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Petpet Rescuer in Training

by smartbella264


You tiptoe into the mine, seeing luscious gems all around you. Immediately, you are sobered by the helpless stares of the working Petpets. You decide you'll come back for the jewels later. You start on your voyage, but you realize it won't be that easy. For one, you're getting attacked by boulders left, right, and centre. You squeal as you very nearly miss a boulder- not even the Healing Springs could fix that one. A little shaken up, you shuffle past the collision of rocks. You start to walk in a furious tempo, unaware of what other obstacles Gargrall has set up. You hear a relentless tattoo of stone beating against the ground- it couldn't possibly be more stones, could it? You look up, and quite instinctively you dodge a stalactite. Taking a deep breath, you try and convince yourself that that was the last of it. To your dismay, you stop a mere inch before you see an expanse of lava underneath. Staring at it, you see steam fluttering out of the hot liquid, and you decide that it would be safer to ride on the passing carts. However, even that is not as easy as you imagined. Every cart is moving at such an exceptional speed- some, are barely moving at all. You see a petpet ahead, riding on one of these carts. You hop over one, then two, then the last one, before you land right beside the petpet.

"Phewf!" you say, as you take the petpet into your arms. You hadn't ever realized how heavy this petpet was- you're going to have to do this one by one, you decide. Carrying the petpet down to the entrance, you whisper a few pressed words, hurrying it along. You wipe a bead of sweat off of your forehead- this is going to be a long, and difficult mission.

All of Neopia knows that the job of a Petpet Rescuer is extensively difficult. Things don't get any easier with Gargrall on your tail, making sure that you can't possibly save those tedious petpets. With every couple of petpets you save, you realize things only get harder. But you're determined. You know that what you're doing, is going to save those precious little critters, that have quite frankly, befriended you over the past while. Sure, sometimes all they're in the mood for saying is shared through a little grunt, or snicker- but regardless, it's a heartfelt grunt, and a genuine snicker.

Even though the job of a Petpet Rescuer, can't be appeased by much, hopefully the following guidelines will incite your attention and fill your lungs with a determined air. With a few tips, perhaps your quest for saving the petpets will be more successful, and more empowering.

So where can I start, my fellow "Samuels"? Given the fact, that you already know what you're fighting against, perhaps I will give you the face, of what you are fighting for. Of course, you're questing to save the imprisoned petpets, but that's not all. You're fighting for an honourable cause- helping these adorned petpets back into liberty, back into the lives they deserve. These precious creatures, have come to befriend our own Neopets, and they have etched a permanent mark in our hearts. Whether they are cute and fuzzy, or slippery and slimy, each petpet has their place. That is what you are fighting for.

Now, moving on, it is important to discuss what not to do. Surely enough, the following is quite the obvious. Don't walk into rocks, because they might prove to be a little less friendly than they seem while rolling around. Sometimes it might even be difficult to evade the abominable path of these doom-stones, but hey, unless you want to be a squished little pancake, do your best to avoid it.

Same goes for the stalactites. What is a stalactite, you ask? It looks like an icicle, and it hangs from the roof of a cave or in this case, mine. The stalactites introduced in your mission, have a tendency to fall- usually, toward the place where you're residing. When you're on a cart, it might be difficult to maneuver around them, but again, you have no choice. Your best chances are looking up ahead, to see where the stalactites are falling. When you see its path, cross onto another cart, thus avoiding it. Although it seems easy, sometimes, it's much harder than that- especially, when you advance to further levels.

Finally, don't jump into the lava. But that's a no-brainer!

When you begin your level, notice the pattern that the carts create. Each "row" of carts, moves at the same speed, and with the same intervals. Get briefly acquainted with this pattern, so that you can easily retreat in a case of falling stalactites. Also, even the slightest understanding of their movements, will help you to cross successfully, because once you understand the pace at which they move, you can catch several carts at a time.

Which brings me to another point! You only have 100 seconds (per life) to save the petpets. If you stand at each cart, waiting for another one to come along, you waste a huge portion of your time. Of course, if there are no carts around you, there's nothing you can do, but keep in mind, you can move around on these carts (to the very edge, if you need to!). If there's another cart just slipping away, move to the side, and go! This saves you a lot of time, and allows you to cross these carts more swiftly, and fluently.

The make-up of the levels is quite simple to understand. On the first level, you must save four petpets. This can easily be done, if you're familiar with the game. You should be able to complete this level, with all of your three lives remaining. Try and save your lives to the latter levels of the game, as it will become nearly impossible to collect all of the petpets within the time of one life. During the second level, you must collect six petpets. You should also be able to complete this task, without much difficulty- usually, I manage to find all petpets within about fifty seconds of my first life. The third level, is where the trouble starts to seep in. You need to save eight petpets, and let me tell you, they are very vaguely scattered anywhere from the very bottom, to the very top. It is a looooong way up, and that's all I have to say. I haven't yet had the experience of collecting all eight petpets within one life. Usually, I have about one or two left when I go to the fourth level. In the fourth level, you must collect ten petpets- which makes ideal sense if you follow the trend. This level is exceptionally difficult to complete. Boulders are smashing right past you in the most violent of speeds. Carts are moving much faster than you've ever seen before. It's difficult, but not impossible. That is a general make-up of the levels that I have been to. Upon completion of each level, you will be awarded 25 bonus points.

Along the way, you will find a couple of gems- after all, it is a mine. What I don't suggest is that you make a specific way to get those gems. Sure, they add to your score, but you'll get them eventually anyway! Don't waste time, waiting for the boulders to make way, so that you can get your gem- unless of course, it's your last petpet on the level. Gems do help your score significantly- depending on the colour. Usually, in the first level, you'll find gems of a pinkish, purplish colour. These gems are worth five points. Later on, you will find blue gems and green gems. The blue gems are worth ten points, and the green gems are worth fifteen. As you can see, gems really do help your score, especially since bringing back a petpet to the entrance only gives you ten points. It creates a much more substantial score in the end.

My last tip would have to be being aware of how many petpets you still have to go. What I usually do is at the beginning of the level I check my score, and then I add the score after I collect all of the petpets. For example, if I come into level three with a score of 200, I know that with eight petpets, my score will be somewhere around 280. Along the way, when I snatch some of those gems, I also add them to my score. This helps me pace myself throughout the level. It also helps the level "seem" shorter, because you know how many more petpets you need to succeed.

My Dear Samuels, all I can do from this moment on is wish you good luck and congratulate you on the work that you have already done on the matter of petpets. It is a tough job- but someone has to do it. And besides, there are rewards for it. All it takes is a bit of work, and then you are granted a snazzy avatar, or dig a little deeper, and you might even land on the high-scores list. Your undivided devotion won't ever go unnoticed- I'm positive those petpets you save will be eternally grateful.

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