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The Secret Diary of Laurana Rose- READ IT AND DIE!

by reasonably_crazy


Based on a true story

    30 November, 4:30 PM-

MOM GOT US THE MAP TO THE LAB RAY FOR CHRISTMAS! She used some of the money she got from selling her Storyteller card to get us the lab ray! Actually- pretty much to get ME the lab ray; Jerrin and Mimi have no interest whatsoever in getting zapped, and Markie’s pretty suspicious, but I’m really excited. Not that I don’t like being a Peophin, but it’ll be so cool to change colors! Maybe I’ll end up a Draik, or something! That would be SOOOOOO COOOOOL...

I’m gushing. I need to stop gushing. But Mom says we can go tomorrow! It’s going to be scary, I’ve heard, but it can’t be that bad, can it?


    1 December, 1:30 AM-

So, I just got back from my first ever visit to the lab ray. Um... yeah. Remember how I used to be a Peophin? Well, um... I’m not so much anymore. Introducing Laurana Rose, the Acara. It’s very... different. Very... CUTE. I’m not sure I’ve quite come to terms with the cuteness. Of course, it's cool to be something other than a Peophin, but if I were to choose to be something else... well... it wouldn't be an Acara, let's leave it at that. Not that there’s anything wrong with Acaras, they’re just... you know... really... cute. Which is great for some people, just not... well...

Maybe this was a bad idea. I guess now we HAVE to keep using the lab ray. “Pwnd by the lab ray,” indeed.


    7 December, 12:11 AM-

Nothing too interesting to report so far, since the sudden species change. Have been badgering about defense points. Up three, down three, up three, down two, up two; it's terribly silly. I’m thinking it might be fun to turn into a Nimmo, or a Kau. Or a different color, at least! Maybe this lab ray wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't being so boring.


    11 December, 5:16 PM-

Me and my big Acara mouth. Boring, I said. I had to go and say the Lab Ray was boring. Well aren't you cute, Captain Crazy Scientist. Way to turn me into a boy. Oh, you're HILARIOUS.


I mean, um,


    13 December, 11:02 PM-

Still a boy! I’m getting a little concerned; what if the Lab Ray doesn’t zap me back? What if I’m trapped as a boy FOREVER? Mom says if worst comes to worst we can go battle the Mad Scientist; supposedly he has a gender-changing attack. Or I guess we could hunt down a strange potion, but still- this is so WEIRD! Jerrin, Mimi, and Markie all find this endlessly funny. Jerks.


    15 December, 11:39 AM-

I'm a girl again! I'm a girl again! La la la la la la! I’m feeling so incredibly feminine that I would have disgusted myself not too long ago. But, you know what? Who cares?



    20 December, 10:46 PM-

Still an Acara, still (thankfully) a girl. That whole gender incident could have been worse. I mean, what if I’d been painted Royal, then got zapped? That would have been a boy wearing women’s clothes, there. Still, all’s well so far, I suppose. Still waiting to be zapped an interesting color. I’ll be keeping you posted.


PS- I think I’ve scared Markie off the whole lab ray idea with my recent gender escapade. But, as I told him, he would make such a CUTE little girl... Bwahahaha! Oh, I’m a nasty creature.

    25 December, 1:04 AM-

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Mostly good things so far, lab ray-wise: more speed, more health, more strength, that sort of thing. I did lose two levels, though; that sucked quite a bit, but things can be done about that in time.

I must change species quickly. I saw a picture of Princess Fernypoo and got strangely excited. I had to run away and drink a cup of tea to compose myself. This Acara thing has to stop- it’s far too cute for me! I'm thinking... Kougra. Oooh, Tyrannian Kougra! That would be awesome! Oh well... I guess we’ll just have to see.


    26 December, 10:56 PM-

Whoooooaaaaaa! I can't stop staring at myself. I'm glowing. GLOWING! And I didn't even play with anything radioactive or anything! This is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I think I may even forgive the scientist for messing with my gender for this. So shiny... so different! I’ve never been one for vanity before, but... I'm off to go stare at myself in the mirror some more. Toodles!

~Laurana (the glowing)

    27 December, 11:01 PM-

Well, as fun as radioactivity was, my time as a glowing Acara has come to an end. Now I'm just cold all the time. Yes, the lab ray turned me to snow. Isn't that funny? It gives me all sorts of boring changes, then I change to funny colors two days in a row! I think I liked glowing better, but snow isn't so bad. It's certainly different. I wonder if I'll still be able to drink my steaming hot tea like this... Hmmm. This requires experimentation. And perhaps an ice pack, in case of emergency.

~Laurana the Cold

    30 December, 3:13 PM-

Aaaaaaand I'm a boy again. Laa de daa de daa.


    6 January, 3:00 PM-

Still male, still have carrots for ears, still cold. Besides that, though, the Lab Ray's been treating me pretty well. I've gained a lot of speed, a bit of strength, and I got the two levels back that got zapped away a while ago. A perk about being a guy: I don't get wild about Princess Fernypoo anymore. Not that Fernypoo isn’t great and all; I mean, of course, I’m sure she has her merits, and I have nothing against being feminine, just... ugh.

Still... I miss being a girl. I like the name Laurana a lot more than I like Lennie.

-*sigh* Lennie

    7 January, 11:04 AM-

Wheee he he he! My coolness level just multiplied by a gazillion. Now I'm ELECTRIC. Still male, still an Acara, but I totally make up for it with my shocking personality. Hahaha... ha ha... um. Sorry.


    8 January, 2:01 PM-

Guess who's a girl again? Oh, what a silly game.


    18 January, 10:30 PM-

No big changes, I fear. I’ve gained a lot of health, which is nice; now I can fight Markie back when he plays, and WIN, too! The lab ray is really a lot more convenient than training schools. More results, admittedly with more... adventure. Jerrin and Mimi remain resolutely unconvinced. Ah well, their loss. I’ve almost got Markie convinced, I think. Maybe he’ll go once I’m done with the ray.


PS- Have noticed I’m far more prone to getting shocked with this new color. I now approach door handles with large amounts of suspicion and utmost caution.

    7 February, 11:32 PM-

Sorry it's been so long, but there's really been nothing to report... Until today. I went from electric Acara to blue Cybunny just like that! My second ever species change, and it’s a rare Neopet! How nifty is that?

Though... What’s with all the cute? Cybunny? I mean, being a rare Neopet is really, really cool and all, just... I was just getting used to being the somewhat cute Acara, even coming to nearly friendly terms with Princess Fernypoo, and then WHAM! Suddenly I'm all... cute and fluffy! I mean, SUPER cute and fluffy! How is this menacing? At all? Maybe I can bug Mom and get her to paint me something more... spirited. I'm going to write that mad scientist a stern letter about all this.


    10 February, 6:29 PM-

On a brighter note, I’ve stopped getting shocked by things.


    19 February, 12:14 PM-

Haven’t been back to the secret lab since the Cybunny zap. There are some things I really like about being a Cybunny, but the blue fluffy cute thing in the mirror just doesn’t reflect me. I’m going to do some research on good paintbrushes. Mimi thinks it would be a brilliant idea for me to be painted faerie like her. I told her that even a faerie doesn’t look pretty when she’s fighting the urge to be sick whenever she sees herself in a looking glass.

I think she was insulted.


    28 February, 11:06 AM-

I found it! I found the paint brush for me! FIRE. I’m going to be a fire Cybunny! I’ll still be on the vaguely cute side, only plus the appearance of constant spontaneous combustion. And the best part is, Mom has a fire paint brush floating around in her safety deposit box, so I can get painted really soon!

Oooh, I am soooooo looking forward to this...


    3 March, 1:14 PM-

Markie had to go steal my thunder. After seeing how nicely things turned out with me with the lab ray, he finally decided to give it a try himself. So off he trots, a red Lupe... and then has the audacity to come trotting back painted SPONGE! On his first zap! In he walks, with a smug little grin on his face. Then he settles down and says, “Okay, I’m done.”

What a little jerk! Oooh... I’m off to write that mad scientist a VERY stern letter!


The End

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