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Just An Ordinary Day With A Psychopathic Broom

by blubblub317


"I'm home!" Fantasia called out as she entered her cozy and dry home.

     Every inch of Fantasia's body and clothes was drenched in water because of the tenebrous storm that was occurring outside. In the 16-year old's two arms were large paper bags that carried a few items which Fantasia had purchased at the Neopian Bazaar. All of the items were soaked as well, except for a strange-looking broom that looked incredibly ancient. Intricate and mystifying markings were engraved on the wooden handle, and the bristles seemed oddly large. However, Fantasia hadn't taken any notice into this, and had simply continued her quick shopping.

     "What did ya bring?" Flowrey, a rainbow Acara, asked eagerly, upon entering the front door and catching view of her owner with the paper bags.

     "Nothing special," replied Fantasia. "Just some snacks, a tube of toothpaste, a comb for me, and a cool-looking broom."

     "Did I just hear somebody say 'cool-looking broom'?" a noisy voice asked from behind Fantasia and Flowrey.

     Flowrey swiveled her body around, and when she saw who it was, she grumbled irritably. "Not you again."

     Standing there was her older brother Dane, a Christmas Lupe, who was a typical showoff and quite annoying, as everyone stated. "How can a broom look cool?" Dane inquired in a matter-of-factly tone.

     "I don't know how, but this one sure does," said Fantasia. She slid the broom out of the bag and presented it to Flowrey and Dane.

     "Woah! That thing looks freaky!" Flowrey exclaimed, her eyes widening.

     "I agree," Dane said, touching the rough surface of the broom's handle.

     "Meh, I bet it's more of a décor then a cleaning item. But I'll use it to sweep the house anyway," Fantasia said.

     Flowrey stared at the broom for a few more seconds, and then shrugged. "Whatever. I'm going back upstairs now to play with Luna."


     The next day, the turbulent storm had simmered down, but drops of rain still flew down from the grey skies. Flowrey, Luna (a yellow Ixi), Dane, and Fantasia were all seated at the kitchen table, quietly eating their sandwiches while doing whatever it was they were doing. Flowrey was coloring a picture of Midnightthe family's Weewoo, and Luna and Dane were engaging themselves in quite a boring conversation. Fantasia simply gazed at the window which presented a view of the lifeless Aisha Avenue.

     A few minutes passed by, and Fantasia munched on the last pieces of her Cheese Sandwich. Subsequently, she washed her hands, and went to the kitchen closet where a few cleaning supplies were kept. She swung the door to the closet open, and grabbed the broom that she had purchased the previous day.

     "I think I'm gonna' sweep the kitchen floor. It's filthy," Fantasia proclaimed.

     None of her pets replied, and simply kept eating.

     Fantasia began sweeping the floor steadily, making sure to sweep the dirt and crumbs that were lying around. This was her routine for approximately fifteen minutes. But then, something awfully bizarre happened. The broom began to rumble, and it certainly wasn't Fantasia who was doing the rumbling.

     "What the heck?!" Fantasia yelled abruptly. "My broom's rumbling!"

     "Nice one," Dane said in a monotonous tone.

     "No! I'm serious!"

     "You don't actually think we're going to fall for that?" Luna asked exasperatingly.


     Suddenly, the broom flew out of Fantasia's hand, and landed right on top of the kitchen table, crushing Flowrey, Dane, and Luna's sandwiches.

     An eerie pause lingered in the air for a few moments after the surprising incident. "What…was…that?" Luna whispered slowly, a strong sense of fright weaving through her words.

     "Uh…the broom," Fantasia whispered back.

     Silence, once again.

     "There must be an answer to this," Luna said nervously, breaking the unbearable stillness. "I bet a strong force of wind entered the kitchen and made the broom fly out of Fantasia's hand."

     Dane scoffed. "And I'm Hubrid Nox. How could a force of wind enter the room? No windows were open!"

     "It was just a suggestion!" Luna snapped.

     Fantasia sighed, her body slightly trembling. "Let's just forget about this," she said. "We'll pretend that it never happened."

     The entire family nodded in agreement.


     A week later, the peculiar incident that had occurred during lunch had drifted away from everybody's mind.

     Luna, Dane, and Flowrey were all lying on the white carpet in the living room, reading some books that Fantasia had purchased the day before. Fantasia was in the kitchen, cleaning the counters while whistling a catchy tune. She threw the dirty cloth that she was using in the sink, and walked towards the kitchen closet. She opened it and grabbed the broom that was silently standing in the gloomy corner.

     "Time to get some cleaning done," Fantasia mumbled to herself.

     The adolescent started sweeping the kitchen floor, her mind slowly wandering off on thoughts of the day before. While doing so, she never caught sight of the markings on the handle illuminate a lime-green glow.

     The ten minutes of cleaning quickly soared by. Fantasia placed the broom back in the closet after she had completed her tedious cleaning. She then walked out of the kitchen, not noticing the strange rumbling that was coming from the closet…


     Nighttime has spread over the clouds of Neopia, and the stars were shimmering all brightly. The residents of 84952 Aisha Avenue were sound asleep, with the exception of Midnight who was quietly playing with his toys in the living room. Suddenly, the little Weewoo perceived a quiet type of a shaking. He didn't take notice into it at first, but when the shaking felt as if it were heading towards him, Midnight knew something was wrong.

     WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Midnight called out, nervous by the abrupt trembling.

     And then, a broom suddenly flew out of the dark shadows, pouncing on Midnight and pushing him towards Fantasia's recliner. The broom's bristles were split in half, resembling an enormous mouth. It started chomping on Midnight, attempting to gobble up the poor creature.



     Fantasia promptly woke up by Midnight's calls, panting heavily from the anxiety that was swirling in her mind. She could instantly tell something was wrong. The adolescent quickly threw off the covers that kept her warm, descended down the narrow staircase, and raced towards the dark living room. When she arrived, no one was there.

     "M-Midnight?" whispered Fantasia.

     No reply, only silence.

     "What's going on?" a voice suddenly exclaimed. It belonged to Dane, who speedily ran into the room, fear drowning in his eyes.

     "Something's happened to Midnight," Fantasia said, frightened.

     "Hey, something's grabbing my tail," Dane exclaimed, going off-topic.

     All of a sudden, the Christmas Lupe was pulled back into the shadows of the room. "AHHHHH!!!" Dane shrieked, struggling to release himself from whatever was grabbing him.

     Fantasia shot an instant look towards her Lupe, and gasped sharply. The handle of a broom was poking out of the mysterious darkness.

     "Is that a…" suddenly, the full figure of the capturer emerged into the faint light that shone from the moon outside. "…broom?!"

     A broom it certainly was! And to make the discovery even more shocking, it was the mysterious-looking broom that Fantasia had purchased exactly a week ago! The markings engraved on the handle were now glowing so brightly, it blinded Fantasia's eyes.

     "DANE, WHERE ARE YOU?" cried Fantasia.

     She frantically looked around the room, and at the corner of her eye, suddenly caught view of a horrific sight. White feathers were scattered entirely around her, oddly resembling the ones that came from Midnight…

     "EEEEEEEEEE! SOMEBODY HELP!!!" Fantasia shrieked hysterically.

     Dane was suddenly thrown towards Fantasia, instantly knocking her to the ground. He swiftly pounced off of her, and panted, "It's…the….broom!"

     The broom immediately pounced at Dane, its bristles rapidly munching on his fur. "GET HIM OFF ME!" roared Dane.

     Fantasia nodded, tears forming in her eyes. She took hold of the broom's handle and quickly ripped it off of Dane. All in all, perhaps this wasn't the best idea, because before she should blink, the broom was now on Fantasia, attempting to eat her arm.


     Before any could realize what was happening, Midnight flew in to the rescue, looking rather…featherless. Dane gasped. "That monster almost ate Midnight alive!"

     Midnight glared at Dane, as if he didn't want any remarks about his strange appearance. The Weewoo subsequently swooped down and started furiously pecking the broom.


     After a few seconds, the broom let go of Fantasia, increasingly annoyed. Its main target now was Midnight.

     "OH NO YOU DON'T!" Fantasia yelled, when she realized the broom was after her Weewoo.

     She swiftly stood up from her position, and snatched the broom. Struggling, Fantasia placed her two hands on the middle of the handle, and tried to snap it in half. Nothing happened.

     "Help me, Dane!" Fantasia exclaimed, anxiety quickly taking over her needed confidence.

     At the sound of the desperate call, Dane ran towards the broom and attempted to break it along with his owner. To their avail, it didn't break. But there was no need to worry, for Midnight was watching everything…


     The highly intelligent Weewoo flew down to Dane and Fantasia, and gripped onto the handle of the broom by his feet. The broom was struggling to release itself from the trio, but they would never let go until the broom was defeated. And at that moment, something happened that no one would have ever thought would happen. Midnight slowly lowered his head, and abruptly gave a rapid peck to the exact middle area of the broom's handle. With that, the broom cleanly snapped in two. Instantly, swirls of a mystifying green mist slowly floated out of the broken edges, disappearing after a few mere seconds.

     An awkward silence lingered in the air subsequently. "Woah," Fantasia breathed, brushing away a few strands of hair that were blocking her view.

     "You can say that again," Dane said, amazed.

     A pause.

     "What are we going to do with this…psychopathic broom?"

     "Just…throw it away quickly."

     Fantasia nodded anxiously and stood up, the two pieces of the broom lying in her hands. She made her way outside, where all was peaceful and dark. She then went to the garbage can and silently threw the broom away.

     "Let's just hope this was all a nightmare," Fantasia whispered nervously.

     Little did she know, the nightmare had just begun. As the adolescent stepped inside her home, a strange rumbling began to occur inside the garbage can…

The End

A/N: Thanks so much for reading my story! Hope you enjoyed it! If you have any comments, please be sure to neomail them to me. Until next time!

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