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Super Chel: Part Three

by kittygirl5170


The next day Eric came to Chel with a plan. He whispered it to her as they waited for Ms. Stuart to call the class in. After he finished, Chel took off her cape and stuffed it in her backpack. Eric wasn’t wearing his cape either.

       The plan couldn’t be carried out until later so Eric walked over to where the boys were racing and Chel headed over to the tree where Isabella and the rest of the girls were.

      “Hey guys,” said Eric, “I’ve been practicing my running and I think I may just be able to beat one of you.” The boys exchanged skeptical looks.

      “Isn’t this the crazy kid that wants to be a super hero?” one whispered to another.

      “Well, you can’t be a super hero all the time,” said Eric, although the question wasn’t addressed to him. “Some days it’s nice to be normal.” The boys reluctantly agreed to let him race and set him against the worst boy of the group. Eric won. The baby Zafara was placed in another race. He wasn’t half bad at running, and he was acting totally normal. The boys began to accept him.

      Meanwhile, Chel too was acting totally normal around the girls. The dollies were being fed their bottle before naptime. Isabella was subtly cold towards Chel but the rest of the girls had completely forgotten her recent rendezvous with the boy.

      Time passed quickly until Ms. Stuart called them inside, then time crawled at a slorg’s pace for Chel. Would Eric’s plan work? It was daring and could go wrong at so many points. Finally their Kau teacher told them they would go out to the school yard. Everyone raced for the door. Apparently, Chel wasn’t the only bored one.

      As she trotted out into the yard Chel met Eric’s eye for just a moment. He nodded back at her. They would begin executing the plan. Chel headed toward the tree where the girls were beginning to congregate. Eric followed the boys.

      “Alright,” said Isabella as she reached the group, “I want to have a tea party.” The girls agreed and started setting up rocks for chairs and tables. Chel took out her island Kiko plushie.

      “What if we added a spin on this tea party?” suggested Chel. “What if one of the plushies goes missing?”

      “Well, then someone wouldn’t get to play tea party with us,” said Emma. She had a tendency to be the last one to understand a concept.

      “Well, maybe the other plushies could go looking for it. It would add intrigue to our party.”

      “I don’t know,” said Isabella, her baby Aisha ears were laid back against her head. “I like the idea of a normal tea party better.”

      “I love it,” said Callie, a baby Acara. “We always do happy tea parties; one filled with intrigue would be awesome. Let’s do it.” The other girls also agreed. Isabella knew she was outnumbered, and reluctantly agreed.

      Trinity volunteered to have her doll, Sally, be kidnapped, then the tea part was started. All the dolls were happy until one realized that Sally had never shown up. On her chair was a ransom note from a kidnapper. Some of the dolls ran around screaming, but Lulu was calm and explained to the other dolls what they had to do.

      “Get into groups of three,” Chel made Lulu say, “and search the area to see if we can find her.” The dolls set off and it wasn’t long until Sally was found, tied up and guarded by a very worn red Grarrl plushie.

      “She’s here! She’s here!” yelled the doll that had found Sally. The rest of the dolls came running.

      “Ok, now give her back,” said Anne, Emma’s Kacheek plushie. The Grarrl refused.

      “It’s not that simple,” said Lulu. “We’ll either have to fight him for Sally or if we don’t want to do that, we’ll have to outwit him with our words.”

      The girls, horrified by the idea of fighting, had their dolls quickly talk the Grarrl into a corner. He was forced to let Sally go. The girls cheered, Chel included. A huge smile spread across the baby Ogrin’s face. The plan was working; Eric was a genius.

      Chel looked over at the boys. Eric’s half of the plan seemed to be working perfectly. The boys would race and the fastest one would be deemed the Evil Mastermind and then the rest of the boys would have to wrestle the Evil Mastermind to the ground.

      Eric looked over at Chel. She nodded and smiled. He nodded back. The plan was going perfectly. Chel went back to playing with Lulu.

      Isabella was unhappy the rest of the day as the girls played with their dolls. Isabella wasn’t stupid; she knew where this plan was going, and it didn’t look good for her popularity. Once Chel looked over at the Aisha and smiled smugly. Isabella stuck her tongue out at Chel.


      Each day, the game the girls played with their dolls became more and more like super heroes. The second day of the plan they pretended that the Pant Devil had stolen all their chairs and tables for the tea parties. The third day Sloth was going to take over Neopia, but the girls prevented him with just a little inside information and a well spoken conversation. By that time the dolls were being left limply in paws; they were almost forgotten.

      Eric’s side of the plan was similarly working great. The boys had gone from wrestling evil masterminds to fighting mock Battledome fights, to having to break codes to find where the evildoer was so they could pretend to fight him.

      The fourth day of the plan was the first day that both Chel and Eric were going to use the words “super hero”.

      “What if we didn’t play with dolls today,” suggested Alyssa, a baby Hissi. “We’re not really using them anymore, just carrying them around.”

      “No,” said Isabella, who was, by this time, frantic to hold any shred of leadership she still had over the group. “If we’re not playing with dolls then we will be just like a group of boys.”

      “We’re not a group of boys,” said Lizzie, a baby Kougra.

      “I think,” said Chel before Isabella could say anything else, “I think that Isabella doesn’t like playing adventure. Now, Isabella, if you don’t want to play with us, you don’t have to. I just assumed you didn’t want to play with your doll all alone.”

      Isabella agreed to stay and the girls moved on to deciding what they wanted to do now that they didn’t have the dolls to restrict them. Chel knew she had to propose the super hero idea now. However, if it was too soon, they would reject her and she wouldn’t get another chance. Yet, if she waited too long, the girls would get attached to adventurers and they wouldn’t want to play super heroes ever.

      “What if we each got to be a super hero today? We could use our really cool powers to foil an evil plan.”

      “Super heroes?” scoffed Isabella.

      “Be quiet, Isabella,” said Trinity.

      “Yeah, you’re always so negative,” said Alyssa.

      “I’m going to be Emma Girl!” said the Kiko, ignoring the bickering girls.

      “And I’m Lizza-tron,” said Lizzie. One by one the girls decided on their super names and when everyone was done, Chel explained the plot.

      “Someone in our school has a red slip of cloth. They’ve been told to hide it because it has a very important secret code on it. You have to help me find it, because I have the info on how to break the code. Then we can all stop whatever evil plan is contained on that red slip of cloth.” The girl’s eyes were wide with excitement. Chel continued, “But only super heroes are strong enough to stop this plan. Ordinary school children could never do this.”

      “Good thing we’re super heroes then!” said one girl.

      “Well, none of us have the cloth,” said Trinity after mulling it over in her head. “So one of the boys must have it!”

      Isabella snorted in disgust and was about to say something, but stopped after seeing all the angry stares she got from the other girls.

      The boys were discussing something quietly in a group when the girls rushed over to them.

      “We’re super heroes and we know you have the red cloth!” said Lizzie. The boys stopped discussing and turned to look at them.

      “Yeah? Well, we’re super heroes too,” said Lucas, a baby Lupe, “and we don’t know what you’re talking about.”

      Chel explained the situation. When the boys realized that it would be more interesting to show the cloth than to pretend not to know what Chel was talking about, they pushed a baby Draik named Avery to the front.

      He took out the slip of cloth and said, “It was Dr. Sloth that gave me this,” although all the boys and Chel knew that it had been Eric.

      Everyone crowded around the slip as Avery unfolded it. On it was written:

      7 18 21 14 4 15 19,

     16 12 5 1 19 9 14 22 1 4 5 14 5 15 16 9 1 3 5 14 20 1 12 1 20 5 24 1 3 20 12 25 1:00 16 13 14 19 20 9 24 9 12 12 5 14 20 5 18 23 8 5 14 20 9 13 5 9 19 18 9 7 8 20.

      19 12 15 20 8.

      “This is the very important letter?” asked Emma. “This is just a bunch of numbers.” Some of the boys agreed.

      “But earlier Chel said she had the answer to the code,” said Alyssa. “This isn’t just random numbers; it’s a message in code. Chel, what’s the answer?”

      Chel smiled. Alyssa had a good memory. The Ogrin showed the group her slip of red cloth. It said:

      A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.

      One girl, who was already really good at reading, immediately grabbed the cloth from Avery and started translating the note into the dirt. When she was done it looked something like this:




      She read it out loud to the group.

      “Instead of A:00PM it should probably be 1:00 PM,” said one of the smarter boys.

      “Sloth’s going invade Neopia right now,” realized one girl.

      “Well, we’re super heroes,” said Chel. “Let’s stop these Grundos!”

      What followed was the most exciting game of super heroes Chel had ever played. It took all of the next week to finally exterminate the Grundos. The whole class played together, even Isabella, who had eventually given up on playing dolls. Over the next few weeks other kids started acquiring capes and other assorted super hero outfits.

      Chel knew Eric had made this all possible, even though she never had the chance to thank him. Instead over the next months Eric became the best friend Chel ever had, and Super Chel and Zafara Boy continued saving Neopia for a long time to come.

The End

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