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To Tile Or Not to Tile

by memermouse


Look through many of the Neohome Spotlight winners’ homes and you will find, in at least one room, though often times more, a common decoration: tiling. Not only is tiling an art; it is a craze that has changed how people decorate their Neohomes. You will find tiling is used to make floors, wallpaper, and rugs, to name a few of the many things you can create. It ranges from simple floors to ornate mosaics, and can make a plain room look amazing. However, you have to be prepared for tiling; it may not be as easy as it seems! Tiling is fun, though; believe me. You will be shocked how upscale it can make a room look. So let’s get started!

1. First, do you know what tiling is?

Basically, tiling is using any furniture item to cover an area, usually in some kind of design or pattern. While this commonly refers to flooring, you can use tiling to create other things. Tiling is often used to bring color to a dull room or bring a grounding pattern to a bright room. Do not get tiling confused with building or layering. They are different things completely, and you will not find them in this guide. We’ll stick to tiling.

2. Can you tile?

The answer is, of course, yes! Some people say tiling is too hard, but that depends on what kind of pattern you choose. Tiling can be one item used over and over again in a repeating pattern if you want. Of course, tiling can also be multiple items used in a complex design. The choice is yours. The real question is, do you have the patience to tile? Tiling does take time to get things perfect, but you will be happy with the result. If it takes you a few days, fine. Don’t try to rush tiling, or it will not turn out right.

3. What can you use for tiling?

Any furniture item can be used. I’ve seen everything from lamps and pottery to sofas and playpens to tables and chairs, and everything in between. Some examples of items commonly used for tiling include bamboo mats, classic dining tables, table lamps, beach chairs, toilets, stained glass windows, straw desks, checkered sofas, lanterns, pretty covered tables, scratching posts, funky blue and orange drawers, display pillars, rose coral rugs, violet shelf units, playpens, camouflage dressers, vanity desks, and Jhuidah chairs, to name a few. There is no real limit to what you can use. Also, tiling does not have to have straight sides. You can use squares, circles, ovals, triangles, and any other shape Neo can come up with. I do recommend you know what colors and sizes you want to use before buying, though.

4. Does tiling cost a lot?

Well, that depends. It can be cheap to tile, or it can cost you a fortune. Everything depends on what items you use and how much space you need to cover. Make sure you go over your choices carefully before starting, and always plan out the room before putting tile down. Sometimes you’ll end up using fewer tiles, depending where you place furniture. Don’t try to stretch your tile, though. You don’t want gaps in your flooring. That would ruin the effect tiling has on a room.

5. What can you make with tile?

You can make all different things. Wallpaper, mosaics, rugs, and flooring are common. For rugs, you can create anything from small rugs by the door, to area rugs, to wall-to-wall carpeting. Flooring itself has many options. Pool decks, wooden floors, bathroom tiles, checkered floors, stone floors, balconies, roofs, pathways, indoor garden floors, multiple levels, room dividers, bedspread designs, and more. The possibilities are endless. Try experimenting - you’d be surprised what you are able to make. If you are determined/stubborn enough, there isn’t an item out there you couldn’t make.

6. How can I tile?

Choose the item(s) you will be using to tile. Sometimes it helps to sketch out ideas before you start, but you don’t have to. I recommend starting with a basic pattern if you have never tried tiling before and working from there. After assembling all your items in the room you will be tiling, it’s time to start. Try starting in a corner and work from there. Keep your items in a straight line; never let the tiles go wavy, or the whole floor will be messed up. If needed, add a border around the area you tiled to give it a polished look. Remember that the more time and effort you put into making sure everything is lined up, the better your Neohome will appear.

7. Does this Neohome need tiling?

That can depend. While a Neohome doesn’t necessarily NEED tiling, they can definitely use it. Every theme has ways you can tile. Have a haunted mansion? Try making creepy floorboards. How about an upscale foyer? Try making your own rug, or ornate tiles. Get the idea? Tiling is fun, so don’t tell yourself otherwise. You may even find yourself tiling without realizing it. Sooner or later, you will find yourself falling under the tiling spell, so why not start now?

8. Why bother? Is it worth it?

Tiling is definitely worth it. Not only do you get a one-of-a-kind floor, but also it makes the whole room look much better. You can really pull everything together with a good floor. Tiling can also be the saving grace in a mediocre room. People will look at your room and see all the time and effort you have put into it. Tilling is also used as the basis of your room, taking colors from the floor and using them in the room to tie everything together. Also, if you love the look of the walls in a room but hate the floor, tiling is a great option.

Now that you have got basic ideas of tiling, it is time to start. Remember: Take your time, choose your items carefully, play around with colors and sizes, don’t be afraid of trying new ideas, and, of course, have fun! Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out right the first time. Just try again, and soon you will have the hang of tiling. Now, it is time for you to create your own work of art. I hope this guide got you on your way... Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone on the Neohomers Chat for their thoughts and help on this article.

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