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Slorg Care Made Easy

by hylakisweetheart


Ever wonder how to properly care for your Slorg? Want to buy one for your pet, but don’t know what it takes to keep it happy and healthy? Well, look no further! Caring for a Slorg is easy, but takes some patience. With a few minutes of your time, you’ll be a successful Slorg owner in NO TIME AT ALL!

Slorg Safety

The most important part of caring for a Slorg is safety. Take salt, for instance. If you don’t want a mutant Slorg, keep your salt locked up high in cupboards. Don’t leave shakers or grinders on the table. Make sure to wipe up any spills and wash any salted utensils, napkins, or tablecloths thoroughly. Better yet, don’t use salt at all!

Slorgs have serious allergic reactions to salt. That’s why it’s important to keep salt away from their bodies, but it’s also important to keep salt out of their inner bodies, too. NEVER salt a Slorg’s food! When purchasing petpet food, read the labels and make sure that they say “salt free”. Even better, buy organic produce and veggies and totally forget about this petpet food.

There are other important causes for safety. Anything can choke a Slorg would be considered dangerous. Don’t give your Slorg any Lutari Talisman beads to make jewelry with. They can easily be swallowed, and I don’t think that a trip to the neopet hospital will help out a petpet very much.

Slorg Food

What kinds of foods CAN a Slorg eat? Slorgs like lots of different foods, but there are basic rules. It can’t be salty, so chips, burgers, toasties, sandwiches, Achyfi, and Neocola are out of the question. Pretzels, too, are relatively dangerous foods.

An exception to this is Slorg food. Slorgs are somewhat cannibalistic (after all, they are spooky petpets!). Slorgs enjoy Slorgwiches, as they make very healthy and delicious lunches or dinners. However, try to stay away from Slimey Slorgwiches, as they are potentially dangerous.

Some of a Slorg’s favorite foods are Sugared Slorgs and Gummy Slorgs. Slorgs tend not to enjoy Vanilla Sugared Slorgs, but they absolutely love Marzipan Sugar Slorgs. Strawberry, too, is a popular Sugared Slorg flavor.

Additionally, most Slorgs enjoy grenannas, green cabbage, grapes, doughnuts, apples, cereal (unsalted), and green tea. Anything green and unsalted is safe for a Slorg to eat.

Slorg Entertainment

Slorgs are in LOVE with plushies! Slorg plushies, especially, can keep them entertained for hours. Another popular choice for your Slorg is Slorg-themed toys, such as a springy green Slorg. However, these are very dangerous for reasons I will not go into.

Most popular of all, Slorgs can’t live without USUKIS! The second you buy your Slorg a plushie, a Slorg related toy, or a Usuki, you will instantly notice that they are more obedient with your pet. You will have any easier time cleaning up their slime, because they’ll slime less when they’re happy.

If you don’t want slime all across your Usukis and plushies, however, you can try purchasing any type of petpet supply. Usually, there are good toys in that, too. The difference between a Slorg toy and a Slorg supply is that supplies are made easier to clean, whereas toys are actually meant for your pets. ;)

The last form of entertainment that Slorgs enjoy is games. Some of their favorite games are petpet cannonball, petpet rescue, and petpetsitter. However, Slorgs greatly dislike petpet battles, for some reason!

Slorg Supplies

When investing in a Slorg, it’s important to make sure that you have the right equipment to take care of it. Try to stay away from things that can easily get slimed. These are bad choices!

The best purchases you can make for your Slorg and you are a white petpet bath tub and a copy of Petpet Biology! These items will help you understand your little friend better. Your Slorg may also like a petpet pipe maze to crawl around in. Petpet pipe mazes are easy to disassemble and clean slime off of. Another good choice for your new petpet is a pink petpet flying disk. Slorgs tend to like to sleep in these when they are turned upside down, and it’s not a half bad idea if you don’t want to go and mop slime up off of cloth.

For your food bowls, you should purchase any hard, sturdy petpet bowl. A Snuffly petpet bowl works finely. It’s a good idea to purchase two different kinds so that blind petpets can distinguish different features of their bowls and learn what kind of food is in which one.

The last item that you should purchase for your Slorg is the book Cooking With Petpets. It’s a very important book for Slorgs, especially, and has many safe and delicious recipes for Slorgs to try out.

Slorg Environments

A Slorg is very particular in what kind of environment it lives in. A Slorg, given the choice, will choose to live in a cool, damp environment over a sunny, cheerful one.

Additionally, Slorgs need to have attentive owners that will make sure they are cared for constantly. Unlike Kadoaties, who can somewhat fend for themselves, Slorgs need to be watched constantly. For Slorgs, salt is dangerous – but it’s a sort of petpetnip.

Slorgs also dislike noise, so it’s important that you don’t expose them to young neopets. If a Slorg feels threatened, it will slime more, and that can cause serious problems with your cleaning schedule.

It’s also important to make sure that the pet that owns the Slorg has a separate room for the Slorg. If a Slorg is put into a soft, plush environment, it will mess all of that nice furniture up. To avoid this, furnish your Slorg room with loads of hard toys, furniture, floors, and walls.

Finally, make sure that this room is kept damp, like I said before. Don’t make this room too damp; otherwise the wood in the room may end up rotting. If you are very adventurous, take your little buddy onto a pirate ship and sail the Neopian seas…

…With a Slorg, the possibilities are endless!

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