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Queen Fyora's Guide to Status Symbols

by dan4884


It is I, Queen Fyora, in all her glory and glamour, writing to you from the Hidden Tower (and no, I won't tell you where it is). It's been quite the slow afternoon here at the tower and I said to myself, "Why not write an article to pass the time?" Myself answered back, saying, "But what would we write about?" I then told myself, "Why, what do we know about more than anything else? Status! We'll write an in-depth article on status symbols in Neopia!" Myself agreed with me and here we are.

Now that we've got all the confusion straightened out, let's begin. Status is a big factor in Neopia, and there are many ways to show it. Either you got it or you don't (and I most certainly do!). Many users from across the globe pine after that one avatar, or the elusive paintbrush for their favorite pet, or that hard-to-get trophy. And once you get it, you've got to flaunt it, honey! Show it off. Make others jealous! Didn't I ever tell you jealousy makes the world go round? No? Well, it does.

Now then, on to the status symbols!


Who wouldn't want a small square image showing that they wasted a lot of money?! I've got hundreds of 'em! I have every single one, in fact. Yes, that's right, even the impossible ones to get. How, you ask? Why, I'm the Queen, course! I must have every avatar. It wouldn't be right if I didn't, darling, it just wouldn't be right.

Although they're one of the more popular status symbols, it isn't one you can show off very well. Sure, you can display your favorite one, or the one that cost you the most money, but you can't show all of them. The number on your lookup does mean a lot, though, so don't stop collecting! Just go after the rare ones. That'll inflate your status big time!

Oh, and by the way, I hear the Fyora ones are quite rare. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything.


Ah, another symbol on the more popular (and expensive) side. Transforming your Neopet into a status symbol could cost you millions of Neopoints, especially if you've got more than one. Personally, I'd suggest getting four of 'em, with at least one Draik and one Krawk. Your status will skyrocket if you've got those two!

Now, as for paintbrushes, I'd suggest going with a Royal, Maraquan, Pirate, Grey, or Faerie look. They kill in the status division! And so what if they cost millions of Neopoints? You're rich, aren't you? ... You're not? Then why are you reading this? Get out! This isn't for any Neopian off the streets! Go away!

Ahem. Now that we've gotten rid of them, we can return to the subject. I much prefer the Faerie look, but I may be just a little biased. Any of those colors will do wonders to your standing. On a side note, I'd like to mention that the Lab Ray does wonders to your pets. A lab-only color such as Robot, Sponge, or Jelly is also a great way to show off your pets. Just don't do Snot. That's just gross.


Another big one. Trophies are a great way to become well-known, and there's so many of them to choose from! But of course, don't play the ones that everyone plays. That won't gain you any status! You need to play the hard ones. Oh, and when you participate in the plots, don't forget to do a lot of work. You need to get the best trophy every time so that people are in awe of your skills!

So what if you don't have enough time to do all that? This guide isn't for the people who want their status increased with a snap! You've gotta work for it! Go back up to the top of the page. Do you see it say "easy" anywhere in the title? I didn't think so. Now stop complaining.

Now where was I? Trophies, yes. Well, get some.


One of the most visible forms of status is your lookup. Here you can show off all your innermost thoughts, and more importantly, the details. For example: your shield. The older you get, the better you look. I know, confusing concept, but it's true. Just as long as you aren't 87 or something. That's just weird. Anyway, age on Neopets means wisdom. You know the lay of the land, the ways of the world, and most importantly, when the Snowager's awake. Who doesn't want to know that?!


Another good way to display your rank. With a gallery you can show off your collection from your worldly travels. Or just display your wealth. Either way. Just don't display your rock collection. That's boring. Show your winnings from the many contests you win, or show all the prizes you bought from all the plots you participated in. All good ways to show yourself off. And once you have a good collection, send it in to the Gallery Spotlight to win another trophy! Remember what I said about jealousy. Keep that in mind, always.

Skill in the Battledome

Ah, we all know those users who have awesome pets in the Battledome. Their pets are perfect in every way, aren't they? Make sure if you have one of those pets that you keep it a nice color. No one wants to worship a boring old yellow or red colored Neopet. That's not how you show off.

Shop Size

Let me tell you, this is one of my favorite status symbols. Who doesn't love shopping at a mall? The bigger they are, the more stuff they have inside! Sure, this one may be another expensive one to attain, but it's worth it. Thousands of people will come flocking to your mall if it's big enough. And then you use the money you make as profit to spend more for your status! See, killing two birds with one stone. Am I a genius or what?

Having a Hidden Tower

Ok, so this one is probably the best status symbol you could get. Too bad you can't get it. Only the Faerie Queen gets a hidden tower! Didn't I tell you? Not only am I Queen of the Faeries, I'm Queen of Status Symbols too! Cool, huh?

So there you have it. I hope this guide has inspired you to attain some of these status symbols, and I hope to see you at the next Chocolate Ball!

... Ok, I don't. It's too crowded already.

'Til next time, readers!

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