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The Nothing Faerie

by blackwell


“Now,” a voice said into the darkness. “You are finally ready to choose which faerie you shall become.”

      “A specialty faerie,” thought a young faerie with hope. The young faerie could be only described as a Nothing Faerie. The color she was had no name, so they called it the nothing color.

      “As you may know,” the voice said again. “The process is like a test of choosing. We Elder Faeries seal you into the Cave of Choice. In the cave somewhere there is each element a faerie can possess. The elements may call to you in any way possible. Not all the elements will call you. Usually three to five call you. One is always the dark element. Once you touch an element, you become that faerie. Only then will you be able to escape the cave.”

      Without any warning, the voice stopped, and there was silence.

      The Nothing Faerie sat. Her knees were bent, her back was straight, and her eyes focused. She would never be more ready.

      A yellow glow erupted to her left. She turned to look at it in surprise. The glow spoke.

      Hello little faerie, it said. Its voice was kind, and made her think of honey. I am the element of light. I brighten the skies and control the sun. In quests I ask for trading cards, so I may play all day long. I have quite a collection, if you put all the cards received by different light faeries. Touch me, and you will be happy and brighten smiles on neopets’ faces.

      The Nothing Faerie stared at the element until the glow disappeared. “One glow down,” she thought, trying to get her thoughts together. “Two to four elements more to go.”

      She sat patiently as the darkness around her swirled. She waited a while for the next one to glow. But this time, this element could not glow.

      Greetings, the next element sneered. I am the element of the dark. Few decide to choose me as their elements. That is because I am considered evil. Be warned, little one, I am evil. Only two have ever touched me. There are many advantages with my powers, though. My power is as powerful as the Queen herself. Only I use my power to receive what I want. I don’t need points to get items. I get it through tricking tiny neopets to give me their toys. Or I simply take without buying things. I am deadly, but I am as known and as powerful as the Queen.

      The darkness element laughed as it faded away.

      The Nothing Faerie shook with fear. She had always been afraid of the dark. The darkness faerie had taken her mother as a captive. She probably served now as some pitiful maid trying to live. If she became a darkness faerie, she would see her mother again. But wouldn’t becoming a darkness faerie be just as bad as taking a mother from her child?

      The Nothing Faerie had no time to think, because a new element had began to glow. It was the color of red and orange.

      Hello, the element greeted her in a cheerful voice. I am the element of fire. I bring warmth to all neopets, and make sure they never freeze to death. I melt snow so neopets have fresh water and boil it so they can have cooked vegetables. I also do many magic tricks at festivals as neopets are in awe with my many talents. I ask for clothes in quests and increase strength to those who bring me my desires. Pick me, and keep the world warm and you glowing.

      The light faded away.

      The Nothing Faerie sat in deep thought. She would never become a dark faerie, so that was out. The other two choices had seemed so boring to her. To be light or warm. That had no adventure. She craved adventure. She had to travel. She wanted to see the world. She believed she had no future with her choices so far. But what if she didn’t get another option. Certainly none of these choices fit her. The Cave of Choice must have another choice!

      Indeed, another element began to glow. This time, it was a light blue color.

     Hi, said a bubble like voice. I am the element of water. I bring many good things to world of neopets. To begin with, I cover most of Neopia. Pick me and you can travel all around the world.

      The Nothing Faerie had to smile. It was if the element had read her thoughts.

      My favorite place my followers love to go is Maraqua. It is so much fun to swim with them. We live mainly down there. We also may live in the healing springs.

      Healing is something we water faeries have a knack for. You can mainly help out with healing at the healing spring. The chief healer always needs a hand with things. If you are not needed there, you can head on over to the soup kitchen. Chances are, if a neopet is hungry, they may be sick or injured too. If no help is needed there, then head on over to the pound. Pounded pets are always getting sick since they have no owners, so this is a great way to help. If you’re not needed anywhere else, you should try to help out at the hospital. They always need a faerie’s touch to make their medicine work.

      Also, we water faeries are very smart. That’s because for quests we seek knowledge. It makes us safer and smarter as we travel around.

      Finally, you need no training to become one of us, as the other elements need. We roam wild and free, and go where our hearts tell us to go to. We love our element. The water is our teacher and that is good enough for us.

      The glow faded away.

      Then all glows burst to life. It is time to choose! They all instantly faded away.

      The Nothing Faerie sat there in deep thought. It seemed that the element of water was the best choice. Some how, the idea of the element of darkness kept hitting her mind.

      If she picked the element of the dark, she would see her mother. She would have great power. If she used it well, she could become the new queen.

      But oh, she could travel. She could visit everywhere she wanted to, and she never had to study. She could save lives and read. She could be famous if she put her mind to it.

      The choice was clear in her mind, and she stood up strongly. “I have made my choice!” she announced to the darkness.

      All the elements lit up instantly. They all begged her to pick them. She turned to the elements of light and fire. Sadly, she shook her head. They silenced and became slightly dimmer. She turned to the darkness, and gave it an icy stare. It instantly dimmed and uttered no sound.

      Only the water element was left. She walked up to it and thrust her hand into the glow.

      Little one, the water element spoke seriously this time. You are now a Water Faerie. You will grow a tail and wander Neopia. You have increased your hunger for knowledge and the desire to heal. In your quest to become great, you will be known.

      The voice paused. As it did the nothing faerie grew a tail and her hair became blond. Pearls appeared on her neck.

      And your name, it said. Your name is Nereid.

The End

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