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The Only Guide to Neohomes You'll Ever Need

by athena_supergirl


Neohomes are a great source of stress among Neopians. Some homes are neglected, going unfurnished and forgotten. Some are nonexistent, even, just an empty plot of land on someone's lookup. Still others are filled with rooms of the finest quality, filled with expensive furniture, cobbled together into elaborate color schemes and themes, scattered among well tended gardens. Few Neopians reach the latter. What few seem to realize is that Neohomes are where your pets relax while you are away, where they spend their days while you are busy. Your pets are so wonderful, you should at least give them a nice house. This may be difficult, and you may not attain the result you strive for. But I plan to get you close!! I will explain the best places to get furniture, which pieces are most useful, what building materials to use and how to arrange the rooms. What décor best befits your style and budget? I'll coach you through it all, and you'll have the best Neohome on the block!!!

* * * *

First things first: Starting your Neohome. The most popular place to build your home is Neopia Central. At about 1,000 NP per lot, you get enough space for 75 rooms. There are many places to live, including Meridell, Mystery Island, and even Maraqua! I recommend either Neopia Central, for its cost, numerous neighbors, and mainstream appeal, or Mystery Island, because of its tropical atmosphere and closeness to Tombola!!

How will you arrange your Neohome? This is important as well. You want it to be decorative and functional at the same time. A random collaboration of rooms is of no use at all. You can shape your home into a cross, with one central room in the middle, and one room branching off on each side. You could also add gardens on the diagonal sides, between the rooms. A favorite design of mine is a central garden smack in the middle, with rooms on each side and diagonal of the garden, of kind of a circle around it. If you want to add some extra gardens, put them around the rooms in a ring. This is what I have for my Neohome.

But how can you forget about the room material? The answer is "Quite easily, it's a stupid subject." However, it is very important!! If you don't want to look like a slob, settle on a material and use it for every room. It looks much nicer. Don't use Cardboard, straw or twigs. We know you can do better. I really wouldn't recommend anything like sand, chocolate, or cloud. They are both too expensive and too easily damaged. My personal preference is bamboo, because it looks exotic, costs 400 NP per room, and comes with a nice carpet. Wood and brick are nice, too. But a word to the wise: Never make a bathroom out of Transparisheild. That's just asking for trouble.

* * * *

Now that you have a Neohome, what will you do next? You certainly won't go running and screaming through your empty hall screaming "I LIKE TREES!!!!"(Or will you?)Of course not!! You are going to tastefully and fully decorate it!! There are three main theories on decoration. There is clumping, which is when you have several items for a specific purpose in a corner. To achieve this, you could put a Chia Print Chair on top of a Snow Angel Rug in front of a fireplace with some Sand Sculptures on top. This is good just about anywhere, except in entry halls. Another method is symmetry. This method is only really useful in halls, dining rooms, and in music or art galleries. The third and final method is a combination of the two. You can have some clumping in the corners that is exactly the same in all the corners with a rug in the middle. This is best in meditation halls and libraries.

You know how to decorate, but what will you decorate with? You can use things made of chocolate, but that would be too expensive. You could use things only from Tyrannia, but fur, rock, and straw gets boring after a while. There are many VERY nice pieces and collections of furniture out there, but they can be very expensive. Few tap into the amazing and rewarding resource that is... the Advent Calendar! Every December it doles out in amazing quantity such masterpieces as the Coral Tree, Snow Angel Rug, and Green Arkmite Plushie, along with plenty of NP and HILARIOUS little animations!! Where would we be without it? Many of these items can be put into the Neohome, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Tyrannia also has much to offer, like stone shelves, tables, and chairs that fit beautifully into any décor. Straw items are also very nice, especially for the Newbie with little cash on hand. The cheapest, most useful, and most decorative pieces I can think of are listed below for you to admire.

1. Coral Trees

2. Snow Angel Rugs

3. Stone Shelves

4. Red Geraptiku Vases

5. Chia Print Armchairs

6. Christmas Tree Stained Glass Window

7. Assorted Sand Sculptures

8. Assorted Advent Stained Glass Windows

9. Stone Wardrobes

10. Ladder

Coral Trees are useful for a discreet screen around clumped areas. Sand Sculptures are very pretty. Stone Wardrobes can hide all the Asparagus you are hoarding for when Neopia is taken over by Meepits. You can sit and store things on the Ladder. All these things can make the difference from keeping a budget and breaking the bank! Of course, with a little work, and a dash of creativity, you can create your own style in a beautiful mansion, just like me! (Hah, you shall never beat me! I am supreme ruler! MWAHAHAHA! What, you mean they can read this? What? I didn't say that, the Fuzzles did! Never mind.)

But what is YOUR decorating style? This is on the minds of many Neopians. To remedy this, I have concocted a nifty-rific quiz! Behold its awesomeness!

1. What furniture styles have you seen that you like?

A- Regal/Royal

B- Spooky/Mutant

C- Maraquan

D- Faerie

E- Lots of stuff

2. How much NP do you spend per day?

A- More than 10, 000 NP

B- 1,000 NP

C- 500 NP

D- Less than 100 NP

E- All different amounts

3. How much furniture should be in a room?

A- More than 20

B- Less than 15

C- Less than 10

D- Less than five

E- Depends on the room

4. What is your favorite color?

A- Pinks, Reds, Creams, and Mahogany

B- Grays, Browns, Sickly Greens, Blacks, Steel Blues

C- Yellows, Oranges, Blues, Greens, Reds

D- Any color, as long as it is bright or pastel

E- Depends on the room

5. Should everything in a room match?

A- Yes, everything, even the walls

B- Most things

C- About half

D- Some things

E- It doesn't matter

Mostly A: You like luxurious, expensive furniture that is crammed together in expensive Neohomes. Try furniture with Royal, Regal, or oak in the name. Everything you want will be oaken, expensive, luxurious, and will make everyone else jealous.

Mostly B: You like scary things. Shop for things in the Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairgrounds, or with spooky, mutant, haunted, or evil in the name. Things like Meepit Lamps, and Spyder wardrobes are right up your alley. Furniture from Trick or Treating bags are perfect for you!

Mostly C: You will love the lovely color and trendy design of anything and everything Maraquan. Put these lovely pieces with their contrasting colors together to make a workout for the senses! For an extra touch, add Coral Trees here and there to create the illusion of living underwater!

Mostly D: Faerie is your thing! Everything with wings is cloud nine for you! Put your flights of fancy to work with everything faerie and cloud. Add plenty of creamy pastels and bright colors to your rooms and Fyora herself will adore you!! Try things with faerie of cloud in the name, but be prepared to break out your wallet!

Mostly E: You don't know what you like, but it will probably be unique, creative, and colorful! Trust your instincts, and use your different mind to solve problems and get an amazing solution!

Not Mostly Anything: You don't have a specific style, and you like a lot of different things. Try out your tastes to find one you love, or have rooms with different styles all over your Neohome. Whatever you come up with, it will be original, unique, and really cool!

* * * *

Now you know your style, the best furniture pieces, even the delicate art of room arrangement. You can tell anyone on the street what to do with a Stone Wardrobe. You know that the author is extremely nuts. You know that a Neohome made of different materials looks sloppy and is not to be tolerated! (If you do, the Gnomes will be angry...) Now, you know what to do now!

WOOO! If you're reading this, I made it into the NT! Athena_supergirl is not responsible for any moth attacks, fear of cheese, or general discontent caused by this article. Beware the Meepits. Always brush your teeth. Thank you.

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