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Unique Constructions in Neopia

by shady_lanem


Construction, renovation, and revolution in architectural approach all around the globe of Neopia are really achieving their high peak. Dramatic changes could be seen all throughout year 7. Obvious visible reformation in Neopia Central and its Bazaar, Maraqua, Mystery Island, and the Lost Desert have overwhelmed the increasing number of migrating civilians and thus have expanded the plain fields of houses for more upcoming development. Clearly, international knowledge in this area is broadening, and the rate of Neopians investing in houses is on the rise.

First stop is Mystery Island, which inhales most of its visitors with its striking and breathtaking beach. The settlement around it tremendously enhances the mystifying feeling all newcomers get from the baffling landscape itself. One of the most exclusive creations is the Rock Pool. This is really an enthralling work of art, a stroke of genius. Instead of a building, the stall stands as a statue, symbolizing protectors guarding the island from outsiders. Luckily enough, the Rock Pool was structured on its own small island and the same goes to the Island Mystic's shack. Recent archeologists' finding of the Lost City of Geraptiku actually dug out the natives' building. It's also a discovery of possible intelligent ancient construction. Additionally, traps produced by old Islanders prove what creative and innovative minds the Geraptiku architects had. Overall, most of Mystery Island's buildings still stick to the simple method of grassy roofs and bundles of branches and sticks for walls.

I find the drastic differences of the styles of construction in Maraqua and Krawk Island quite fascinating. Maraqua, of course, is the only underwater settlement in the world as we know it. The cost and supplies for all buildings in Maraqua are much cheaper than anywhere else in Neopia. The medium of water is enough to support entire buildings without need of the centre 'bone' that usually holds the stability of the base. No piled concrete is needed. Regarding this matter, the planners conducted out an underwater living species like buildings. Instead of cubicles, all structures are pedestals to shells and aquatic plants with windows colored in blue. Individuality is still secure in Maraqua as no other authority can imitate the sequence of constructing building in liquid form of medium.

Krawk Island, settled on land, is much unlike the underwater architectural style of its neighbor. Most parts of the island are soft-soiled and sandy, which makes construction of buildings much tougher. Stronger and harder materials are necessary in order to keep any manual built objects steady. Not much documentation can be found concerning the origin and founders of Krawk Island. Perhaps some early Krawk adventurers have some connection to this affair. They used rough substances to build most of the island structures - plain olden style concrete, namely for the Academy, Krawk Fashion, Krawk Cup, Little Nippers, and Bilge Dice. The remaining settlements are strong wooden buildings of palms and tropical trees from the island itself.

Moving to the west from Krawk Island, we have the land of faeries. It's the most magnificent and unthinkable region of construction, where the city is situated far up in the sky. Yes, the entire Faerieland is supported only by large combinations of pinkish water vapor. All the buildings made are not physically done by workers of the land but are castled by high level spells. That is why all the faeries are divided into many categories such as earth, water, and even some with dark personalities (pokes Jhudora) to perform their own capable tasks. Anyway, about their exterior architecture appearance, they somehow figured out the risks involved in settling a city in the sky. The force of the dense atmosphere is very high and could cause severe damage to the buildings. The governing faeries are wise enough to think of structuring in cylinder form in concurrence with lowering the winds' impact. The city would've collapsed long ago if it were shaped like a rectangle.

Neopia Central, the heart of our world, is also the heart of wonderful architecture. Strategic structural design implies the most visited place in Neopia. Citizens are bound to stop by here, as most common public buildings are positioned in this area: the Hospital, the National Neopian, the Post Office and the Neolodge. Moreover, the nature in this vicinity is encircled with mostly alpine trees. These trees augment the Central view to have one of the most beautiful and colorful scenery. The everlasting Rainbow Pool helps, too. What makes the Central special is the literal and identifiable design of each of the buildings. Places like the Food Shop, Book Shop, Auction House, School Supplies, and Petpet Shop were designed in a way that represents the purpose of their shop. For instance, the Book Shop is artistically tent-like on the outside in the shape of a book and the same goes to School Supplies' roof, extending just like the tip of a pencil. The Neolodge, on the other hand, stays with standard construction, having stone walls and roof and characteristic dormer windows. Smells of pleasant classic. :)

More decent coverage of horizontal lines in Neopia has been conducted even though not all parts of the globe have been analyzed in form of construction. Further disclosure will take into account later in the new installment for this article stating from the views of ongoing regular readers. Wrapping things up, places which have been examined are basically dependant on the pleasurable and enjoyable geographic capability. This represents the differences between the land, sea and the air.

Land :

Krawk and Mystery Island - structure with basic bricks and wooden buildings. Simple but finely rejuvenate the pleasant and calm view among its residences.

Neopia Central - More classical and followed the pattern of its building's usage in conjunction to attract more visitors and stood as the main continent in whole of Neopia.

Water :

New Maraqua - Designed in the form of aquatic livings in order to equalize with other underwater living things.

Air :

Faerieland - Wise thought of constructing cylinder shaped buildings in order to minimize the impact of atmosphere density.

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