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Chocolate: The 10 Best for Valentines Day

by theneoowner


It’s no secret that Neopia has had a terrible addiction to a luscious blend of cocoa, sugar, milk and vanilla since the very beginning. But what is it exactly that attracts Neopians to the divine treat? Maybe it’s the heavenly aroma and the entrancing taste. Maybe it’s the constant nagging of our Neopets, many of whom seem to become zombies when they crave the stuff. Maybe it’s that it’s all around us - in the shape of every pet, in milk, in cookies, on marshmallows, candy canes, and donuts, play pens, tables, beds, the list goes on and on. Or maybe it’s because chocolate is always the perfect gift. Think about it: When’s the last time you got a sweater that made your mouth water? Now that Neopia has entered Year 8 and Valentine's Day nears, chocolate is more popular than ever and is flying off the shelves. You may ask yourself now, “But which chocolate do I get for the perrrrfect gift?”, and luckily for you, I’ve conveniently compiled a list of the 10 best and most popular chocolates/chocolate-products in all of Neopia that make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

10. Valentine's Chocolate Selection

A basic selection of chocolates like this can be filling and will satisfy anyone’s chocolate addiction. And, as gifts go, this one seems to be a pretty obvious choice, because it has the two key words in it (‘Valentine's’ and ‘Chocolate’). In its description it simply says that this is “The perfect gift for chocolate lovers”, and anyone you give this to will surely think so, too.

9. Valentine's Heart Shaped Chocolate Box

Once again, this one contains the two magic words. This is basically an upgraded version of the Valentine's Chocolate Selection (above), packed with even more chocolate in a heart-shaped box for a slightly higher price. The description calls it “A beautiful box of chocolates that will win over your valentine”, making it an easy pick for the list.

8. Heart Fruit

I know, you're probably thinking “Heart fruit? Who gives fruit as a valentines gift?” Well, chocolate lovers do, of course! This isn’t your everyday piece of fruit; in fact, it’s one of the only fruits in Neopia that tastes like chocolate. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it’s shaped like a heart! This is easily one of the hippest pieces of fruit around and a perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

7. Chocolate Chip Pizza

This is an especially versatile gift. Not only can you have it delivered, but it functions as a good Valentine's gift, it’s chocolate, and it’s perfect for pizza lovers. Plus, being that it comes in several sizes (1/3, 2/3, and single slices) if you *happen* to eat some, they’ll never know (hopefully). ;)

6. Chocolate Heart

How can you possibly go wrong with a gift like this? It’s shaped like a heart (an obvious Valentine's connection), it’s made of chocolate (which speaks for itself), and it's a definite treat for the taste buds. Plus, according to its description, it has a soft fondant filling, and as all chocolate lovers know, chocolate stuffed with anything else sweet = YUM.

5. Chocolate Mini Egg Assortment

This is one of the most popular Valentine's gifts in Neopia for obvious reasons. It's cheap, it’s simple, and of course, it’s chocolate. Think chocolate eggs are just for Easter? Think again. Eggs have hatched into a multi-holiday gift that whoever you give them to will be practically crowing over (puns fully intended.) And if that's not convincing enough for you, they're multi-colored too!

4. Double Chocolate Surprise

While the picture of this may not make it look the perfect Valentine's gift, the words “Double Chocolate Surprise” are staples of the chocolate lover’s vocabulary. All you need to do to be convinced is to take a look at the description: “You’ll be surprised at the sheer amount of chocolate we have managed to cram inside.” These are words that make any chocolate fanatic’s head spin and mouth water.

3. Chocolate Negg

This is always a good pick for a gift for two reasons: Everyone loves chocolate, and everyone loves neggs. That’s why it’s one of the most popular neggs for V-Day. Be advised, though, don’t leave it outside, because once it melts, the appeal as a gift is pretty much lost.

2. Chocolate Balthazar

Yup, a Balthazar made of chocolate may not seem like a classic choice for a Valentine's gift, but it’s easily one of the most popular gifts in Neopia. Despite the evil reputation he has, it seems everyone loves to bite into a delectable hollow Balthazar. It’s flying off the shelves, and it’s on the most-wanted lists of practically every chocolate lover in Neopia. Plus, it’s endorsed by the Anti-Faerie Association of Neopia (AFAN)!

1. Neotruffle

This is the ultimate, most desired, most mouthwatering Valentine's gift in all of Neopia. The Neotruffle is #1 on the list by far, and for good reasons. It’s a gift that anyone would be fortunate to receive - or even to give. It’s one of the rarest and the absolute tastiest chocolates in existence. It’s an extremely hard to find item, but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you should give it away pretty quickly before one of your pets gets to it first.

Any chocolate makes a good gift, and these are some of the best selections, in my opinion. If you’re not already a chocolate addict, you should join the millions of us and experience the wonders of chocolate. The most important thing to remember is that variety is the spice of chocolate and that it's okay to diverge from the list. If you have any questions about picking a good chocolate gift, or if you have any comments, feel free to Neomail me. Oh, and thank you for reading and have a happy Valentine's Day, and remember the chocolate lover's motto, "It may be bad for you, but it tastes too good to care." :)

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