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Top 10 Ice Cream Choices

by doggieloover23


I have gone all around Neopia in search of the top 10 ice cream flavors. I made sure my list had things everyone could enjoy. Even if you are not interested in buying ice cream, you should play the Ice Cream Machine game; it is very entertaining. In Neopia, you can find many fun, exciting, and tasty flavors. All have a personality of their own, believe me. Ice cream comes in many shapes as well. You can have an ice cream cone the shape of your favorite neopet's head. Remember, there are way more flavors of ice cream in Neopia than I have listed, so go buy them all!

10. Brain Ice Cream

Mmm, mmm, mmm, there’s nothing like the feeling of brain going down your throat. If you consider yourself spooky, like the taste of spooky food, or just like brain food, this is the perfect ice cream for you. It has a plain taste, yet, it still tastes great. It may be at number 10, but I recommended this ice cream for any neopet with the “guts” to try it.

9. Orange Jelly Ice Cream

Here’s an ice cream that tickles and wiggles and jiggles inside you. Really, this ice cream slides right through you. If you are a fan of jelly items, this is a great cone to choose. It has a very distinct taste. Like most jelly items, this cone is colored orange. Like I said before, it's very wiggly and jiggly, yet tastes fantastic. This is a great party hit, and isn’t priced outrageously.

8. Doglefox Ice Cream Scoops

"Aww, how cute!" is one of the first things you might say when you see this adorable cone. If you love Doglefoxes, I recommend this ice cream to you. Even if you don’t have a Doglefox for a petpet, this is a great ice cream choice. Even if you don’t have a petpet at all, this is still a very, very good ice cream flavor to choose.

7. Upside Down Smiley Cone

Turn that frown upside down! No literally, this ice cream cone is upside down, and smiles right at you. If you are feeling down and depressed, go out and buy yourself this ice cream cone. I promise you, it will make you have a warm, happy feeling inside. Just by looking at this ice cream it gives you happy and joyful thoughts. So remember, if you are sad or mad, forget about your problems, and buy yourself am upside down smile ice cream cone.

6. Slime Cream

If you love slime, this is your ice cream flavor. When you look at this cone, you see a cone, filled with slime. It may not look very appetizing, but it sure does taste great. It has a very sweet flavor. If you are looking to buy this, you should start your search at the Haunted Woods, where you can find a whole spooky meal to feed your pet.

5. Speckled Ice Cream

Have a speckled pet or petpet? If so, I think you should buy it a speckled ice cream cone. It will make your speckled pet and or petpet, very happy. It doesn’t look all that attractive, but it tastes so great and is so mouthwatering, it's unbelievable. This ice cream is a light green color, with a darker green syrup, and of course, it’s speckled! If you love speckled pets, petpets, or items, go out and buy a speckled ice cream cone.

4. Disco Ice Cream

Get your groove on! When you first glance at this ice cream cone, all you can think about is disco. This ice cream cone makes you want to dance till you drop. It has such a fun and exciting pattern, you almost don’t want to eat it and ruin its beauty. If you love to dance or love the 70’s, go purchase yourself the oh so interesting disco ice cream.

3. Starry Waffle Cone

This ice cream cone stands out from over a mile away. Why, you ask. It is so beautiful and shines so bright. This is a very popular item among starry pets. When you come across this ice cream, you usually imagine your flying through space, or feel like you're looking up at the stars. If you love the stars, consider buying a starry ice cream cone.

2. Brilliant Bubble Cream

How beautiful! Everyone loves this ice cream. This is a very admired flavor for faeries. Amazingly, it is made from bubbles (you can tell from the name), but tastes just like ice cream. It catches your eye because it is so stunning. If you have a faerie pet, this is the ideal ice cream choice for you.

1. Rainbow Sherbert Ice Cream

With all the colors of the rainbow, this ice cream cone is my number one choice. This is a very rare item; you're really lucky if you can find it anywhere. It has such a diverse taste, it is desired by any pet who has had one before. If you are really a big fan of collecting, this would be a great item to have in your gallery. Rainbow ice cream is a superb choice for any Neopian.

Neopet ice cream is so delicious. As you can tell, there are so many different types of ice cream that all have a unique taste. Many people and pets enjoy the looks of the distinctive ice creams you can buy. This is a great item to collect for your gallery. Like I said before, there are so many different flavors, your gallery could be huge. That is, if you devoted enough time and money to it. Ice cream cones also please your pet and make them feel happy you care enough about them to go out and buy them a treat every now and then. Don’t forget, get yourself ice cream coupons, or go to the shop wizard, and collect as many of the various and distinctive flavors as you can.

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