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A - Z of Exquisite and Exotic Drinks

by sparky63428


Fine diners of Neopia will tell you that there is nothing more satisfying than a gourmet drink at every meal. For the rest of us, there are always the quirky drinks such as Orange and Mango Coffee, Cloud Slushie or Prawn Cocktail Achyfi. Most pets would not have a chance to satisfy themselves with a Walk the Plank or Aged Tchea Juice. However, here is a taste of what these exquisite drinks are like:


There's nothing better than dining with the Koi. At the underwater Kelp restaurant, diners can relax in the fine seascapes of Maraqua while they dine on the unique variety of dishes Kelp has to offer. The drinks at Kelp are specially mixed to complement and enhance your dining experience.

Aged Tchea Juice

The Tchea Fruits in this drink are grown in a special region in the Lost Desert. They are monitored carefully to ensure quality. They are sent to Maraqua as soon as they are ripe and there, they are carefully processed and stored in barrels. When needed, the juice is poured into a special balloon glass which helps concentrate the strong smell and bring out the distinct banana and blueberry flavours of the Tchea fruit.

Blue and Orange Rambus Blend

Fresh Orange Rambuses and the more refined Blue Rambus are imported from the space station. They are juiced, aerated and aged (in separate barrels) to enhance the sweet flavours of the fruits. Once needed, precise amounts of both juices are combined to produce a unique blend which brings out the flavours of both fruits. A blue rambus is added as a garnish.

Cornupepper Lemonade

A super spicy soft drink made from only the strongest cornupepper seeds. The seeds are left to soak into the lemonade. This gives the lemonade a spicy feel not many pets can handle. The super concentrated flavours require it to be served in small quantities.

Foozette Juice

The sugary taste of the nectar is enhanced by storing the fruit under special conditions in Mystery Island, and then juiced using secret techniques. The strange cup that it is served in preserves the special nectar taste.

A slice of Foozette is provided for your convenience.

Funnydew Melon Delight

The succulent funnydew melon is mashed first. It is then treated with hints of special ingredients and left to develop for a period of time. Juice is extracted from the mash and bottled with certain herbs. The result is a very soothing taste that rinses out your palate and improves your enjoyment of the meal.

Lemwart Fizz

The eccentric Lemwart is used to create this even stranger drink. An exotic Kelp prepared recipe which contains mainly underwater ingredients is infused with the citric apple taste of Lemwart. Aeration of the drink is maintained while in storage. When served (with a pickle!), the refreshing qualities of this delectable drink can be seen immediately.

Phear Juice Tonic

This delightful drink is a perfect complement to any meal. The not-so-strong flavour of the drink will allow you to savour your main course. The wonderful taste of the pear and snowberry hybrid fruit will leave you perfectly refreshed. Extra slices of various tropical fruits are placed ornately around if you ever need it.

Seaweed Surprise

A Maraquan specialty. This drink is not for everybody. The sheer sound of the name might disgust some pets. However, once you can get past the saltiness and sourness, the true beauty of the drink can be discovered. As well as seaweed, several varieties of aquatic fruits and plants have been blended in to stimulate all your taste buds.

Thornberry Brew

With no added sugar, the real sweetness of the Thornberry can be enjoyed. Of course, it has tiny amounts of other fruits to alleviate from the concentrated flavour of the Thornberry. For those who truly appreciate the strong lasting flavour of the Thornberry, there are two whole ones provided for your convenience.

Twirly Fruit Blend

This refreshing beverage is made from twirly fruits, a dab of blobbule juice and traces of other fruits to create a range of tastes. It is rather thick, and quite watery in taste, but the addition of trace amounts of other fruits gives this drink a very unique feel. All of that combined creates a light addition to any meal.

Golden Dubloon

A true pirate's life can be enjoyed at the Golden Dubloon. Located on a retired pirate ship, the dancers, Fontaine Sisters and of course, Captain Hackett himself, all create a perfect atmosphere for those wishing to experience a pirate's life.

Bomberry Grog

Only the finest bomberries go into this unpredictable drink. Even when turned into juice, the bomberry is still quite explosive, so be careful not to let the drink pop away before you gurgle it down! The pungent taste of it will turn away most pets, but if you can handle it, consider yourself a true buccaneer.

Cannon Fodder

Quite possibly the most explosive drink in Neopia. It is made from mysterious ingredients known only to the creators. Whatever it is made of, it is quite a mouthful! Only the toughest of pets can handle this drink. Looks like TNT, acts like TNT; just be careful not to let it explode in your face. Explosiveness aside, the sparkly beverage contains the whole range of flavour - sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Despite this, the flavours are mixed in such a way that all flavours can be enjoyed, which is truly amazing.

Cherry Pop

A standard pirate's drink, for those not wishing to try the bizarre drinks the Golden Dubloon has to offer. It is, at its simplest, a cherry soda. Those with an astute sense of taste will find that it is much more than that.

Ergyfruit Grog

A highly refreshing drink which will boost your energy levels. Whole of the rare ergyfruit is used, resulting in a slightly rougher texture due to the skins and seeds. Nevertheless, this is a highly popular drink with rich flavours and a slightly tangy aftertaste.

Grape Pop

The natural sweetness of the grapes used results in a drink that is clean and not overly loaded with flavours. However, the grapes used aren't ordinary grapes. The grapes used are grown on Krawk Island and are especially treated to provide maximum energy, which is helpful for pirates at sea.

Grog Light

A standard grog with no added flavourings. Its plain taste repels most but some prefer the simple taste. Those who are on a diet can choose this drink over a calorie packed grog.


An entire barrel of grog. This is definitely for the sturdiest of pets. Flavour-wise, it is just a plain grog but with the added flavour that distinguishes it from a Grog Light. If it is too hard to handle for pets, a tap is included so cups of it can be shared around.

Keel Haul

This beverage is served in a highly unique cup shaped like a skull. Those who don't mind the eerie cup can dig into this drink and extract the sharp feel of the lime and bomberry juice. Also contained within this drink is a secret Golden Dubloon formulated recipe. Most who try this will like the tangy taste but some find the secret recipe repulsive.

Krakuberry Grog

Definitely the sweetest grog on the menu. Rare Krakuberries are blended in with the grog to produce one of the sweetest sensations you will ever experience.

Land Lubber

There is something about this drink that gets anyone who drinks it on their feet and dancing. In addition to having a delightful fruity taste, its other subtle flavours are what give the drink its appeal.

Lemon Pop

Specially grown on Krawk Island, the lemons that go into this drink will give you that extra zing that will get you pumped for a rough day at sea. The hidden beauty of this drink will only be discovered by those who don't mind the extreme sourness.

Man O War

This beautifully presented cocktail is specially mixed to cater for all. A unique blend of ingredients ensures that most who try it will find something attractive about it. Make sure you swirl the contents before you drink it!

Raspberry Pop

Despite its strange blue colour, the pop is delightfully tasty and is full of natural ingredients. Each raspberry that goes into one of these comes from the best farms in Meridell and is of the finest quality.

Tchea Grog

The flavours of the blueberry, banana and standard grog blend in a way that allows for each flavour to stand out. However, this weird mixture is quite repulsive and will only truly be appreciated by grog or tchea fans.

Walk the Plank

Rumour has it that seawater and algae are used in the preparation of this beverage, giving a real pungent and piratey taste.

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