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A Different Kind of Valentines

by _snuppy_


It’s official. Valentines Day is here and before you know it, it will be just a memory. Now I don’t know about you, but the first thing that pops into my head when Valentines Day is mentioned is the colour red. Red cardboard hearts, red roses, and even red plushies. Then you go to the shops and you’re surrounded by it all, more red cards, more cardboard hearts hanging from the roof, people wearing red, eating red things, selling red flowers and painting their houses red. Well, I guess that last one is a little farfetched, but it’s enough to drive anyone insane! So I say that just for this one year, we avoid the colour red. “What? Valentines Day without the colour red, you must be insane!” I hear you say. Well, with a little research I have come up with a few gifts that are suitable for a red-free Valentines Day.

Valentines Cookies

These will please anyone who receives them, filled with chocolate chips and pleasantly shaped into little hearts. Just make sure the recipient doesn’t choke on them as they scarf them down. For a special touch you could even try and make them yourself – if you can convince the Breadmaster to give you the recipe.

Deluxe Bouquet

You can never go wrong with this old faithful. Remember to place these in a vase of water and enjoy the scent for days.

Love and Caring

Everyone loves to sit down and read a good book. A tale about a Kougra who found love in a place they weren’t expecting, this is sure to leave you feeling like hugging everyone in sight. Give this to someone special to show how much you love and care about them.

Nadia the Peophin of Love

If any of your friends or pets collects trading cards, then this is the perfect gift for them. I can’t tell you much about Nadia, though, since the card has no description.

Love Spoons

Any collector would love to receive these on Valentines Day. They could think of you with every mouthful they eat off these. Not to be given to anyone under the age of three without parental supervision.

Valentines Rings and Earrings

This one is for the jewelry lovers out there or just those who love sparkly things. The great thing is that the rings will fit any finger, no mater what size they are.

Blumaroo Love Stories

Show your pets how much you love them with this book filled with stories guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Warning – Do not read it unless you have half an hour to spend hugging your pets.


The perfect gift for any pet! If you feel your pet is mature enough to look after another little creature, a petpet is the perfect choice. They can name them, talk to them, and maybe even spoil them with a petpetpet - if they ask you very nicely for the NP.

Heart Fruit Tree and Heart Cactus

Now this here is one of my personal favourites. Any nature loving person (such as myself) would be thrilled to receive this as it is not your ordinary gift for Valentines Day. A perfect addition to any garden. The feeling of Valentines Day will last all year.

Valentines Hasee Plushie

Or any Valentines plushie that isn’t red. Bruce, Chia, Kacheek and Kadoatie Valentines plushies all have no red on them whatsoever. Perfect to add to that special collection.

Heart Toast Sculpture

Now this one is so left field that it’s cool. Serve your pet breakfast in bed with this special sculpture. Not only will they love having breakfast in bed, but the fact that it’s not jelly or omelette will make their day.

Heart Shaped Orange Chair

If your valentine is the type of person that has everything, you might consider a Heart Shaped Orange Chair. So tacky that I'm sure they don't already have one and it would be a wonderful addition to any neohome.

Heart Shaped Bed

Something to match the chair, of course. It looks pretty uncomfortable to sleep in, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? They could always use it in the guest room if they don’t like it.


Be different this year and throw out the red roses. This year is all about Black Roses, Glass Roses, the Drabby Rose and the Snake Rose. They say the Black Rose grows only once in 100 years, which is why it’s so expensive and hard to find. Now, would you prefer to receive an ordinary red rose, or a rare black one?

Beautiful Bride Usuki

For an extra special touch, or just to hint at something, this doll just loves Valentines Day. Just don’t leave her next to the cookies or cake.

Bride of Frankenstein Usuki

If there’s someone you don’t like, but you are forced to get them something, why not opt for this doll? It’s scary, but still fits in with the theme of the day. Guaranteed to creep out the recipient.

Chocolate Cake

Kick back at the end of the day, put your feet up and relax with some chocolate cake. Although Valentines Day is about showing others what they mean to you, you need to look after yourself too.

Sweetheart Scroll

Last but not least, Valentines Day wouldn’t be complete without a letter to that someone special telling them just what they mean to you. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

So now that you are equipped with this new information, make Valentines Day one to remember this year and stay away from the red. Even if you don’t, I hope this guide has at least made you think about what to get your friends and pets, not to just give them the same ordinary stuff. Check out their gallery, any lists they might have and give them that little something special that will make their day. I’m sure all your friends and pets will appreciate the thought you put into getting them something out of the ordinary. Happy Valentines Day, everyone; may you all spread the love and happiness you receive.

Thanks to banksiagumnut for helping me with my writers block!

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