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Coffee Habits

by evilsierraassassin


Before starting a long day of work in Neopia Central, whether it be auctioneering, healing the sick, or caring for those adorable petpets, nothing says “Good morning, sunshine!” like a steaming hot mug of your favorite coffee from “Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe” down in the ancient Art Centre. Whether it is served with biscuits or even ummagine, coffee is everyone’s favorite wake up call that puts that early morning smile on your face, but what does your coffee say about you? Are you exciting or dull? Can you be talkative or secretive? Do you need that extra spark in the morning, or are you the fire of life? All of these questions can be answered by one thing: your morning coffee.

So maybe you are more of a “same old, same old” person who wakes up, goes to Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe, and buys the basic House Blend with Cream. This particular beverage is a sign of a repetitive life-style. You wake up the same time every day, greet the same people every day before work, and even eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It is time to put some spice in your life! Try a new kind of coffee; surprise yourself every morning with a new flavor. Move slowly, though; we cannot jump from boring to spectacular in one day. Start out small. Try your taste buds at a Banana Cream Coffee. It is sweet, refreshing, and adds a bit more flavor to your mug.

On the other hand, you might buy your daily Cappuccino. Whether it be Pinanna, Zeenana, or tigersquash; your morning starts with that delicious smooth creamy taste that is the Coffee Shop’s Cappuccino. You are obviously someone who likes life to have its occasional twists and cannot wait to see what will be thrown at you next. After drinking a Cappuccino, you are all set for the day and you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Just be careful not to get the same flavor each day. There are too many Cappuccinos out there for you to spend life only drinking one kind. Variety is the spice of life.

Let us not forget about the ever so delectable Mochas! Mocha is a sweet yet fiery drink with that swirling mound of whip cream on top. It may not be the healthiest, but it is the irresistible thing to pour down your throat. If you find yourself buying Mocha each morning, you enjoy the finer things in life. You never choose normal over deluxe and you just love taking your mornings with extra cream on top! You have chosen the ultimate coffee beverage, and your mouth is smiling every morning while gripping a mug of Mocha.

Then of course, there is Java. That start to the day that has you up and kicking. You can stay awake for over fifteen hours after drinking a strong cup of Java. Java is better recommended for the hard worker or the occasional night owl. However, if you find yourself drinking Java everyday, you are living off artificial energy. The caffeine will catch up to you, and once the effects of Java wear off, all that energy you burnt after drinking Java will double over on you as exhaustion. Try cutting down on the stronger coffee for now, and stick to getting a good night sleep to wake you up in the morning.

Then of course, there is the ever so boring Earl Grey Tea. Tell me, are you trying to wake up in the morning or put yourself back to sleep? Tea is fine and dandy, but it is most definitely not what I would call a way to wake up. You need to get your hands on some REAL coffee, and fast. Most pets going to the coffee shop for tea are most likely afraid to leave their bubbles and hate change. It is time for you to pop your bubble and make your grand entrance into life. Instead of going to work tomorrow with a teacup, try strolling in sipping a mug of Mocha or Cappuccino. Your coworkers will be surprised by your change in schedule, and you will be surprised by how much better it feels to start the morning with some real caffeine.

Of course, do not forget about the sweets you can buy with your coffee. Swirly cakes, ice creams, and those delicious Snowberry Delights. Even a Sludge Frappucino can be found irresistible at times. If you find yourself craving these delicious treats over coffee, youth is of the essence to you. You find coffee or tea to be too “mature” for someone your age, and prefer ice cream and cakes. Have no shame, young neopet! You do not have to drink beverages high in caffeine. You run on pure energy! Just do not forget to brush your teeth, or you might end up with cavities!

Last, but not least, there are those who drink the strangely concocted but even more strangely delicious brews. Examples of brews would be like “Grackle Bug Brew” or “Sourmelon Brew” and all of those odd sounding beverages that you are often afraid to order. However, if your mouth waters at the thought of crunching up those grackle bugs in your morning coffee, then you love brews! Brews are for those of you who like a challenge. You love to try new things everyday, and you can safely say you will eat almost anything. Although your peers may see you as strange, you do not seem to care as long as you get to try a new brew every morning. There is nothing wrong with brew, but be careful what you buy. You never really know what they put in those things.

So what kind of coffee pet are you? More importantly, how could changing your coffee change the way others think about you and the way you carry on with your daily life? Reviewing your “coffee habits” is an excellent way to put some spice in your life, especially if the grass is starting to look a bit greener on the other side of the Neopia.

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