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40 Things You Didn't Know About Sloth

by kittygirl5170


SPACE STATION - We all know who Dr. Frank Sloth is, right? He is the evil mastermind who wants to take over all of Neopia. He has a green head and hair. Sloth wears a big black trench coat (most of the time). He gives out random transmogrifying potions. I have always thought this man (Or is he, a neopet, or a thing?) was evil and I wanted to find out why, so I went looking for some of his closest friends and questioned them. I found out some information (40 pieces to be exact) about Sloth’s past and present. I know his darkest secrets and in this article I tell them all to you. But be warned knowing these secrets could make Sloth mad at you and he could have you zapped too a pile of dust.

So you are thinking, “what are Sloth’s secrets?” You might think that I would write down his plans for world domination and mass chaos, but I know he has secrets that are even more secret, things that you would never guess. Secrets that are pink, fluffy, and Usuly. Read on.

#1: Sloth’s secret best friend is Illusen.

#2 Sloth has a pink Snowbunny named Cuddles.

#3. Sloth wears footie pajamas to bed.

#4: Sloth wishes that he was born a cute Usul.

#5: Sloth wears underpants with pink hearts on it.

#6: Sloth’s best friend growing up was a baby Acara.

#7: Sloth’s mom is a beauty model.

#8: Sloth’s dad is a world peace activist.

#9: Sloth wants to take over Neopia because he thinks some one knows how to turn him into a cute Usul and because that would make people respect him even though he is ugly.

#10: Sloth doesn’t really have hair. The hair you see is a wig.

#11: Sloth feels like crying whenever he sees a mutated pet.

#12: Sloth carry pictures of cute pets in his pockets.

#13: Sloth would do any thing to turn into a cute Usul (Yet when giving out those transmogrifying potions he hasn’t thought any thing about drinking one.).

#14: Sloth took over to help and love the little orange Grundos.

#15: Sloth also wishes that he wasn’t blamed for everything bad that happens.

#16: The reason Sloth is green is because he eats too much broccoli baby food. (Though he doesn’t know that is why or he would have stopped eating it.).

#17: The reason that Sloth’s eyes are red is that was teased about being ugly. His eyes became blood shot and have stayed that way ever since.

#18: Sloth has a motto that has something to do with cuteness but the Grundo who I talked to wouldn’t tell me the exact motto and muttered some thing about revenge, mutant and the evil lab ray.

#19: Sloth has a gallery of cute and fuzzy petpets.

#20: Sloth’s favorite color is pink.

#21: Sloth’s favorite neopet is the Usul.

#22: Sloth’s favorite adjective is fluffy.

#23: One neopet said she had seen some of the inside of Sloth’s Kreludan Mining Corp. and “there was nothing scary about it.”

#24: Sloth’s mom calls every day saying: “Oh my Sweetums I wish I could give you all my huggies, ‘cause I wove you soooo much.” (This is of course extremely embarrassing.)

#25: Sloth is currently hiding in Mystery Island pretending to be a baby Usul.

#26: Sloth listens to lullabies every night to go to sleep.

#27: Sloth brings his plushies everywhere with him in his big pockets in his trench coat. There are 6 of them: A baby Usul, a baby Aisha, a red Usul, a blue Cybunny, a baby Meerca, and a orange Grundo.

#28: Sloth invented the lab ray so pets that were not cute(for example pets like Skeiths and Grarrls) could become cute pets.

#29: Another one of Sloth’s dreams is that he could win the beauty contest.

#30: Sloth used to be normal (a normal what I don’t know, a neopet, human or some thing else) until he got mutated in a freak accident. From then on people thought that because he was mutant he liked mutant things and when Sloth tried to explain the truth people would make fun of him. So he played the part of being evil.

#31: Sloth has never revealed what this freak accident was to any one. The only ones that might know are his parents (who we couldn’t find any where). Sloth might not even know what happened himself!

#32: Sloth wanted to invade the toyshop and steal every thing cute, but his head advisor told him not to.

#33: Sloth likes singing songs about Usuls and other cute things.

#34: Sloth is really bad at singing.

#35: Sloth loves singing anyways.

#36: Sloth hates Hannah the Usul because she is a Usul and she hasn’t told him how to become one.

#37: In Sloth’s free time he likes to hula dance.

#38:When not wearing his black trench coat sometimes Sloth likes to wear a pink mini skirt.

#39: Sloth has a lot of secrets.

#40: Sloth’s given name is Sweetums, but as this is one of his secrets he told no one so people called him Sloth because he was always stupid and sleepy (which isn’t true people just thought that because he always looked sad because he wasn’t an Usul). He then told every one that his name was Dr. Frank but they just kept calling him Sloth.

So now you know all the deepest darkest secrets of the evil Dr. Frank (Sweetums) Sloth. Now I leave to you ponder why we all were so scared of him. Sure he pretended to be evil but why couldn’t we see the other side? So now you have no reason to fear Sweetums Sloth. Though you should still fear his evil lab ray, which may zap you if you tease Sweetums too much. I may be gone soon and zapped to dust, so Good-bye, and may the Borovan be with you. I would like to thank all the people that made this article possible. Information was contributed by titanicdkw, bethmousey, 02225a, and MysteryIslandis1. This was edited by lightnature101

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