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Delightfully Frustrating - Hasee Bounce

by dimension_witch


NEOPIA - Hello to all my fellow Neopian Times readers. I have decided to write an article on a delightfully frustrating Neopian game – Hasee Bounce.

The objective of Hasee Bounce is to collect as many points as possible in a set time limit. There are ways to evade this time limit, and tips to grab more points, which I’ll get to later.

When you press “Start Game” in Hasee Bounce, you are shown a screen with two Hasees on it. One is orange, one is purple. To make them jump, click the left mouse button. The idea is to jump and catch the Doughnutfruits. For every Doughnutfruit you catch, you get some points.

There’s a time limit in Hasee Bounce. Once you run out of time, there is no second life. The game is over. How can you evade this tragically short time limit? Collect letters spelling H-A-S-E-E, that’s all. Keep in mind that the Hasees will not grab letters out of their own colour, e.g. Woogy the Orange Hasee will only grab orange letters and Jimmi the Purple Hasee will only grab purple letters. Every letter is worth 4 points and two seconds, so even if you don’t collect all five, you’ll still get a few extra seconds. Collect an H, A, S, E, and E and there you have twenty extra seconds. It doesn’t matter about the colour, you can have four orange and one purple or some other pattern too.

But wait! You can get a super time bonus of forty seconds if you collect letters of the same colour. If you have five purple letters or five orange ones, you’ll get forty extra seconds, plus the ten you get from each individual letter. If you play your cards right, you can get fifty bonus seconds.

Every Doughnutfruit (those little coloured doughnutty things with stems) is worth a certain amount of points. Just off the top of my head, a Yellow one is worth one point, a Checkered one is worth twelve points, and a Rainbow one is worth forty points. The point value of each Doughnutfruit can be multiplied by two if you get another Doughnutfruit on the same jump. For instance, if Woogy catches a yellow Doughnutfruit jumping down, then Jimmi grabs a Rainbow Doughnutfruit on his way up, then the Rainbow Doughnutfruit will be worth eighty points. So, if at all possible, grab two at once. Just keep in mind that the one you grab last will be the one whose point value doubles. So if you grab the Rainbow one first and then a yellow one, you’ll get just two points for the yellow and just forty for the Rainbow. This also works with three - if you grab three in one jump, the second one’s point value doubles and the third one’s triples. Just think - with three Rainbow Doughnutfruits, you could get two hundred forty points in just one jump! Though it is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that three Rainbow Doughnutfruits will sashay across the screen at the same time, there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

But to catch those elusive Doughnutfruits, you must position yourself over the approaching fruit, and click. If it’s just out of your reach, quickly move the mouse while airborne and you still may catch it. If not, feel free to pound the top of the desk where you are working.

What about those... yucky things that float around with the Doughnutfruits? It’s quite easy to grab one of these by accident. If you’re going for a plain old yellow Doughnutfruit that’s right above a piece of dung... skip it. It might be worth it, but if not, you’re only losing one point. If there’s a good Doughnutfruit, like a Sponge Doughnutfruit, right above the dung, I would go for it. You’ll only be incapacitated for a couple of seconds. If there’s a good Doughnutfruit below the dung, you should probably skip it. Chances are, the dung will get you and you’ll miss the good Doughnutfruit. If you think you can avoid the dung and grab the Doughnutfruit, by all means, go for it. You just have to prioritize.

If you take all this into consideration and are still attacked by the dung, you can avoid missing Doughnutfruits by putting the Hasee that hit the dung on the seesaw instead of the tree. I always feel more in control of the Hasee in the tree, since they jump first and you can control them slightly better. If both your Hasees are seeing stars thanks to dung, try to put the one on top that was hit first, as they’ll cure faster.

Some more about prioritization: What if there’s a letter coming across the screen at the same time as a good Doughnutfruit? With Yellow, Blue, Green and Silver Doughnutfruits, you want to go for the letter. With anything above that, go for the Doughnutfruit. If you think you can get both, try! Sometimes you’ll miss both, and that’s okay! There will be more.

What if two good Doughnutfruits are coming across the screen at the same time and you can’t pick which one to go for? Here’s a quick rundown on points: Solid colours, like Yellow, Blue, Green and Silver, and sometimes Gold, are worth the least at ten points or less. Next come Sponge and Checkered, at twelve to fifteen points. At the top are Icy, Flaming and Rainbow Doughnutfruits, worth from twenty to forty points. So, needless to say, if a Blue Doughnutfruit and an Icy Doughnutfruit are coming at the same time, you want to get the Icy one. If the Icy one escapes, scramble for the Blue. If you miss both, no worries. There’ll be more chances. But if you can get both, that’ll bump up your score quite a lot. If, for the life of you, you can’t remember point values, go for the Doughnutfruit that looks the most interesting to you.

The most important thing about Hasee Bounce, from my point of view, is never, ever give up. So what if you missed that great Doughnutfruit? Even the champions of Hasee Bounce miss the odd Doughnutfruit. So what if you got a score of ten? You can improve! Keep trying! My scores still haven’t cleared one hundred eighty, but I play three times a day to improve. But if you utterly despise Hasee Bounce, this is not the article for you and I suggest you stop reading it.

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