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Volcano Run II: The Return

by dahlia_angela


That inquisitive Tyrannian Scorchio Glubgar is at it again! He’s flown too far into the depths of a seething Tyrannian volcano, and more than just his wings will end up singed if you don’t help him steer through the scorching hot rocks and boiling lava. See how far through the volcano’s tunnels you can guide Glubgar, but be sure to watch out for flying fiery bombs and a host of other burning obstacles. Also, see if you can help Glubgar snatch up some precious gems along the way!

Yes, we’ve all read the description for the brand new game, Volcano Run II. But those of you who are well, afraid to play it for the first time, do not fear! Read on, and you’re sure to find out all there is to know about the fantastic re-release of Volcano Run I.

Glubgar the Scorchio is back, he’s bolder and err, he’s at it again! What was a favourite game for many Neopians has been released again – reality style! The animated red blocks in Volcano Run I have now been turned into great big burning rocks of fire, and the little yellow balls of flame that once shot at poor Glubgar are now flying balls of magma – literally!

Yes, a sad goodbye to a great game loved by everyone, Volcano Run I. Many Neopians and Neopets wept for what could’ve been the funnest game in all of Neopia. But do not be discouraged, fellow friends, for there is a new and much greater blockbuster game out – Volcano Run II. It is the newest game in Neopia, and on its release day, many gathered around the arcade to be the first to play it. There is no doubt, Volcano Run II is sure to be one of the greatest games in all of Neopian time. And to prove it? I personally interviewed Glubgar, the star of the game!

Dahlia_Angela: So Glubgar, you have made your great return. How did it feel to leave your volcano behind and move on to a much hotter and more extreme one?

Glubgar: Well, when the Neopets Team told me I had to leave, there was nothing I could do. I packed my bags, ready to do my exploring in a new and unexplored volcano. Moving into an all new game seemed hard at first, but it turns out I love Volcano Run II even more! The new volcano is absolutely great; I hear I’m the first Neopet ever to venture into it!

Dahlia_Angela: No regrets in leaving Volcano Run I behind?

Glubgar: Nahh. The only thing is, the especially talented players of Volcano Run I have to lose their high scores, unfortunately. Number II is much tougher, that’s for sure.

Dahlia_Angela: Tell us, Glubgar, what are the main differences in the two games?

Glubgar: Oomph, there is quiet a few noticeable changes. The new volcano is much more frightening and realistic, thanks to the awesome new graphics the Neopets Team have added to it! The details are brilliant; why, Neopians have reported to me that they feel as though they’re the ones flying through the volcano when they play!

Dahlia_Angela: And the controls? Are they the same?

Glubgar: Pretty much, except for a few. Keeping me airborne is the same; hold down or click the left mouse button so I don’t go crashing into the steaming volcano walls! The difference? To move me faster and slower while flying. The z button on your keyboard makes me slow down, while the x button will give me a burst of speed. That’s about it for the controls!

Dahlia_Angela: What about the bonus items?

Glubgar: Oh yeah, the good old bonus items! They’re pretty much the same; the little gems you can collect are worth ten points each. Also, look out for the shield bubble! It will last you a few seconds and protect you from any incoming rocks of magma or flame.

Dahlia_Angela: Any other tips you can give us?

Glubgar: Yeah, don’t go crashing me into the roof or floor of the volcano, or it’s Game Over for you!

Dahlia_Angela: Thanks for that, Glubgar! We’ll be sure to catch up with you later on for updates and more news about high scores in the game.

So now that Glubgar gave me all the scoop on Volcano Run II, I let my temptation take over and headed to the Neopian Arcade to play the game myself.

Volcano Run II starts off the same as the first game. You guide Glubgar along the tunnels of that oh-so-firey volcano while dodging the burning obstacles and speeding rocks of flame. You fly through a wide tunnel that seems to be getting narrower and narrower. Oh gosh! Your feet are so close to the volcano’s scorching floor! So close, in fact, that one tiny slip of your hand will cause Glubgar to become a kebab. You look up ahead and see a hurtling ball of something speeding towards you. What could it be? A rock wrapped in flame flying towards you? But... how is that possible? Many questions run through your head as you dodge one rock after the other. Suddenly, you see a bubble of some sort. You take your chances as you fly headfirst into it. Wow! You suddenly become wrapped in some sort of cloudy material. You continue flying ahead in your bubble until pop! The bubble bursts and you realise you slammed into a rock, causing it to explode. Ahh, so that must’ve been a shield! You keep going ahead, wondering when on earth this volcano ends.

The end of the game? No current reports have been made of that. The volcano is thought to be never ending, and the highest score is dependant on the skills of the player.

Now you may wonder, if Volcano Run I was such a hit in Neopia, will number II beat it? Well, the answer’s simple. Yes! It’s a thrilling experience that will have you thinking you’re Glubgar. Many Neopians have reviewed the game and said it’s the hottest action game around. Extreme Potato Counter? Not a chance next to Volcano Run II! So, for those of you afraid to try the all-new Volcano Run, show no fear, and get yourself up to the arcade today! Game on!

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