumped my fists and said, “Well, you seem pretty desperate to me. It all fits together. You had to take the neopoints, and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind!” I crossed my arms and heard something drop onto the ground.

      The Grundo pointed and said, “Aha! Look, there is your bag of neopoints. See, you did give me an empty bag.”

      Neosealmorco leaned down and picked up the bag, sighing. He put it into his pocket and said, “I’m sorry we accused you of stealing, sir.” He glared at me and grabbed my arm. In a huff he pulled me back to our neohome, obviously not happy.

      Later, back at home Neosealmorco was once again reading the Neopian Times. I on the other hand was busy playing games in order to pay him back. I didn’t just learn one lesson that day. No, I learned three. One, never beg your pet for neopoints and tell them you’ll pay double back. Two, don’t carry around empty bags with no neopoints in them. Three, unless you absolutely have to, don’t play Kiss the Mortog if your gaming skills are as bad as mine.

The End

If you are reading this that means I got into the Neopian Times! This is my first story, but many more are on the way!

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