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The Guide to Ugga Smash!

by rye_rye07


The Tyrannian Plateau has never seen a demolition derby like this before! Are you tough enough to ram one of four vehicles into your opponents as you swerve and speed across the rocky flats of Tyrannia?

YOU’VE SEEN IT, YOU’VE HEARD OF IT, YOU’VE PLAYED IT, YOU LIKE IT... but you stink at it? No worries, fellow Neopians. I have written a guide to aid you on your quest to increase your score. Hopefully with enough training, determination and help from my guide you will earn that funky gold trophy, which I so far have in my trophy cabinet and maybe... you’ll join me one day? ;)

As the description of the game goes, Ugga Smash is an action packed multiplayer game and is thought to be the makeover of the second game of the well known game Bumper Cars. Fours cars ready to do battle; only one car out of four will make it on to the next round. Definitely a ground-shaking game which takes place in hazardous Tyrannia with solid rock surfaces and skid marks from previous derby champions! I will tell you secrets and strategies on how to put your opponents into their breakdown! Let the derby begin!

Instructions and Controls:

The instructions are simple. Crash your car into an opponent and the bigger the impact the more likely you’re going to get a green + sign which is worth 5 points. If a car charges straight at you and you're just a sitting duck, then expect to get hammered and it’ll cause a red cross sign to appear. There are five rounds with each round increasing in difficulty. But to get to the next round you must defeat all three of your opponents or survive through a timer which decreases every second. If you get hammered, then game over, or if you get eaten by the red Grarrl, then that’s also game over.

Unlike many other games, Ugga Smash actually lets you decide which controls you want for the game! A popular one which many Neopian gamers prefer are the ones with the arrow keys since these controls are the most used for any driving game. But you have to try every one of them to choose which ones are your best! So I’m going to play all of the selected controls the game has provided and rate the selected controls out of 10.

Arrow Keys – These controls are by far my best. With accuracy and consistency throughout the game, driving seems easy with these controls! These controls are my top pick for any round. 10/10

S,Q,A,Z – When the keyboard is in its right angle you’re probably wondering how you’re going to play with these sort of controls. Simple turn your keyboard so that the ‘S’ will be the up bottom, ‘A’ will be the bottom , ‘Q’ will be the left button and the ‘Z’ will be the right button. These keys are not recommended for laptop users. When played these controls can get quite tricky with the Z being quite difficult to locate if you’re planning to play and not look at the keyboard. If you’re new to these controls then it can be quite hard. 6/10

F,C,V,B – With the F being the acceleration button and the V acting as the reverse buttons, the controls can get confusing at times but I still coped quite well with these controls and therefore give them an 8/10.

I,J,K,L – As we approach the final keys, the keys you may find are quite similar to F,C,V,B. So no major differences, just different locations. Again I coped well with these controls while playing with the silver car. Solid controls gives it an 8/10.


The game has 4 unique items which may do good or bad. Items are randomly given out in any parts of the round. Opponents are also capable of grabbing the items before you do if you’re too slow to get the item! The item may also disappear. Here is a list specifically detailing each item.

Turbo Meat – Created with the image of a steak, this thing gives you temporary turbo speed. The negative thing I find about this is that it makes the wall deactivate; therefore, your opponents run away from you, not giving you many points for the round. The speed does not effect reverse mode.

Invincible Shield – These things are stone shields which make your car green and give you the protection from losing any health points when bumped.

Lava – Gives your car more angles to turn to and lets you slide. I myself do not like these as they are hard to control.

Health Tool – Coming randomly, these things will make up for the loss of health points done to your car in any round.


The game has 4 enemies which I see as potential danger. They all go for the same motive and goal, which is to destroy your car or in that case any car.

Depending on what controls you choose, you will have 3 cars going in different directions. You all start in any one of the four sides of the arena.

Another dangerous enemy that you may encounter is the Grarrl which will be red. DO NOT approach it as it will end you and your car in one hit! So it’s best if you avoid these at all cost. Try and hide behind your opponent's car and watch them get crushed instantly by the red Grarrl!

How to Increase Your Score (Advanced Guide to Getting a Trophy):

I assume you know all of the basics I have taught you and have learnt the basic concept of the game. If not, please read back. As you can see, you have limited time to do damage to other cars, so it's best to go out full out aggression on level 1. However, if a Grarrl comes up and crushes your opponent, restart as you’re losing valuable points.

Level 1 in my opinion is the most important level out there! If you’re close to a wall, you want to pick up speed, so just reverse against the wall and you will have a bit of boost. You will not lose any points by crashing into the wall. If you get into the situation where the cars are surrounding you, do your best to avoid them as you’ll just get bashed around.

Try and aim for a specific car and keep bumping it; if there is a car behind you, reverse, then bang into it, then go for the car in front of you and keep repeating! This will give you a lot of points! If you see life or shield and you’re loaded with life, give it to your opponent as you will get more chances to bump into the opponents for more points, thus maximizing your level score.

Level 2 in my opinion is where the Grarrls pop up more frequently, so try and do as much damage as fast as you can before a Grarrl comes. If you have lots of life when you’re in the middle of the stage, treat level 2 as if it was level 1. Levels 3,4 and 5 are where things start getting harder and therefore instead of going into attack, try and play it safely and when you see an opportunity, strike. Be cautious of the Grarrls as they will rapidly pop up every now and then. Good luck if you beat the game!

Another secret about the game is to keep practicing and never give up. If you really want that shiny trophy, try to play daily. The easiest way to get a trophy is at the beginning of the month when the scores are at their lowest and you have a better chance. Neomail me once you get your trophy!

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