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A Guide to Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

by bambosh_rider


Have you always wanted to get maximum points or even a trophy for this game, but those annoying Neovians always kill poor Bruno? Or you gotten stuck on this annoying level eight called "Point of no return" because you don't know how to get that potion? Or are you just a newbie at this game and you want to know some strategies and tips? So, read this guide and then playing in Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway will be easier than ever before.

In this game you play Bruno - an Neovian Gelert, who became deformed after he drank the Mysterious Krawk's elixir. He was banished by angry townspeople, who were also victims of the elixir. Escaping from the mob, Bruno took shelter in a cave.

Your ingame task is to play Bruno, who collects potions and carries them to the cave. When you bring all the potions, you advance to the next level. Sounds easy, huh? Unfortunately, angry, deformed Neovians will make this task a bit difficult. They throw stones at Bruno, and if a stone hits you or you bump into one of the townspeople, you will lose a life. Losing three lives means game over. And now I'll introduce types of Neovians, who make Bruno's life so difficult.

Deformed Ixi: not very dangerous. It's easy to jump over him and he never leaves the platform he walks on. But beware of the stones he throws.

Deformed Wocky: also not very dangerous, but it is more difficult to jump over him because of his height.

Deformed Kacheek: uh, he is dangerous and annoying. He can jump and leave the platform he walks on. He can fall on your head or suddenly appear when you jump over the Ixi for example and mess with your plans. Don't let him catch you unaware.

Deformed Techo: as dangerous and annoying as the Kacheek. It can be a pain when he and his Kacheek fellow catch you unaware on a platform. And if you unfortunately are on the platform with the Ixi or Wocky... Well, say your prayers.

You play Bruno with following keys:

left arrow - move Bruno left

right arrow - move Bruno right

up arrow - look up

down arrow - look down

space - jump

And now a handful of tips, which make playing this game somewhat easier or even allow you to achieve maximum number of points.

1. Jump button is your best friend. Bruno can jump over every townsman and most stones they throw without any problems.

2. Levels are round like the Earth, so missing one of the potions forever isn't a problem.

3. If you want to jump down and you can't see the platform, use "look down" to make sure there aren't any townspeople there. You don't want to fall on their heads, do you?

4. If you see the Kacheek or Techo or both of them on the platform you want to jump on, better wait until they leave that platform.

5. Always keep an eye on the Kacheek and Techo. Falling on your head or messing with you when you are jumping over townspeople is their favourite hobby.

6. You can jump on trees with leaves. This can come in handy, since many platforms with potions are accessible only from trees.

7. Watch out for the stones; they cannot be seen when they fly behind the trees, but they can still hit you!

8. There are twelve levels and you can get at most 5180 points.


First potion: 5 pts

Second potion: 10 pts

Third potion: 25 pts

Fourth potion: 50 pts

Fifth potion and above: 100 pts

Always bring all potions at once to the cave to score maximum points for the level. If you don't, you won't achieve maximum score. For example, if you bring four potions at once, you will get 90 points (5+10+25+50), but then if you bring the fifth potion, you'll get only 5 points, giving you only 95 points instead of 190.

Level tips:

Level 1-2: piece of cake. Two deformed ones, no Kacheek and Techo and only five potions to bring to the cave. 190 for the first plus 190 points for the second level.

Level 3: This level is a bit more difficult than previous ones. Walls, trees and the Kacheek starts to appear. Still five potions and 190 points for the level.

Level 4: six potions - 290 points. It's not a difficult level. Just keep eye on the Kacheek.

Level 5: also six potions - 290. The Techo starts to appear, which means two annoying Neovians trying to mess with you to the end of the game. Be careful as they'll try to mess with you very often.

Level 6: seven potions - 390 points. Look out - in this level, the Kacheek and Techo can fall on your head quite often, so be careful. Also watch out for the short platform with the Ixi.

Level 7: eight potions - 490 points. Much platform jumping. The Kacheek and Techo are not as annoying as in the previous level, but keep an eye on them.

Level 8: nine potions - 590 points. This level is a bit tricky, because one potion seems impossible to get. But if you use this trick, you will easily get that potion:

1. Take Bruno to the left side of the platform above the potion.

2. Start to fall and walk Bruno to the right - he will be "inside" the platform like a ghost and standing on the wall.

3. Fall two "bricks" in the wall lower (if you do this precisely, you'll not get out of the wall).

4. Full speed to the right - Bruno will eventually get to the platform with the potion.

Level 9: nine potions - 590 points. Much jumping on trees. As always, keep eye on the Kacheek and Techo.

Level 10: ten potions - 690 points. Much platform jumping. And - guess what - keep eye on two of your favourite townspeople.

Level 11: ten potions - 690 points. Two "rifts" with potions. I do not spot the Techo and Kacheek on this level, but better keep an eye out.

Level 12: nine potions - 590 points. Be careful in corridors with low ceilings. Jumping over the Kacheek and Techo there is troublesome.

Good luck. I hope this guide will make playing the game and getting maximum points much easier.

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