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Methods of Training

by pyrorockchik


This guide is just here to explain to anyone who is interested in training up their pet for the wonderful world of Battledoming. I am going to explain 5 ways on how to make your pet the ULTIMATE FIGHTING MACHINE!

1. Lab Ray Training

Okay, simply put, this mode of training is labbing a pet. *gasp*

There is really nothing else to it; you buy 9 of the Secret Laboratory Map pieces to complete a full map, and you start labbing your pet. You can use the map once a day, and you can either gain or lose stats, have a species, colour, or gender change.

The pros of this method is it's cheap. Of course, the initial cost isn't *that* cheap since full maps are running at about 500,000 NP each (I think?), but after that, there is NO charge, and you can get a decently-stated pet in no time. It's also quite amusing to see the changes in your pet. ^.^

There are cons, however, and I will list a couple. One is that your pet will have very uneven stats. A lot of the time, hit points and strength will be bumped up, defence will be at an all time low, and your pet is a level one. Not the greatest pet to equal stats out on. Another con I find is that some people will decide to train and lab at the same time. Sometimes training will be put in vain when the lab ray takes away the newly trained stat and more.

All in all, I know some awesome pets that are trained up by a lab ray, and they're doing quite fine in the Battledome. If this is a mode of training you want to use, by all means, it's quite efficient.

2. Dubloon Training at Krawk Island's Swashbuckling Academy

All this method involves is the purchase of dubloons to train up a pet. You will pay for a course using these precious coins and after a given time, your pet will gain the stat!

The pros of this type of training is dubloons normally are much cheaper than codestones. It's a great way to train.

The cons are is your pet can only dubloon train up to level 40 stats (level 40 pet, with 80 hit points, 80 strength, 80 defence, and 80 agility). Anything above will automatically not be allowed to enter the Academy. The hours for dubloon training are also longer than the training with codestones for the levelled pet. Its not *that* big of a concern or difference; it's still longer, though. xD

This is a great way to start out training; it introduces you to levelling stats out and to building up stats as well. This is definitely a great way of training for beginners.

3. Codestone Training at the Mystery Island Training School

If you are to train a pet, this will most likely be the most common training you hear about. You can enroll your pet in a course and pay with codestones, which are cute little rocks with swirly symbols on them. You can train your pet up to level 250, which means the pet's stats can ultimately all equal 500 a piece!

The pros of codestone training is you're in complete control of what you want to train, and you can keep everything as equal or unequal as you want. You can train up those boosts as much or as little as you want. It's fairly cheap to train when you begin but...

The cons are it can get very costly later on in training. Depending on your level, you will need 1-8 codestones PER course. Codestones can vary on price (depending on whether there is a war or not) from 3,000 NP to 8,000 NP each. Normally, though, they are within 3,000 NP to 6,000 NP each. Another con is length as well; some courses can take up to 24 hours to complete.

I love codestone training, even though it's completely expensive for me (averaging about 40,000 NP a course). I still would not trade it in for anything. This method definitely gets my thumbs up. xDDD

4. Ninja School

0MG5 LYK T3H PWNZ0R N1NJ4 5CH00L!!!!11!shift11111

Okay o.o;; anyway, ninja school. The super elite, exclusively hidden school. Okay, maybe not so hidden, but you do have to scout around for it... or you know, *cough*bookmark the page*cough*.

Its just like codestone training, except you get to use these cool red codestones instead. *gasp*

The pros are of course, being a member of the exclusive club. Well, that's one thing; you can continue training after the Mystery Island Training is completed. That's good. You also have the ability to *not* take a course if you believe the codestone is too expensive.

The cons of this training (and there are a couple) include cost. The codestones can vary between cheap, 15,000 NP red codestones to unbuyable ones! Not that great of a selection either since there are only 8 red codestones, and over half of them are more than 50,000 NP. Another con is you have to have a pet that is at least level 251, because otherwise your pet is not able to read the writing on the doors to enter the school. The third con I will put here is that when you cancel a course, you have to wait 24 hours before you can try entering a course again, and you might just get the same codestone asked for as the one you cancelled yesterday!

If you want to keep codestone training, by all means; this will help your pet become even more awesome than it was before! ^.^

5. Stat Increaser Training

Okay, I know this one people might not really talk about, but I may as well put this in here too.

There are some potions and foods that will in fact increase your pet's stats. Some examples of this would be *randomly picks* Bomberry Elixir, Cool Negg, and Muntando Fruit.

The pros of feeding your pet these lovely items would be instant stats for your pet. No waiting around for courses to end, no one time limit on the items, and as long as your pet is hungry, they will eat these stat increasers.

The cons of this interesting method is it is very... and when I say very, I mean VERY costly. Some of the neggs have price tags of over 300,000 NP EACH, and that might only give you 1 strength point. Another con would be is some of these stat increasing items might not even increase a stat. So you could be wasting points by buying a thousand bomberry elixirs and gaining 2 defence points.

If you're near a boost, and you don't want to wait out the courses, by all mean, buy a stat booster, as long as it's guaranteed to get you towards that boost. Shell out the extra points for the better stat increaser. Other than that, I wouldn't depend on them *too* much.

That is my insight on some training methods, and I hope that with this little guide, you can venture forth to take over Neopia *cough* I mean, to take your training to another level.

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