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Boochi - Cool or Cruel?

by soccerace22


We all know about the oh so infamous Boochi, right? Well, if you don't then you have been living under a rock. But for the rest of us who have been exposed to the great horror and capabilities of this baby Bruce, listen up!

Wouldn’t you just hate it if Boochi turned your innocent AVERAGE pet into a cute baby… Yeah! Me too. *Laughs at her own sarcasm*

One day you were minding you own business on your way to the Fruit Machine and all the sudden, ZAP, oh no Boochi has turned your beloved (yet oh so very boring) Lupe into a baby! Would you sit there and say, “NO!!! *drops to knees* WHY ME!!! *cries*.”

Exactly, I didn’t think so!

It would be more like this, “YIPPEE *jumps* I have a baby LUPE la la la la la la!!!”

Now that I have that all cleared up I will now list the COOL and the CRUEL of the hated Boochi!


1. He can save you up to 600,000 Neopoints (according to the latest hidden tower prices) on a baby paint brush! I would much rather spend 600K for the paint brush than get the SAME EXACT thing for free. Riiiiight.

2. He carries a nifty ray gun. If that isn’t cool I don’t know what is. The gun is all like Purple and green and red too, It’s AMAZING! So what if it looks just a little like a squirt gun. It is still totally awesome.

3. I want to steal his nifty ray gun. WHAT?!?! I really do! *evil laughter* ..sorry back to the list.

4. He has that adorable little tuft of hair on the very top of his head. Yeah, style is so cool. I do my hair like that every day now. People laugh with me not at me.

5. Sandwich.

6. He’s not afraid to where pink. Yes, I know technically he isn’t wearing any pink that’s just the color of him. STOP MOCKING ME!

7. When he zaps your pet he gets that evil look in his eyes. You know what I mean right? The one that says, “Grrrrr, I am Boochi master of all babies!” Fine you don’t know what I mean, but that’s okay the list goes on.

8. He posed for the caption contest at least once. I respect that totally. Not all evil things of Neopia would be so kind. Or was it all part of his evil plot to take over?!?! Naw, who am I kidding? He’s only a baby.

9. Boochi’s little red bow rocks. I want to give one to my pet.. Definitely cool.

CRUEL… (Please parents cover your little pet’s eyes, the following can be very tragic. So much as to scar your little ones for life.

1. He’s too rare! Argh, will he ever zap one of my pets? I want a baby pet so bad (and you better not deny because you know you want one too.)

2. He doesn’t let you choose which pet you want him to zap. No offense, but some of the baby pets (only a few) are ugly. What if I happened to have one of those few ugly ones and it was the one he zapped. I would be very mad. I want be able to pick the victim (ha, I said victim like it’s a bad thing, like might hurt or something) of Boochi’s wrath!

3. You can’t buy the ray gun. I want one so bad it’s like an UNLIMITED use Baby Paint Brush. I could have all the baby pets I want (not really only four) for one low price which would be like 10 Million at the hidden tower! Who am I kidding if it ever was made an item I would never afford it!

4. Spend all your money to paint your pet into a color more expensive than baby (like grey or royal) then Boochi zaps it. I would be so mad if this happened to me.

5. Boochi’s ray can sometimes miss. Like the random event pops up and you get all excited then you realize that in the end of the phrase it says those terrible words, “But thankfully it misses.” You can’t even imagine the pain.

Now that I have made this all totally clear, you make the choice. Boochi, cool or cruel? If you chose cool read #1. And if you chose cruel read #2.

#1.) You chose cool! Wow, you are among one of the smartest people in Neopia. You will now receive a complimentary Baby Paint brush…NOT! I don’t have that kind of money who do you think I am? I don’t think Adam could even afford to turn all your pets Baby. But I do know someone that could. Can you guess? Hmmm, I wonder?

If you didn’t guess Boochi than I have nothing to say to you but, “Wow, what a shame.”

This is where I put in my two cents…BOOCHI IS COOL! Whoever thinks he is evil must be eating too much Poisonous Jelly or something.

#2.) Consider revising.

I only have one more thing to say to all you Boochi haters. Save up your Neopoints, go buy a nice Darigan Paint Brush, paint your pet with it, then hope that Boochi doesn’t strike. Only (I mean ONLY) under these circumstances is Boochi truly evil!

If I had 1 Neopoints for every time someone said they didn’t like Boochi, I would be DIRT POOR! Everyone likes Boochi. Why would he be classified as evil? I just don’t get it. So, yes, there are a few situations where it is not good for Boochi to zap your pet, but overall having a baby pet is almost everyone’s dream.

In Conclusion (as if I have not voiced my opinion enough) I think Boochi should team up with the Fountain Faerie so together they can paint all of the pets of Neopia. *skips around and giggles* then everyone could be happy and prettiful! Neopia would be the most beautiful place ever and no one would leave. *Stops Abruptly*


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