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What Pet Are You? The Ultimate Personality Quiz

by katiecoo802


PET CENTRAL - Well, I'm assuming that since you're reading this article, you really like Neopets. I know, I'm brilliant to know so much. But wait, there's more. We've all seen those silly 'What pet are you?' quizzes on a pet page where they ask you your favorite pet and that's what you are. Some of them even make you tally your own points. And that 'What petpet are you?' quiz TNT came out with still results 'Pink Slorg' every single time. I saw this grave suffering in Neopians from Altador to Maraqua, and decided it was my duty to help those out there who still don't know what pet they relate closest to. So, here you are, Neopia; the ultimate 'What Pet are you?' quiz, only three questions long and no tedious tallying points. I know, I'm too kind to all of you. Well, what are you waiting for?! You're only three questions away from finding out what pet you are!

1. Your favorite activity is...

a) Watching extreme sports (like monster trucks, racecar driving, hockey, etc.). #2

b) Grooming myself with my new pink sparkly brush for hours. #3

c) Playing with my extensive plushie collection. #4

d) Trying on fake noses and putting glue on the doorknobs of my sister's room. #5

e) Reading quietly or writing in my journal. #6

f) Taking a trip to a museum (any kind; art, history, science, etc.). #7


Now this part is important. Without skipping ahead or reading other questions, go to the question that follows your answer. See the #2 after answer a? That means if you pick answer a, go to question #2. Only read and answer your question.

2. You think school is...

a) Okay, I guess. The experiments in science are sometimes cool, and I like most of my classes. #8

b) A waste of time. Except for recess. And lunch. Mmm, lunch... #9

3. What's the best way to spend a day?

a) Shopping, shopping, and then a bit of shopping! #10

b) Playing with my toys, or having fun with my friends. #11

4. The best paint brush color?

a) Baby! So sweet and adorable! #12

b) Speckled is silly and fun. Not to mention very affordable. #13

5. What is most commonly heard in your Neohome?


b) "Eww, I think that thing under your bed is alive." #15

6. Your friends describe you as...

a) Loyal. I'll be there for them come rain or shine. #16

b) Fun to be around. I'm the life of the party around those I know well. #17

7. Your dream job is...

a) Something daring and mentally challenging, like a soldier or archeologist. #18

b) Something secure and worthwhile, like a teacher or lab scientist. #19


Once, again, you need to go to the question that is after your answer. Don't look ahead!

8. What's your favorite place to grab a bite?

a) The petpet shop. Heh, just kidding. Maybe... #1

b) Faerie Foods; it's tasty and doesn't weigh me down. #2

c) The Food Shop, always a guaranteed classic. #3

d) Exotic Foods in Shenkuu is new and daring. #4

e) The Golden Dubloon is always a good time and exciting action. #5

9. The best quests come from...

a) Illusen, she's so pretty and nice. Uh, I mean, GRR, I DON'T DO QUESTS! #6

b) Esophagor, he's always hungry. We can relate. #7

c) Any faerie quests; I need those extra levels to win in the Battledome! #8

d) Kitchen Quests, because I get yummy tropical foods for a reward. #9

10. Your favorite beauty product is...

a) I couldn't possibly pick one! I have to have at least ten eye shadows to travel. #10

b) Star compact mirror -admires reflection- I'm just so pretty! #11

c) Any sort of funky lipstick, especially flavored ones. #12

d) Jhudora's brush; she may be evil, but her hair always looks so great. #13

e) I love my rain water shampoo, it's all natural and so fresh smelling. #14

11. Your petpet is a...

a) Snorkle. Did you know they actually take the snouts off of them?! :( #15

b) Snowbunny - we have so much in common! #16

c) Puppyblew. He's loyal and loves to fetch. What's not to love? #17

d) Yullie. Adorable and playful, and she never gets lost. #18

12. What's something you would never do?

a) Go to the Haunted Woods. -shudders- #19

b) Miss a game of Rink Runner. #20

c) Befriend your sworn enemy. #21

d) Live in the Lost Desert - it's so hot and dry! #22

e) Insult anyone; why waste time being mean? #23

13. What is your best feature?

a) I have an excellent sense of smell and direction, even at night. #24

b) My power is often underestimated, so I take people by surprise when I kick their butt in the Battledome! #25

c) I'm swift, but also friendly and admired by many. #26

d) I can get away with anything. #27

14. Your favorite Neopian land is...

a) It doesn't really matter as long as I find adventure and good friends. #28

b) Mystery Island! Sun, sand, and all the fruit I can eat. #29

c) I'm partial to Meridell, or anywhere without many Skeiths. #30

d) Duh, Tyrannia! There are giant volcanoes and rock concerts. #31

e) Maraqua is my favorite. Just as long as I remember my air tank... #32

15. Your favorite type of game involves...

a) Lots of big bright bouncy fun! #33

b) Luck rather than strategy. #34

c) Odd and sometimes, ahem, interesting prizes. #35

d) A seamless strategy. #36

16. How popular are you?

a) Are you kidding?! I'm the most popular one out there! #37

b) I have some good friends, and that's enough. There are more important things in life than being popular. #38

c) I'd probably have more friends if I weren't so shy and unavailable. #39

d) Well, I'm more popular than some people. #40

e) I don't know, or really care. #41

17. Have you been around Neopia long?

a) Sure, I've seen a good share of plots and events. #42

b) Maybe less time than others, but I've certainly got plenty of friends. #43

c) Yes! I remember back when the first Neopian Times came out and you needed totems to access certain Neopian lands! #44

d) I'm actually a very new player on Neopets, it's really cool, though! #45

18. Your teacher tells your class that everyone must complete a weekend of community service. You choose to...

a) Hold a coconut bowling tournament and donate all the proceeds to the Neopian Pound. #46

b) Offer to work in the Help Section and answer Neopians' questions. #47

c) Aww, do I have to? I'd much rather throw rocks at people... #48

d) Something very worthwhile and noble, like saving a village in danger. #49

e) Volunteer at a camp and help kids learn to swim and play games. #50

19. If you had to give one piece of advice, it would be...

a) Serenity and inner peace are the keys to happiness. #51

b) Everything can be solved logically. #52

c) Fly high, dream big. #53

d) If you can imagine it, you can make it. #54


Alright, did you answer your questions? Okay, now scroll down the list for the number that corresponds with your answer and find out what pet you are!

1) Jetsam - tough and intelligent

2) Lupe - loyal and adventurous

3) Gelert - courageous and classic

4) Hissi - alert and daring

5) Krawk - crafty and cunning

6) Grarrl - loud and rough

7) Skeith - lazy and a glutton

8) Tonu - clumsy and strong

9) Buzz - quick and annoying

10) Usul - prissy and spoiled

11) Uni - proud and beautiful

12) Aisha - funky and rhythmic

13) Kyrii - tricky and a neat freak

14) Peophin - natural and delicate

15) Kacheek - peaceful and friendly

16) Cybunny - clever and playful

17) Acara - traditional and lighthearted

18) Xweetok - swift and popular

19) JubJub - innocent and timid

20) Bruce - adorable and boisterous

21) Chia - joyful and old fashioned

22) Kiko - amphibious and unique

23) Gnorbu - optimistic and naive

24) Korbat - welcoming and spooky

25) Elephante - powerful and gentle

26) Poogle - quick and admired

27) Meerca - mischievous and energetic

28) Wocky - practical and outgoing

29) Mynci - fun and bouncy

30) Moehog - lighthearted and silly

31) Scorchio - extroverted and hotheaded

32) Flotsam - observant and organized

33) Quiggle - active and rambunctious

34) Blumaroo - carefree and bubbly

35) Grundo - eccentric and different

36) Ruki - durable and sensible

37) Shoyru - faithful and stubborn

38) Techo - composed and deep

39) Chomby - timid and simple

40) Bori - helpful and curious

41) Yurble - simple and pleasant

42) Kau - social and common

43) Ixi - popular and witty

44) Tuskaninny - relaxed and experienced

45) Ogrin - young and inquisitive

46) Kougra - adventurous and resourceful

47) Zafara - caring and upbeat

48) Pteri - trickster and self centered

49) Eyrie - noble and daring

50) Lutari - patient and spirited

51) Nimmo - balanced and wise

52) Lenny - systematic and intellectual

53) Draik - reserved and thoughtful

54) Koi - inventive and friendly

So, are you the pet you wanted to be? -dodges angry mob- Well, erm, maybe not. I tried to make this quiz as accurate as possible based only on stereotypes. I realize that not every pet fits the short description above and may be very different than the norm of its species, but if I had written questions for every possible personality trait of every pet, you'd be taking this quiz for years! I got my information on each pet on the 'All Pets' page, and the Neopedia. And also just how these pets are usually portrayed in plots, role plays, etc. Please don't neomail me saying I'm a terrible person who supports stereotyping, because I'm really not. I just thought a lot of people would want to know what pet they relate most with. I hope you enjoyed the quiz, and hey, if you didn't like your result, you can always take it again. ;)

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