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An Endless Ladder

by weaponstar


When you're new to Neopia, everything is so different. There is a lot you don't know, and the time it takes before you find this stuff out can be quite regrettable in my experience. In particular, I'm talking about the Neopoints.

When I first arrived on Neopia, I began by making my NP through the numerous games available. Back then, I was very happy with my daily six thousand points that I got from playing my two favourite games (Hannah and the Ice Caves and Pterattack, in case you were wondering). I usually steered clear of the Puzzle Games section, not being ever so keen on puzzles in general.

I definitely steered clear of the Stocks. I figured they would involve a lot of thought concerning which stocks to buy, and this was enough to put me off investigating further. It was quite a while later before I came back to them and discovered that actually the whole thing was, pretty much, based on luck. And having a lot of NP to put into it, of course.

Wiz sniping? Hadn't heard of it.

So what about restocking? Restocking, or RSing, being the act of buying items from the main Neopian shops and selling them in your own store. I did, out of interest, buy myself a shop early on, but I mostly just used it in an attempt to sell off all the junk I got from doing my dailies (fishing hole, Tombola, etcetera). Needless to say (to experienced players, at least) most of this junk invariably failed to sell itself. Fortunately, I discovered the delights of the Shop Wizard fairly quickly.

I did not do any proper restocking to begin with, however. I felt quite happy with the money I was making from the games, and anyway the idea of trying to memorise what to buy, even just for one shop, didn't seem like such a good one.

In fact, if I remember correctly, it was an ill event that turned my attention more fully to restocking. I was no longer able to play many games, due to a change in computer. The ones I was now unable to use included my two favourites, and most of the stuff I could now play were those darn puzzles.

So I restocked. I was never a great restocker -- never made a great amount of NP from it either -- but it was more than I had ever made before and I was happy (again). For the majority of my time restocking, I bought from the then toys/plushie shop combined. I think my record for the amount of NP in the till the next morning was something like 30,000. At the peak of my restocking, my average was 20,000 -- but then I started to get bored of it. I switched shops a few times, restless, then went back to the toy store again. Not long after this, the times went random. This was something I decided I did not want to deal with, so I stopped.

Sometime in the middle of my restocking, I discovered that some people could make 100,000 Neopoints a day. Some people made even more. My time on the shops lasted probably the longest of all my NP making ventures to this day. So naturally I grew a lot more experienced whilst all this was going on. Also, being a regular on the RS Help & Chat on the Help Board, I managed to learn that my nice 20k-a-day was absolute small fry compared to what a lot of the people there made.

Also some time in the middle of my restocking, my sister encouraged me to check out the Neopian Stock Market. She'd been buying a few stocks, to see what it was like. When they went up a bit, she sold them for a few hundred NP. I tried it out as well, basically because she wanted me to, but by that time I wasn't satisfied with a few hundred NP. So I didn't really get into it.

When my restocking career ended though, I went back to the stocks and tried again. I found myself a beginner's guide. I began buying a thousand stocks daily, sticking determinedly to the ones in the 15s only. (Because 15,000 NP alone was still quite a chunk out of my meagre savings, even if I knew it was not all that much in the general scheme of things).

Right about now, my investments in the Neopian Stock Market are averaging at 300,000 Neopoints. I don't make many points any more (I'd say about 20k-30k three times a week). If you happen to be a stocks player yourself, then you can probably gather from that estimate that I don't wait for my stocks to go up much. I don't have the patience for it, to be honest. At least I don't get jaw-dropped by the thought of 100,000 Neopoints anymore. *cough just-add-another-naught cough*

One last thing... somewhere back there, I discovered wiz sniping. I'm not sure when, though. Wiz sniping is where one goes to the shop wizard and "snipes" under-priced items from other Neopians' shops, before selling it in one's own shop. I never really got into that, but I did manage to snipe myself a few Secret Laboratory Map pieces at one point.

So there you have it, a record of my ventures throughout an almost-year in Neopia. Fascinating.

No. This record was made for the purpose of clarifying a few things that I think might need clarifying. I want all those people who recognised any of the stages I have just illustrated to know that they can do more. It doesn't matter if they don't want to, if they are truly happy with their current income -- it only matters that they know something like 40k is not a lot. It's quite easily achievable. I'd like all these newcomers to Neopia to know this, sooner rather than later. Sooner... before they go through a year of time spent slowly going up the money ladder without knowing if there is another rung to step onto.

We all have our levels, our views, our ideas.

I think it's a shame that the ladder is painted invisible, and that you can only see where your feet have left their tracks behind you -- and not forward.

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