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The Top Ten Seasonal Foods To Ditch The Winter Blues

by becci2911


Winter is the season to be jolly, right? Y'know, good will and all that? Well, when you're feeling the winter blues, the only answer is to comfort eat. So, I've compiled a list of the Top Ten Seasonal Foods To Ditch Those Winter Blues. So, get a spoon, a fork, and a knife, and dig in! Feel free to sample the foods on this list. (-: Ideally, my perfect winter food would either fill me up or make my belly warm, and each of the foods on this list are at least one of these! PS: Please ignore the commentary from my Xweetok Serephinox; he likes to feel included!

10) The tenth delicious wintery food on my list is:

Me: The filling Sausage and Cheese Roll! This is perfect to eat for breakfast on a cold morning, because as soon as it hits your stomach you are filled with a warm, full, satisfied feeling that can't be beaten.

Serephinox: These are very yummy with just enough cheese and not too many sausagey bits. It's soft to bite but firm inside. Yum-eee!

9) Number nine on my list is...

Me: The Sakhmetian Brew is a great drink with a frothy layer on top and deliciously hot, strong liquid underneath. The funny thing is, nobody knows quite what the liquid is, although some people have it rumored that it is a fiery brew of cement from Coltzan's shrine and juice of aged tchea fruits... A good nightcap.

Serephinox: Apparently, Princess Amira used to drink these all the time. Well, if it's good enough for royalty, it's good enough for me! It's got a tasty hot flavour that's not too sweet and not too sour!

8) At number eight is:

Me: The Cheese and Onion Baked Apple is great for Christmas parties. Everybody loves 'em and they are easy to cook. All you do is bake an apple, then coat it in melted cheese and onion. If you really wanted, you can leave the onion off, but that's up to you. In my opinion, onion is a required taste.

Serephinox: Yeah, these are delicious - they fill up your whole tummy with their mixture of fruity savory-ness. They're so yummy that they're all gone after five minutes! *looks sheepish* It wasn't me, mummy!

7) The seventh item on my list is...

Me: The Grunion Fruit Grog is made of blended grunion fruits. It is delicious to drink with meals and fills your tummy with a warm spicy glow. Caution is required - the excessive spiciness of this beverage may cause slight burnage of the tongue! A great tip for drinking these is to brew it in the microwave for a couple of minutes first - it softens the grunion bits to perfection!

Serephinox: Mmmm, I love drinking this when I'm playing pirates - it's yummy yummy in my tummy! And it has little bitty pieces of grunion in it... delish!

6) Number six is:

Me: Beetroot Pastry Puffs! The pastry puffs also come in carrot, gherkin, and mushroom, so if you don't like beetroot, don't despair! These are flaky pastry rolls filled with a mash of vegetable and sprinkled with snow pepper - which adds to the seasonal theme! These are yummy for posh parties - a great nibbly treat that even the poshest, pickiest guest can't turn their nose up at!

Serephinox: Yes, I love eating these. They kind of burst in your mouth like a vegetable pastry balloon. Hey, my English teacher would be proud of that simile!

5) At number five on my yum-tastic list is...

Me: There's not much better on a cold day than a Baked Rye Loaf - the warm dough fills you up and satisfies you to no end. These are great with homemade marmalade as a warm breakfast treat.

Serephinox: Apparently Blumaroos love these - goodness knows why. All I know is that they're a tasty treat I can't get enough of! Mummy, can I have a baked rye loaf and butter sandwich for my dinner at school tomorrow?

4) The fourth culinary delight on my list is...

Me: Yep - Wintermelon Sweets are a lovely snack to make you really appreciate the cool iciness of the winter months. They are tasty and fresh, and their wintermelon flavor is so distinctive people venture far into the forests of Terror Mountain to find it.

Serephinox: Mummy doesn't usually let me eat sweets - but even she can't resist these beauties!

3) Third on my list is:

Me: As it says in the description, Tasty Pie can cure any Neopet of its blues - especially winter blues! Its warm flaky pastry and satisfying meaty filling fill your belly and make you as happy as a Blumaroo on a merry go round.

Serephinox: Now it's winter we have these for dinner almost every night - but we don't get sick of them! They're the perfect winter treat, with their meaty goodness and pastry delight!

2) The second food on my list is...

Me: These Cinnamon Dough Bundles are a delicious dessert for winter time. Their cinnamon flavors and doughy texture make them great with custard, cream, and any other topping you can think of! They're even delicious on their own, which is more than you can say about most puddings!

Serephinox: Yeah, these are really nice. I love eating these - they'd be good on Christmas morning, like little cinnamon presents!

1) At the top of my tasty, yummy, satisfying, warm, delicious, beautiful, perfect, delicate, culinary masterpiece, recipe miracles, and just plain GORGEOUS list is...

Me: Hurray! The Seasonal Chocolate Pudding, a wobbly cake masterpiece that will fill you up, warm you thoroughly, and tickle your tastebuds until they giggle in glee! This is by far the best seasonal dish anyone in Neopia has ever come across in their whole entire lives! Whoopee!

Serephinox: Mmmm, I could eat a gazillion of these - they're the yummiest food in Neopia!

Me: Right, Serephinox, let's go - we've got a seasonal banquet to prepare! Bye!

Serephinox: Yay!

Me: Thanks for reading, guys!

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