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How to Be a Rich Neopian Without Doing Anything

by neesboy


There are plenty of guides on how to be a rich Neopian. They tend to consist of sensible advice like setting a goal and working out how much you need to earn each day. This guide is a little different. It explains how to be a passively rich Neopian. It is possible to break a million neopoints without playing games all day long. That’s what we all want, isn’t it?

To begin with, this article is divided into the two types of passive earning. The first, anargentic, does not require much or any money to begin with. The second, argentic, is how to use money when you do get it. For obvious reasons, the second tends to be somewhat more efficient. On the other hand, it is less likely to make sudden large amounts. I personally use a combination of the two.

Anargentic income depends mostly on what you do. The most obvious kind is playing games. This will earn you anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 neopoints a day, but tends to get a little old. Following that is the dailies. You should always get the four basic ones (Coltzan’s Shrine, Fruit Machine, Tombola, and the Deserted Tomb). Of these, the Fruit Machine is by far the best, as it can give out paint brushes. Hitting the fishing hole with at least one pet regularly will eventually pay off, so it’s recommended.

Once you’ve taken care of dailies, you should be sure to check the news for anything important. There are often important things in it, such as Aaa’s challenges, which can earn you a fair amount. Random events play a significant role in long-term bank account balance. They’re generally good, so playing Neoquest I and II as well as roleplaying or hanging out on another board can add up over time. You do, however, need a shop to profit off of most of these. I find it nice simply to stash any items I get away in my SDB, and wait to sell them until I have a lot accumulated.

Do not waste your time buying scratch cards and other such things. You lose money unless you’re very lucky, in which case you probably don’t need the money or this article. Even the Wheel of Excitement, which is practically considered a daily, generally takes up more money than it gives out.

The absolute best way, however, to earn a couple hundred thousand neopoints, is to participate in plots. In the Altador Cup, picking Darigan Citadel or the Haunted Woods for your team and sticking with it earned you a 200 or 300k item respectively, in addition to the trophy, avatar, sidebar, and point prizes. Use a plot guide, such as the one on Aardax’s page, and you’ll be able to earn great plot prizes. The general wisdom is to either sell them right away, while the price is inflated to several times its value, or to simply stick them in your SDB for a few months. Battledome items and paint brushes are the best things to get. The latter won’t have as high of an initial selling value, but won’t drop down as much after the first hour. Paint brushes also regain value faster, but don’t become collectibles.

Argentic income is much easier to come by. Restocking is one example. This is only for the very, very patient. Right before Valentine’s Day, you can make a couple hundred thousand neopoints by buying up as many Mysterious Valentines Cards as possible from the gift shop and reselling them. Out of season, buying morphing potions from the Magic Shop and looking through shops in unusual locations like Neovia, Altador, and Qasala are quicker.

The most basic of all the argentic methods for making money, however, is simply to set up a shop and stick whatever you find in it. The shop doesn’t need to be very large at all, as size ten will hold a few months worth of valuable items. Money in the till is quite safe, so you don’t need to check in any more than you put items in. Shops also allow you to get rid of items without the hassle of the Trading Post.

Buying and reselling items from other Neopians is a little harder than restocking, since prices are set competitively, but it’s still possible to turn a nice profit. Buying cures will allow you to resell them later on when prices shoot up because the Wheel of Excitement has changed diseases. Cheap Battledome items, like snowballs, jump in value whenever there is a war. Every once and a while, you’ll simply stumble on somebody who’s just getting rid of stuff or doesn’t know what it’s worth, and you can make a profit there. However, it’s important to be careful. If something doesn’t do anything, people usually won’t buy it, even if it’s really cheap.

There is one exception to the aforementioned ‘no gambling’ rule. Namely, the Neodaq. If you buy fifteen-neopoint shares in sets of a thousand, you need only to wait for them to reach twenty, twenty-five, or thirty neopoints, depending on how long you’re willing to wait. Best of all, the stock market takes almost no time at all. You just check up on your stocks weekly. It’s unlikely that ‘real’ companies, such as Virtupets, will fold unless there’s a plot that gives explanation, so these are probably a little safer. It is very rare, however, for stocks to actually hit zero.

Again, plots are one of the best ways to make neopoints. You may want to consider investing in a moderately strong Battledome arsenal in order to earn more points. It may not pay for itself right off, but you can always sell the items later on. The biggest difference, however, is that it if you can afford to buy paint brushes when they’re cheap, they will rise in price by as much as 100,000 neopoints. The Trading Post will give you a better chance of getting one, but if you have a lot of neopoints, you can place a bid on all the results that the auction genie turns up.

All in all, the practices in here have worked for me. It takes a long time, but allows you to enjoy other aspects besides games. Besides, it’s money for nothing, or at least very little. That’s what everybody’s after, right?

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