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Trouble With the National Neopian?

by tigerstripe172


You know it... you see it all the time when trying to decide which game to play. It's Trouble at the National Neopian. Do you like to see the bad guys behind bars? Do you like giving villains a hard time? Do you want to be a National Neopian Bank champ? Do you want to win a few hundred NP easily? Yeah, of course you do, especially that last one... Anyway, this guide will show you all the ins and outs, left and rights

1 - Basic Summary of the Game

You are the teller at the National Neopian Bank, and it is your job to keep the many pets' NP safe. You need to use six keyboard keys to trap the bandits that sneak around or you are out of a job! Your view from behind the desk is a row of six doors. Under the desk, you can see six red buttons, labeled with six different letters. More on that later.

2 - Controls

To keep your NP safe, you use six keys to keep NP in and bad guys out. The keys are 'SDF' for the left hand, and 'JKL' for the left hand. Simple, right? Wrong. Thieves can get out of jail awfully fast. The buttons that I talked about earlier are labeled, in order, like this: S D F J K L. The buttons are in line with the six doors. When a villain shows up (More on that later), press the corresponding key in time to save your NP. When you press the right button at the right time, bars will immediately show over the captured criminal. Just be VERY careful not to press the button when there is nothing under it, or there is a customer there. You will lose 10 NP. Also be careful to not let the bad guys escape, for you will lose NP there, too.

3 - Customers

Different customers deposit different amounts of NP. Here is a chart of NP:

  • Usul - 10 NP
  • Nimmo - 10 NP
  • Acara - 8 NP
  • Blumaroo - 5 NP
  • JubJub - 5 NP
  • Shoyru- 5 NP
  • Bruce - 3 NP

Human Guy - Okay, one word for this guy: rare. Even I've only seen him once. Please tell me if you see him a bunch, and I apologize if that rare thing is wrong.

4 - Villains *cue evil laughter and dramatic, scary music*

There are about as many robbers as customers. You won't get any NP for apprehending the bad guy, but at least you won't lose anything.

Red Scorchio - I'd say this little fiend is the most... shall we say, popular fiend in the game. He has on a distinctive black and white striped jail outfit with a black 'racoon' mask.

Two Meerca Mob - This group is the second most popular bad guy band. There are two Meercas (Duh), one in a blue suit and one in a maroonish suit.

Green Suited Little Creature - Yeah, I know, sort of weird title, but I can't tell what it is. As it says, it is wearing an olive green suit. I think it might be a Shoyru.

Tall Red Techo - This guy is really tall, taller than all the other bad guys. He is wearing a dark sweatshirt.

I think that is all, unless the Neopets Team makes more.

5 - The Tool Bar

Now, I'm not sure if that is what that bar at the top of the game screen is called, it just sounds appropriate. At the top of the screen, a bar that looks like wood is positioned right above the doors.

At the far right, is the word 'Level:' and right next to it, a little counter. I haven't yet figured out the system they use to count levels, but it is there.

Next to that, is the word 'Lives:' and then another little counter. But this doesn't increase numbers, it decreases. Let me explain. At the beginning of the game, you have three lives. But, as you let bad guys escape and as you 'accidently' trap the poor innocent customers, you lose one life. But don't worry: if you are in the busy part (more later) and you lose the last life, the game won't end until the last customer is gone.

Next is the word - actually abbreviation - 'NP'. As you can guess, there is a little counter that adds and subtracts the amount of NP you get.

Last but definitely not least, there is the Gold Bar Counter. The words... oh, you know. Here is what it looks like. GOLD BARS: <____> (It is covered at the top, just to let you know.)

6 - Winning NP

You've read the instructions above, right? If you haven't, two things: One, learn to go in order; you'll get confused otherwise. Two, go back up and read it.

Now that we've read the instructions, right? Good. On to scoring.

As you have hopefully learned from reading in order, you get NP from the customers. You know, Usul: 10, Bruce: 3, you get it. And you know not to let villains escape, because you'll lose NP. So, on to higher scoring! You have now come to the part in this wonderful guide of Gold Bars. Yes, they do have them in Neopia. Here's what you do. Wait until you gather 100 hundred NP, then press the space bar. You will here a cash register sound, and up at the Tool Bar, a number for each gold bar you bank will be permanently be placed there. They are too heavy for thieves to lug off, thank goodness.

When you send score, you will get however many hundred NP from the Gold Bars, then whatever NP you have left in the Neopoints Counter.

7 - Bank Noises

This will be a short section. There are 5 sounds that you will hear in National Neopian.

  • Door - This is the most common. It is just the sound of a door swinging open.
  • NP Collection - This is a small ding sound. You will hear it right after you gain NP.
  • NP Subtraction - This sound sounds like a low cymbal. No joke!
  • Gold Bar Received - This is a cash register sound. You know, like people say when they get money. 'Cha, Ching!'
  • Lost Life - This is when you... well, it's pretty obvious, isn't it? This sounds like a fog horn.

6 - Re-enactment of the Game

You have your hands on the right keys. You press the space bar, and you wait. It takes a while for it to get fast. The door opens, revealing a Usul. The door closes, leaving you with ten NP. A Bruce is next, then a Shoyru. After a while, you have one hundred. You quickly press the space bar, and you hear the familiar cha ching sound. It is slow and easy playin' till you get up to two hundred. Then things really pick up. Your fingers frantically search the keyboard, trying to find the right keys before it's too late (Very dramatic, isn't it?). But a green Shoyru comes into the bank while you aren't looking, and steals your last life! You gather what Neopoints you have left on the gameboard, then send score, muttering all the while about vengeance on that little green dude, even though you got 500 hundred NP for your new Coffee Table.

Well, that's how it is in the world of National Neopian Bank. Have a great time playing it! Maybe, just maybe, you'll be as good as me ; ) Someday, maybe...

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