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Advanced Gummy Dice

by stacigh


Oh! I didn’t see you standing there! You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that! Gosh! Well, I suppose you’ve come because you have questions about the Gummy Dice game. Let me tell you, I’ve got a plethora of answers for you! I’ll teach you about each individual die, game modes, controls, the grid, the point system and some advanced scoring tips. I know, I know. You’ve played the game before... but bear with me while I explain this game in a little finer detail.

The Dice:

While playing the game, you will encounter six different types of dice.

Firstly, there are the standard gummy dice. They come in five different colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Purple. Upon starting the game, you are presented with the red, yellow and purple dice. The green die shows up in level three and the orange die shows up in level six. Each time you create a group of five or more same color dice, they disappear from the 3D game board.

Then there is the shuffling die. The shuffling die appears in level two and cycles through each of the five colors. Essentially, you can pick the color you want by waiting for the die to cycle through the colors. Be careful in the later levels, though, as the game will drop random dice on the game board if you wait too long.

Thirdly, there is the morphing die. The morphing die comes in each of the five colors and allows you to change a row of your choice to the color of the morphing die. These appear in level four and become particularly useful in the later levels.

The fourth type of gummy die is the bomb die. The bomb die appears in level two and works kind of like the morphing die, except it blows up a row of your choice instead of morphing it. This also becomes useful in the later levels. You will be awarded 1 point for each die this guy blows up, including itself and the rock die.

Speaking of the epitome of all evil, the fifth type of gummy dice are rock dice. These little punks will ruin your combos and cause you dismay! They do not go away no matter how many other rock dice surround and touch them. There are, however, two ways to get rid of these. The first way is to morph them into a different color and the second way is to blow them up!

Lastly, the sixth type of die is the TPOSG die! Yes! This is a special die that may appear once in your game, if you’re lucky. The TPOSG die will knock out each die that shares a border with its edges and beneath it. That means that you can take 9+ dice at one time! Each die that is removed is worth 1 point! Thank you, TPOSG! It should be mentioned that you can play an entire game and never see the TPOSG die. Just like other TPOSG cameos, this is a random perk of the game.

Game Modes:

You can play the game in one of two modes: Zen and normal. Zen mode will let you play to your heart's content and give you a feel for how the more advanced levels will look. However, it is important to mention that you cannot score points in Zen mode! Because of this, trophies and NeoPoints cannot be awarded. Normal mode, however, will enable you to score points, advance levels and possibly obtain a trophy for your user lookup!


There are four main controls you will use in this game. The first control happens to be the arrow keys. In the beginning of the game, you can customize your arrow key configuration by clicking the ‘setup’ button. Use the arrow keys to position your die or group of dice where you would like it to drop. The second control is the ‘S’ key. The ‘S’ key will enable you to rotate the dice clockwise. Its companion, the ‘A’ key will rotate the dice counter clockwise. Finally, to drop the dice you will need to hit the space bar.

The Grid:

Since the game board is three dimensional, it can be a little tricky to see where the dice will land. If you look at the top of the board, there is a grid. On this grid, you will see a shadow that will show you into which sector your dice will drop. This is a vital piece of information. Without this grid, the placement of the dice is guess work. Also, it shows you the dice threshold, meaning that your dice can only be piled 7 high! Once the 8th die is placed, your gummy dice will populate the board and your game will be over. The only exception to this rule is one of the three dice that can change your fate: the morphing die, the bomb die and the TPOSG die. Using any one of these three will cause the row to collapse and you may continue your game as though you weren’t dreadfully close to losing!

Levels and Points:

Each level will have a specific amount of points required for you to obtain in order for you to advance to the next level. The required number of points to start is 40. For each level, after the first, you will have to obtain 20 more points than the level that precedes it. For example, level 2 requires 60 points; level 3 requires 80 points and so on.

The first two levels are the most important levels in the game. If you can successfully clear the game board of all dice, you will earn 50 bonus points! This becomes next to impossible in the later levels.

For each die that collapses, you will earn 1 point towards your score. But, be warned, once the point threshold for the level is reached, the game will tally how many dice you have remaining on the game board and deduct them from your score! Oh my! This makes it possible for you to come out of a level with fewer points than you started!

It should be known that for each point you score in the game, you will earn 1 Neopoint upon submitting your score.

Advanced Scoring and Combos:

So... what’s the trick? The trick is to score as many points as possible without contaminating your combos. In the first few levels, this is done by strategic placement of the dice so that they may connect with the dice already played on the game board. It is possible to score 20+ point combos on the first level! Also, don’t forget to clear your game board to earn those 50 bonus points!

In the later levels, it is done by planning your combos from the ground up. This means that you should plan on collapsing your dice from the bottom to create an avalanche of combos to follow it. For example, if you have four red dice on the very bottom, followed by five strategically placed purple dice ON TOP of the red dice, you can place a fifth red die to collapse the red set which will ultimately collapse the purple set.

Each combo earns you points based upon the number of dice collapsed as well as how many combos collapsed on one turn. Let’s go back to the red and purple combo example. You will score 5 points for the red set and (due to the combo) 5 points multiplied by 2 for the purple set. Altogether, you’ve collapsed 10 dice and earned 15 points. Now, this is just a two color combo with the minimum amount of dice required... imagine what you could do with five colors and many more dice in your combos! Also, if you’re lucky, the game may randomly pop a colored die in the right spot to set off a chain reaction of combos! Oh! What fun!


I hope you enjoyed my guide as much as I enjoyed compiling the information and writing it. I also hope that it clears up some confusion and gives you a better idea of how to play the game! I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope that you have fun expanding and collapsing those gummy dice!

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