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The Imposter Aisha Thief

by immortalmina


Emerald__Weapon shifted dreamlessly in his sleep. He hadn't slept well in days. He twisted and turned until he was almost off the bed. Soon his Aisha ears heard something. EW blinked his eyes and looked around the room. He saw his petpet brown Snowbunny, Bonnie, sleeping on the floor. He also saw his treasures on a shelf near the door.

     EW let out a loud yawn. The spotted Aisha then jumped from the bed. He rubbed his eyes and remembered why he was awake. His ears perked up and he listened. EW could hear his owner, Immortalmina, from the kitchen.

     "There is no way he did it! Clyde doesn't steal things like that! I can't believe they think it was him!" she yelled. EW didn't know who she was talking to.

     "But there was a note. Clyde always leaves a note, love." EW heard a accent much like Adam and Donna say. He knew right away it was the mutant Korbat Spike_aka_bigbad.

     "Yes, but Spike, mate it couldn't have been Clyde," another voice with a similar accent said. EW again knew right away it was Methos5 the pirate Aisha. Methos5 was the only one who knew EW's secret. EW never knew how Methos5 had known, but he didn't worry about it.

     EW decided it was a good time to leave his room and find out what was going on. Once out of his room he peaked his head into the kitchen. He found Immortalmina, Spike and Methos5 sitting around the table, they were all looking at a paper. EW squinted to read it. The paper was the Neopian Times and the Headline ran, "Clyde the Aisha Thief Steals Jhuidah's Cooking Pot!"

     "Wha..?" EW whispered to himself. He knew very well Clyde hadn't stolen it, because he was Clyde. EW decided to leave the Neohome and find out what was going on.

     Clyde wandered aimlessly until he found himself in Neopian Central. There he found a copy of the Neopian Times and picked it up. He began to skim the front page article. What he found out was a shook. Clyde had, supposedly, taken the Island Faerie's Cooking Pot the night before. They "knew" it was Clyde because a note was found at the scene. The Defenders of Neopian would not say what the note said, only that it was signed "Clyde the Aisha Thief".

     Clyde tossed the paper to the ground once he was done reading. He didn't understand how this could be. He would never steal the Cooking Pot. It was something all Neopians used. Clyde only took from the rich, it was his Robin Lupe complex. Anyway, if he really wanted one he would have stolen a Pocket Cooking Pot from the Hidden Tower.

     Clyde's ears started to hear the other pets around him talk. An old Ixi said, "We knew it would happen. It was about time. A Thief is not someone to revere. We should have know better."

     Next to the Ixi a Grundo commented back, "Yes, how rude! I was going to mix things to make a petpet today!"

     Clyde tried to ignore the comments, but he couldn't help hearing them. He next heard a group Cybunnies that said, "I hope Judge Hog finds him and stops him! Clyde can't be left to steal. He could steal from you or me next. We can't have it!"

     "I wonder what they will do with him once they find him? No one really knows what the Defenders do," one Cybunny said to the other.

     Clyde walked away from everyone. He didn't want to know what they thought about him. He knew he didn't take the Cooking Pot, but how was he going to tell them? Would they even believe him if he did?

     Clyde silently walked into the woods. He had to think of a plan. He couldn't let this happen to him. Without Artemisluv, a female Desert Aisha friend of his, he was already depressed and this didn't help him at all. Clyde found himself back at his Neohome.

     Clyde went into the Neohome and into his room. He found his brown Fedora hat and brown trench coat hidden in his closet. He put them on and headed for the window. "Bonnie, I'm going out. Cover for me," he told his petpet.

     "Are you sure that's wise? Everyone will be looking for you," Bonnie asked him.

     Clyde smiled and winked at her. He then jumped out of the window and ran for Mystery Island.

     Clyde found himself at Mystery Island in no time. He sneakily went to where Jhuidah lived and used her Cooking Pot. There were Defenders everywhere. Clyde pulled his hat over his face and hid in the crowd of Mystery Island native pets.

     The spotted Aisha saw Jhuidah talking, the best she could through sobs, to someone next to the spot where she used the Pot. Her wings drooped as she cried. Jhuidah looked up and Clyde saw who she was talking to. It was a white Aisha. The Aisha had long Blonde hair and wore a yellow, orange and white uniform. There was a large A on her chest. Clyde knew right away it was The Aisha Avenger. He had almost been caught by her before.

     Clyde knew better then to stick around. The Aisha Avenger knew what Clyde looked like. Not all Neopets where privy to this information, but she was. As Clyde ducked out he heard someone. "I figured you would show." Clyde worried it was The Aisha Avenger, since it had been a female voice.

     Clyde looked around and saw her. She was a spotted Aisha just like him. She was wearing a black leather trench coat over a black leather tank top and black leather pants. To top it off she had on a black leather Fedora hat.

     "Who are you?" Clyde asked.

     "You have to catch me to find out!" the female Aisha said as she took off running. Clyde looked very confused when he noticed The Aisha Avenger was running straight towards him. Clyde ran after the girl to see who she was and to not get caught.

     A crowd of tourists suddenly appeared in front of Clyde and between him and the female Aisha. He tried pushing his way through them. "Excuse me," he asked politely.

     "Stop him! That's Clyde the Aisha Thief" Clyde heard behind him. Rats , he thought, I can't get caught by her!

     Clyde looked around and saw a palm tree. His eyebrow raised as he pulled out his whip. He used it to lasso the tree and swing above the tourists. As he came down he was right in front of the female Aisha. She looked stunned and impressed.

     The black leather Aisha grabbed Clyde and pulled him into the Tiki Tack store. The Tiki Tack Man did not look happy by this. "Your Clyde, aren't you? Please don't steal from me."

     "Don't worry, old man, I won't!" Clyde laughed a little at the thought. Before he could say any more the other Aisha pulled on his arm. She winked at him and out of the store she went. Clyde followed her.

     Outside of the Tiki Tack store Clyde saw that the Defenders were still on his tail. He also saw that the other Aisha was now on a Tiki Tour. "She is good," Clyde said as he ran to catch the tour as well.

     "Thanks!" she called to him. Clyde jumped on to the cart. He slumped in so that the Defenders couldn't see them. She had taken off her hat and coat and placed them on Clyde to hide him. They ran past as the female Aisha waved. The Aisha Avenger looked confused at her, but kept going.

     "To the Harbour, please," she told the Coconut JubJub.

     After Clyde was sure the Defenders were gone he sat up and gave the Aisha her coat and hat back. She put them on as Clyde again asked, "So, who are you?"

     "Well, I'm Claudia or Claude for short. Claude the Aisha Thief," she told him with a grin.

     "Claude the Aisha Thief, huh? Did you have anything to do with the Cooking Pot?"

     Claude just grinned. They were now at the Harbour. Claude hopped down and paid the Coconut JubJub. Claude didn't even look at Clyde when she hopped onto a boat that was headed back for Neopian Central. Clyde got on as well, almost not making it.

     "So, what's going on?" Clyde asked Claude.

     Claude frowned. "Well, I was once one of the Aisha Thieves, like you. I was thrown out for not being good enough. I wanted to prove them wrong so I took the Cooking Pot," she explained.

     "Why did you leave a note saying it was me then?" Clyde didn't understand.

     Claude frowned even harder, "I didn't. It said 'Claude the Aisha Thief' I think they must have read it wrong. I'm sorry, Clyde."

     Clyde just laughed. He couldn't believe how funny that was. Claude looked at Clyde like he had lost his mind. Finally he stopped laughing and said, "Well, I guess you need a new nick name. I'm am the Aisha Thief, you know."

     Claude just looked at him. "I guess you're right. I just thought I could be as famous you if I used your nick name."

     "Yes, but instead they thought you were me!" Clyde laughed again. "Sorry, that's not funny, is it?"

     "I guess I could be Claude the Robber."

     Clyde smiled at that. "That sounds good." He winked at her.

     The boat had finally reached Neopian Central. Clyde hopped from the boat and then helped Claude down. "Okay, so now you know what to do, right?"

     "I...think so," she stuttered.

     "It was nice to meet you. I hope you do well, Claude the Robber!" After that was said, Clyde and Claude went there separate ways.

     During the night Clyde still couldn't sleep. He just couldn't knowing that Artemisluv was now on Kreludor. He placed a pillow on his head and closed his eyes tight. This did not help. Then all of a sudden he was asleep. All he had to do was think of Claude. Clyde didn't want to know what that meant.

     The next morning. Clyde woke up refreshed. He went to the kitchen and read the Neopian Times. The headline ran, "It wasn't Clyde it was Claude the Robber!" Clyde read on and found out that Claude had gave back the Cooking Pot with a note saying it was her, Claude the Robber. Clyde's name was now clear.

The End

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