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The Neopian Guide to Guild Searching!

by neoparent0912


Are you guildless and searching for a guild? Are you tired of your current guild? Do you NEED a new one? Well, in the following article I will give you all the steps you need to know to find the guild that fits you!

When I was searching for a guild, I used ten steps to determine if it was a good one, or a not-so-good one. I still do not have a guild, but these rules do work, I can assure you, and I will say so again later in this article. Anyway, I currently don't, and probably never will, have a guild, just in case you’re wondering. This is only because I do not desire to join one; no other reason. I might maybe if I find a breathtaking one, but for now, I won’t. Okay, these rules can be put to use using only the Guild HQ search engine, and were created specifically for that search engine alone. Enjoy!

1. First, the best thing to do is write down your top five hobbies or interests, and, if possible, put them in the order you prefer them. If you don’t have five, three is fine. However, if you have none, that’s not so good, because maybe you should go out into the world and get some interests!

2. Next, you type in your top interest. If not much shows up, still try to follow this step with the guilds that appear. If none appear, type in your second hobby or interest and try again. Now, look at the guilds that showed up. First, look at the amount of members and posts. A good guild usually has about 20-70 members (depending on if you want a big guild or a small one), so you actually get some attention from the guild owner and the other members. A good guild also has well over 500 posts, to show that it is active.

3. After checking that the guild qualifies for both requirements, it is fine to click on the link, and, if desired, read the description. Okay. Now you have entered the guild. Look closely at the layout. Does it appear pre-made? If so, it may not be a good idea to join it, as it shows the owner was either not well qualified to create the guild or does not put a lot of effort into it. Also look at the guild logo. If it’s not pre-made and the guild layout is, it still could be a reasonable guild, so give it a chance and continue.

4. Okay. Stop right here. If the guild doesn’t have much to see, just go ahead and press that ‘Back’ button. I know this is going to sound like I’m stating the obvious, which I am, but it’s really important. Don’t continue if the guild doesn’t meet the standard. Please. You’ll be wasting time if you continue and it doesn’t. If you stop now you still have a chance to find another guild, because without reaching that standard, the guild is sure to be unreliable.

5. If the layout looks reasonable, look at the guild staff. Are there some spots open? That may mean that it isn’t a very good guild, without people to support the owner, but still give it a chance. Now, if there are any, look at the guild updates. How long ago was the guild updated? You might not want an everlasting atmosphere. Okay, now click on the guild owner’s name, and go to their look-up. Now, glance at the ‘Last Spotted’ status. If it says more than ‘3 days ago’, then this guild owner probably isn’t very responsible for their guild and doesn’t work too hard to keep it in top shape, like it and its members deserve to be.

6. Next are the other staff members. If any, click on the top other staff member to check their ‘Last Spotted’ status, as just because they are there doesn’t mean they’ll actually do anything. If all the staff members have a ‘3 days ago’ status or less time away, then the staff is pretty reliable! At least two out of four of the other staff members should have this status, and if all, you have a pretty good guild on your hands.

7. If the guild you are currently at qualifies with all, or almost all, of the previous rules, that’s a pretty good guild you’re looking at. In fact, if your guild qualifies with ALL of the previous rules, that’s a really good guild and I could bet it would be fun to join. IF, and only IF, this is true, you can look at the guild activities. Many guilds have contests, and these guilds are not welcome. But if they are activities, and don’t promise to give away a prize, it is OK to join.

8. In addition, if the guild you are looking at has rules, that is a sign of organization and is just another reason for you to get in there and enjoy all of the fun that guild offers. Remember, rules aren’t bad, especially in the category of searching for a guild by simply using these easy steps.

9. If it sounds welcoming, you can go ahead and click that ‘Join’ button, and have fun in your great guild!

10. If after joining the guild you are in doubt, be a member for a little while longer to make sure you positively, absolutely want to press that ‘Leave Guild’ button. If after a few days you still feel differently than you feel you should, go ahead and press it. Then, do the other 9 steps all over again!

Good luck finding a fabulous guild for you by simply using the 10 previous steps I have set up for you. Have a wonderful time searching, as that is one of the best parts of it. Seeing all the different places you could enter and all the doors that open in a guild is one of the best ways to enjoy Neopia, by yourself, and with other people by using this guide. I sincerely hope all you guild less people to come and read this article, and I can assure you these rules have worked rather productively.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them, so Neomail me.

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