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Into Defending?

by georgina_248


Want to help defend Neopia? Then you have to get into shape by training! To do so, you can play Defender Trainer each day. Playing Defender Trainer not only helps you to get ready to defend Neopia, it also allows you to earn 3000 neopoints each day and 6000 neopoints when it is the featured game of the day. Other than that, you can also get a spiffeh trophy for your lookup.

To start off, go to the games room and you can find Defender Trainer under quiz games and action games. For those who haven’t played this game before, I’ll give a brief introduction of it.

In the game, you will have a number of neopets pictures and a question presented to you. To answer the question, click on the picture of the correct answer. You have three lives and when you answer a question wrongly, a life is lost. There is a time limit and the faster you answer, the more points you receive. There are 3 different levels for you to choose from, respectively easy, medium and hard. As you choose a higher difficulty level, it gets harder. (DUH!) There are a total of 10 levels and in each level, there is a total of 10 rounds, no matter which difficulty you choose.

So beginning at the easiest level, there will be 4 big pictures, and a question. For the medium level, there will be 6 pictures in the same amount of space, so the size of each image is then reduced. And finally, at the hard level, there will be nine pictures, so each image is even more reduced, and hence even smaller.

When you answer the question correctly, the square of the picture you clicked will be green in color and you will hear a DING. When you answer it wrongly, there will be a DANG and the square will be red in color. Also, there will be a cross on the picture to let you know that you got it wrong. At the start of each game, no matter which difficulty you choose, you’ll start with 8 seconds. The timer then starts moving towards 0 and if it reaches 0 and you haven’t clicked on anything, it’ll be considered as a wrong answer and the right answer will be shown to you in green. When you click on an image, the timer will stop, and if you answer correctly, you will be awarded a bonus according to how quick you answer it.

If you’re not familiar with the game, start playing at the easy level to get yourself started. This will help you get familiarized with the questions and answers for each of them. When you answer a question wrongly, take note of the answer, and try to remember each one. Like that, you will slowly be able to get through the rounds one by one. This may sound crazy, but to get through each level, you need to know the answers, so “memorizing” the answers will definitely help. But as time passes and you get better with the game, you’ll just naturally know the answer without having to rack your brains.

So, I believe you must be itching to know what questions there are in the game, hence, I shall be kind enough to let you know the questions to give you a head start. The questions will be in the order of how they are asked in the game. In the questions, where you see ‘a’ is where a certain letter will be when you are playing the game and where you see ‘b’ is where an anagram will be. So, here goes nothing.

1. Which starts with the letter ‘a’? ( Neopets )

2. Which starts with the letter ‘a’? ( Petpets )

3. Which is an anagram of ‘b’? ( Neopets and petpets )

4. Which is an anagram of ‘b’? ( Items )

5. Which starts with the letter ‘a’? ( Neopets, petpets and items )

6. Which has the longest name? ( Neopets and petpets )

7. Which has the shortest name? ( Neopets and petpets )

8. Which ends with the letter ‘a’? ( Neopets, petpets and items )

9. Which contains the letters ‘a’ and ‘a’? ( Neopets, petpets and items )

10. Which has the most vowels? ( Neopets, petpets and items )

This game has a payout of 100 points to 200 neopoints. So by getting 500 points and above, you will receive 1000 neopoints! 500 sounds little but did you think you were going to get it so easily? No way! In the game, there are a few catches. They will cause you to lose a life if you’re not careful.

First catch— For example: In the question, 'Which starts with the letter ‘H’?', you would click on let's say Harris. But in some cases, the question would be, 'Which does NOT start with the letter ‘H’?' So, you have to click on anything but the Harris. This can happen quite a few times in a level so open your eyes big and take note. But it can be quite obvious since the NOT is in red and is enlarged, so you just have to make sure that you do not click too quickly.

Second catch— A moving target sign will appear at the top left hand corner of the game window. The targets will start moving but in an orderly manner. The targets will always move to the right by one square. But the speed that they will start moving differs so there is no exact timing to know when the targets move, so somehow you can only try your luck and if you’re unlucky, the target will move as you click down, resulting in you clicking on the wrong image. However, if it moved after 3 seconds, it is possible that it will move after another 3 seconds so it is safe to click on the right image between the few seconds.

Third catch— The size of the images becomes very small so it's difficult to see which is which. Hence, it is important to recognize the shape and color of each neopet, petpet or item. Another thing is that sometimes the images will be silhouetted, so in this case, you MUST know the shapes of the neopet, petpet or item as otherwise you won’t be able to recognize it and won’t be able to answer the question.

The above catches won’t occur during the whole level, only for a few rounds, and sometimes if you're lucky, you won’t experience them at all for the whole level.

The time bar starts at 8 seconds for level 1, 7 seconds for level 2, 6 seconds for level 3, 5 seconds for level 4, 4 seconds for level 5. From level 6-10, the time given is only THREE seconds!! Although there is a time bonus, the important thing is to answer the questions correctly. But if you are aiming for the trophy, then answering quickly is the key to a high score.

Also, there are extra lives given at certain levels. The maximum number for lives you can have at a time is 6. You’ll start off with 3 lives. The extra 3 lives are given out at level three, six and nine. But if you have answered a question wrongly at one of these levels, the lives are then sometimes given out at the next. When you have up to five or six lives, the moving target sign will be blocked and you will only see part of the sign, so when you have five lives and above, you need to be more aware in case you are caught off guard.

So when you have practiced enough, getting 500 points and above to earn 1000 neopoints each time will be really easy, as by then, the game will already be familiar to you. Below are some of the summarized tips to remember.

Tip 1: When you first try to play this game, you should start out by playing easy and slowly move to medium and hard. By doing this, you can get familiarized with the game, helping you to get a step closer to your trophy.

Tip 2: Try to remember the shape and color of each image so as to be able to tell them apart when the images are silhouetted or reduced to a smaller size.

Tip 3: If possible, remember the questions and their order, so as to know what to expect next, and not waste any unnecessary time on processing the question.

Tip 4: You MUST know what the name of each picture is so as to make it easier for yourself when answering level 9 and 10 especially.

Tip 5: Open your eyes big to take note of the NOT and moving target signs.

Tip 6: Be aware when the extra life covers the top left corner, blocking the moving target sign when it appears.

Tip 7: In the last level, unless there is a NOT in the question, kadoatie has the most vowels, so once you see a kadoatie, you can rest assured and choose it. And drackonack is the one with the longest name in level 6.

Tip 8: Practice makes perfect, so good luck playing and you’ll get better. And in no time, there’ll be a new trophy in your lookup!

Hope this guide helped! Have fun playing and good luck!

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