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10 Ways to Say 'I Love You'

by mo0moo


Is Valentine’s Day stressing you out? Do you need a way to express your love to people dear to you? Are you in dire need of a way to show your neofriends you care? Or do you want to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day? Fret no more! I wrote this article just for you! Here, I’ve listed several fun, easy, Neopets-appropriate ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day and show your loved ones that you, well, love them! Whether you’re on a budget, or have plenty of neopoints to spare, you’re sure to find at least one method of celebrating this holiday. Have fun, and enjoy.

1.) Send a Neomail.

This is probably one of the cheapest ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a friend or loved one. Simply type up a simple, heartfelt message and send it to a friend! Heck, why not send one to everyone on your neofriends list? Here is an example of a friendly neomail you can write.

Dear (insert Neofriend’s name here),

Hello! It’s me, (insert your name here)! Just wanted to let you know that you mean a lot to me and that you’re a great friend. Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love,

(insert your name here)

2.) Learn a language!

Learning to say ‘I Love You’ in another language definitely adds flair and spice to that boring, overused phrase. Do a bit of research, and you’ll be able to say ‘I Love You’ in many different languages in no time! Wo ai ni! Ich liebe dich!

3.) Say something nice.

Have you ever felt a warm and fuzzy feeling after someone says something really nice to you? I’m sure we all have at least once in our lives. It feels good, doesn’t it? Make someone feel good about themselves this Valentine’s Day and compliment them on the NeoBoards! I’m certain everyone has at least one quality worth merit. Why not challenge yourself on this day of love and say something nice to at least 15 people you meet on the NeoBoards? Perhaps they have amazing pets, or maybe their user lookup is outstanding. This is also a great chance to meet new people and make new friends. However, be sure not to spam the message boards!

4.) Treat your Neopets.

Is there a better way to show your Neopets that you love them than spoiling them? I think not! Why not take them on a shopping spree at the Toy Store? Treat them to delicious gourmet foods! Groom them with high-quality tools and read them books! Maybe you really want to spoil your pets. Why don’t you paint your Blumaroo that color she’s always wanted to be? Make your Lupe a fancy lookup and petpage! You can also look in the Neopets Pound for a special Neopet you can give your heart to on this mushy-gushy sentimental holiday. After all, don’t Neopets need love, too?

5.) Buy an inexpensive gift.

Are you a penny-pincher but feel the need to give your friends a small but thoughtful Valentine’s gift? Fear not! There are many inexpensive yet lovely gifts out there for the giving that you can buy without blowing your budget. Examples of relatively inexpensive gifts include a Bottle of Love, Chocolates, Flowers, and cards. All of these (and more!) can be found at the Gift Shop in the Neopian Bazaar. Be sure to check out the Shop Wizard, Trading Post, and Auctions for some great deals. Everyone loves receiving gifts, expensive or not. It’s the thought that counts, right?

6.) Buy a pricey gift.

“What?” you say, after reading method number 5. “I want to spend more neopoints and buy expensive things for my loved ones!” If you said something similar to this phrase, then this is the method for you. If you opt to buy inexpensive gifts, then you can go ahead and skip this method. Go on.

For those of you still here, great! You may be wealthier than the average Neopian! Good for you! I’m guessing you have extra neopoints to spare in order to buy the perfect gift for a loved one. Certainly, you have more options. Beautiful jewelry is sure to be appreciated by the ladies. Try a Silver Valentines Ring, Valentines Earrings, Gold Valentines Ring, or a Valentines Day Ring. All can be found at the Gift Shop, Trading, Auctions, or if you’re lucky, the Shop Wizard can find one for you. For both genders, I know that a Valentines Chocolate Selection, A Mysterious Valentines Card, a Pop Up Valentine, or an adorable Valentines Plushie are sure to produce some excited squeals of joy. Just know you have more options and that there are a variety of expensive things you can get your Valentine.

7.) Send a Neogreeting.

Sending Neogreetings is a great and free way to wish your friends a happy Valentines Day. A Neogreeting is an online greeting card you can email to your friends to send good wishes. The Gift Shop shopkeeper can direct you to the Neogreetings page, where you can select the appropriate greeting card. Simply type up a sweet message (see method number one) and send!

8.) Make a festive user lookup.

Do you want to wish everyone who happens to gaze upon your user lookup a happy Valentine’s Day? Then this is the method for you! For those of you gifted with an outstanding knowledge of HTML, you can create a beautiful user lookup with a Valentine’s theme to spread the cheer. For those of you that know little or no HTML, Neopets has a nifty HTML guide so that you can make your user lookup just as pretty. Be sure to check it out! With your knowledge, may it be long-lived or newly acquired; you can use all sorts of HTML tricks to decorate your user lookup and wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

9.) Donate to the Money Tree.

Are you feeling especially generous? You can donate items to the Money Tree located in Neopia Central to aid those less fortunate than you. Anything you can provide, ranging from any amount of neopoints to almost any item, will be gladly accepted by the Money Tree. The Money Tree will then put out these items so less fortunate Neopians can snag a gift donated by other kind Neopians. By donating to the Money Tree, you can feel great about yourself for making one anonymous Neopian’s Valentine’s Day special. Remember, you are NOT allowed to make “Giveaway” boards (topics promising free items) on the NeoBoards. If you want to give things away, please act responsibly and donate to the Money Tree – not to people on the NeoBoards.

10.) Indulge yourself!

Last but not least, be sure to save some love for yourself! I’ll bet you feel great after donating all those items to the Money Tree, sending out friendly neomails and NeoGreetings, primping your user lookup, and saying nice things to at least 15 people. All in a day’s work, eh? Well, I bet you’re not feeling entirely satisfied, but you’re not sure why. The answer is simple – you neglected to give yourself a Valentine’s Treat! Be sure not to leave yourself out of the Valentine’s festivities. You can count yourself in by buying that awesome plushie you’ve always wanted for your gallery. You could be dying to paint your Kau Maraquan. Or perhaps you just need a well-deserved vacation on Mystery Island. Whatever the reason, be sure to spoil yourself a little on Valentine’s Day. I mean, you love yourself, too, don’t you?

Well, that’s all of the methods I can think of for celebrating Valentine’s Day on Neopets! I’m sure that if you wrack your brain, you can come up with a few more ways yourself! I’d love to hear any other methods you can think up of, so be sure to neomail them to me! Please, please, please act responsibly while conducting these methods, and be sure to follow the Neopets Rules! I’ve designed these so it should be rather simple to stick to the rules. ;) I hope this guide has helped make this year’s Valentine’s Day special for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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