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Love You Like a Sister II: A Moment's Glimpse - Part One

by tennisblondie16


Note: This is a continuation of "Love You Like a Sister…" in Issue 156, so in order to understand the plot and characters, please read that first!

I woke up to see my new sister Splash still snoring away in the adjacent room. Looking outside my window, I was instantly blinded by the sun's radiance. I squinted and looked away. It was a bright, beautiful day in Meridell-my new home. It always felt so awkward hugging Rayanne and talking to her as I would with Heather.

      I no longer got tears when I thought about my past owner, but it still hurts when I think about her. Oh, and for those of you who can't tell, my name is Seana and I'm a red Uni, who used to live with an owner who got her Neopoints stolen. I ran away from home to give her a chance to live and stay off the streets.

      Truth is, I love my new family and Neohome, though. Rayanne and Splash were extremely welcoming and kind to me when they first brought me home, and living in Meridell is the greatest! I've visited Illusen's Glade and the Turmaculus so far. The whole neighborhood was quiet as everyone was still asleep. Turns out I'm the only morning pet around here.

      I lazily got out of my bed and started walking down the steps. The new issue of the Neopian Times would be out, and I always used to read the short stories when I was with Heather. Splash liked to read the new and continued series, while Rayanne only read the articles. She's not one for reading, but she adores writing. Just being five days with her I've already found that out. I've even read some of her stories, and they're quite good. Nothing I could ever hope to write.

      My new petpet, Leilani the Blue Faellie, flew over to me when she saw me coming downstairs. She's always found perched on my shoulder, which is no problem to me. I love Leilani already-and I can tell her anything and she won't tell a soul. It's not because she's trustworthy, though; it's because petpets can't talk. I sat down on the Dark Faerie Sofa, which Rayanne got as a birthday present only a week ago. She told me she got all of her faerie appliances from friends-our whole Neohome was filled with faerie furniture.

      Just as I opened up the Neopian Times "Short Stories" section, I saw a blue hoof come down in front of my face and grab the "New and Continued Series" section. I jumped about a mile, thinking my sister was still asleep. Splash giggled and said, "Up early again, eh?"

      I mumbled a reply that she couldn't hear. We had only been sisters for five days, and already Rayanne said we were showing the normal love-hate relationship. Splash jokingly tapped me on the head with her rolled up Neopian Times. I rolled up my own section ad hit her on the back right before she was heading over to sit next to me. I quickly unfolded it again, and went back to reading.

      When Splash turned around, she narrowed her eyes at me and sat down. Splash and I had been reading barely for a few seconds when someone came up from behind us and thwacked both of our heads with an old issue of the Times. We turned around quickly to see Rayanne. She is definitely not a morning person. Her eyes were all puffy and her usually straight hair was in all directions.

      "You guys want to go down to the Meridell Marketplace and pick up some breakfast?" Rayanne asked. We both nodded excitedly and ran upstairs to get ready.

      Walking down to the Marketplace we chatted a bit about casual things such as new events in Meridell happening. We passed the Turmaculus, Ultimate Bullseye, and the Turdle Races as we made our way to the Community Bakery. We got there within ten minutes, since there was hardly any traffic. While we chose our breakfast of Frosty Doughnuts and Cartons of Orange Juice, I saw someone familiar-looking. When I looked more closely, I realized it was Syri and her owner, Tenille, on vacation!

      I panicked and tried to hide myself. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Syri suspiciously eyeing me, but she never said anything. They both took their place behind my family in line. I overheard them talking.

      "Heather will love this! She needs something to cheer her up, and I just know she'll flip!" Syri said. My heart skipped a beat. Heather needed cheering up, and I couldn't give it to her. My heart suddenly weighed a ton. I wanted to cover my ears, but I knew that I would just have to be strong.

      "I know, the poor dear's been nothing without Seana. It's a shame she left," I heard Tenille say.

      "Yes, I miss Seana terribly. The whole gang does. It feels empty without Seana," Syri said, sounding depressed. Tears were forming in my eyes. Rayanne and Splash pretended to not hear anything I was hearing, but I knew they could. Rayanne's face looked pained and Splash's head was down, looking towards her fin. I couldn't wait to get out of here. Having thought of that, the line seemed to take forever. Rayanne and Splash didn't talk because they knew if they asked me something and I tried to reply, I would burst to tears.

      "Maybe someday Seana will come back…" Syri's owner said. We were finally at the checkout.

      "I just wish for one day she would come back. One day is all I'm asking. I feel like nothing without her!" Syri cried.

      As the Meerca handed our change back, I hightailed it out of the Bakery, not even looking back to see whether or not Rayanne and Splash were keeping pace. I suddenly broke out into a run, and ran all the way home. I shut my door and the tears that were threatening to come out streamed down my fur.

      Rayanne entered my room twenty minutes later, and sat down on my bed. I leaned against her. "Ray, you wouldn't mind if I just went over there for one day, would you? Just to see my friends?" I timidly asked. Rayanne looked down at me.

      "Of course not! You can visit your friends whenever you want!"

      "Then next week can we take a trip over to Neopia Central for a day? While I go visit, you and Splash could go shopping. Believe me, the malls down there are the best," I informed Rayanne, smiling.

      Rayanne smiled back. "Next week it is, then!" We both went downstairs with linked arms and skipped to go eat our breakfast. Splash was already eating hers when we were in the kitchen, and shook her Peophin head with mock sympathy when she saw us.

      The next few days flew past in the blink of an eye. After the talk I had with Rayanne, no one mentioned Syri and Tenille. Before I could even wake up, however, Splash and Rayanne were in my face grinning like loons. "Ready for Neopia Central?" Splash eagerly asked. I nodded.

      "But first, could you get off my bed? I can't get up," I told her. She flashed me an evil smile, and go off. I suspiciously looked at her. "Okay…but I get the bathroom first!" I said quickly and ran over to get the bathroom to get there before Splash did. I heard her trampling behind me, but I knew she wouldn't make it because Peophins are notorious for being slow.

      I took extra time to make myself look presentable. Using my Uni Shampoo and Air Faerie Hair Brush, my fur was soon as smooth as silk. When I walked out of the bathroom, it smelled of Cloud Usul Perfume. Splash pretended to gag when she walked in. I rolled my eyes at her.

      Rayanne had a purse with her, which I knew was filled to the brim with neopoints. She had told me her dream was to spend a whole day shopping and spending in Neopia Central, but she was afraid to leave Splash, who wasn't one for shopping. I told Rayanne that Splash could go to the arcades, or do something else because there is always something to do in Neopia Central.

      At last we were on our way to Neopia Central! Of course we had to walk a ways to get a carriage to take us, but it didn't matter because we were all excited. Rayanne was excited about her shopping spree, Splash excited about seeing the new features, and I was excited about seeing my past family.

      I had made a decision. I would take one look at my past, properly say farewell to everyone, and never look back again. I had a new life, new family, and new friends. I had to accept that, and so did they. Syri, Tenille, Tatum, Charlene, Caroline, Kaylee-they were now my past, while Rayanne and Splash were my future.

      I knew it when we had reached Neopia Central. The familiar smell of food from the Bazaar filled my nostrils. All three of us got out of the carriage and paid the Uni who had taken us. "Okay, we meet back at Rainbow Pool at six o'clock sharp. Got it?" Rayanne said. Splash and I both nodded. "Then lets get moving!" We all went in separate directions.

      It felt like old times as I walked along the familiar path to my neighborhood. On the streets I recognized many people and pets from school, but they weren't important. What was important was me finding my old family and friends.

      Looking past the tree that hid me, I saw all of my friends including Heather and Tenille outside on Heather's front yard, playing their own version of Gormball. My heart gave a twinge. I wanted to be there with them. I wanted to so badly. But I couldn't-now that I had made up my mind, there was no turning back. I dared not go past the tree in plain view. I couldn't move-I realized I was afraid.

To be continued...

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