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10 Steps to Holiday Cheer

by karatemaster9


As a GCN (genuinely concerned Neopian), I have been quite disgusted at the lack of Holiday spirit and charity most Neopians seemed to have adopted this year. Time and time again I find myself shaking my head as those less fortunate are forgotten while rich paintbrush-splattered Neopets parade around discarding valuable items left and right. Therefore, it is not only my privilege, but my duty, to outline 10 crucial steps a GCN like myself follows in order to spread the Holiday cheer.

#1. The Money Tree- Please, don't discard your "junk" items or sell them for petty Neopoints in your shop. Instead of making more money to add to your accumulative wealth, DONATE DONATE DONATE! Those less fortunate than you need every item they can get! Oh and you rich Neopians that sneak an item or two from the Money Tree, next time take a deep look inside yourself and give rather than take this Holiday season.

#2. Find a NOOB? Help them out- I know most of us are guilty of the teasing and lack of respect for Neopet's newest, but this holiday season instead of suckering an unseasoned Neopian into giving up their rare items or giving you good deals, help them out. Ask to be their Neofriend. Invite them to your guild. Answer their questions honestly. If you're feeling really nice, donate them some money or give them a good deal on one of your items. I know you can afford it, and someday you might get a favour in return. If not, hey, it's the Holidays, the season of giving, remember?

#3. Advent Calendar Items- This one particularly disgusts me, Neopians who get Advent Calendar items for the sole purpose of selling them off in their shops for a meagre amount of money. Hasn't anyone ever thought of actually letting your Neopets play with this year's Fancy Fishing Pole? Or how about spending those extra Neopoints on a new sweater or a hot chocolate? Or better yet, donate any unwanted Advent Calendar surprises to those that need an extra toy or two. Don't take advantage of the Neopet Team's festive spirit; add it to your own and make your Neopet smile.

#4. Decorate!- Run a store? Have a Neohome? Care about your profile? Spread the Christmas spirit as much as you can using as many cool Christmas backgrounds and shop blogs as possible. Make your customers and Neofriends feel your Christmas cheer as miniature Christmas Chias dance across the screen or a cheery Lupe wishes them Happy Holidays. Put up a fireplace in your Neohome and break out the Snow Furniture. Paint your pet if you're wealthy enough. Who would you rather meet up with in the Battledome, a red Kougra or a cherry Christmas one?

#5. Break out the Christmas Cards- Did you know you could send Christmas Cards to your Neofriends through their email? Did you ever think enough to send a "Happy Holidays" and a Candy Cane to your closest pals? This year you might want to. Start a holiday trend by taking it one step further and letting your friends know they are appreciated. Feeling rebellious? Send your best wishes to a stranger or a Neofriend you barely talk to. May I even suggest dropping a line to our very busy Neopet staff?

#6. Get Writing- Have an inspirational, funny, or downright touching Holiday memory or story? Instead of keeping it to yourself get writing and share it with your fellow Neopians. Retell the famous "Twas the night before Christmas", tell about your unique traditions this time of year, or spill your secrets on a delicious Holiday cookie recipe; the possibilities can be endless (and don't forget about the trophy... er... not that that's important).

#7. Adopt a Pet- Been noticing that extra space every time you feed your Neopets? Have leftover chow at the end of a meal? Why not adopt an abandoned Neopet at the Neopian Pound? Don't let one of our cuddly friends spend the holidays alone. The Holiday season is for everyone, so open your heart (and your wallet) and bring a new member into your family this holidays! And for you Neopet abandoners out there, next time think twice before letting your cuddly friend spend the season in such a dreadful place!

#8. Buy Your Neopets a Present- Don't let your Lupe's mouth water every time you pass by the candy shop or look at your Buzz's sad eyes as you ignore the toy store. Open your heart to your own Neopets as well as others and buy that "too expensive" toy your Kougra has been itching to try out.

#9. Start a Festive Chat- A fan of the Neoboards? Next time you're on discussing the latest plot or haggling for your paintbrush (your Christmas paintbrush, of course), throw in a "Happy Holidays" and watch for the reaction. Or better yet, start a holiday related chat and get the festive juices flowing.

#10 Start a Guild- Really getting into the spirit? Good, because Neopets needs more Christmas Guilds. Imagine an entire Holiday haven where lovers of Christmas can get together and celebrate. Be nice and let the newcomers in. Already have your own guild? Spark up an advent calendar of your own or begin a Christmas present exchange. Have an online carolling session (it's more fun than it sounds) and shop the cheapest stores to buy your presents at. Get together for the Holiday Season, that's what it's all about!

So there we go, not so hard to get in the spirit of things now, is it? I hope now that you've taken the time to read my sincere wishes, you'll try to incorporate at least one of them into your everyday Neopian lives. You'll be surprised at how good it makes the holidays both for others and for yourself. It's time to take the Holidays out of the hands of the creators and into the hands of the Neopians! Now, I've got to get back to writing my Christmas Cards. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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