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Gilly and the Mystery of Proof

by capricornhunter


"...And that's the story of Neovia." Gilly looked around her.

      "Wow," gasped Ziggy, a red Lupe. "That was wicked man! And by wicked I mean totally, 100 percent awesome! I mean the way she told the story, the description! I love that story!" But the three other Usuls looked at her disbelievingly.

      "Yeah right!" said a blue Usul named Amy. "As if you would get into an adventure like that!"

      "Oooo, look at me, I'm Gilly! I met Sophie and Bruno in my dreams!" mocked a yellow Usul called Pearl. She was the leader of the 'U Gang'. The other two laughed.

      "But it is too true!" said Gilly, but the others had made up their minds.

      "Oh yeah, prove it!" exclaimed Sarah, a green Usul. Gilly had no idea how she was going to, but anyway said:

      "Alright then, I will!" She stood up and walked away. Ziggy bounded up to her.

      "Just so you know, I think your story is real," he said.

      "Thanks, Ziggy."

      "Ziggy! Don't make me come over this log!" yelled Pearl, and Ziggy ran back to them. Gilly started to walk again, while the rest of them made fun of her.

      That night, Gilly thought and thought of a way to convince the others that the tale was true, but nothing came to mind. Seconds, minutes, and hours went passed, and then, it came! It was the perfect plan! But first she had to persuade a certain stubborn Ixi, to actually help her...

      The next day, Gilly got up bright and early, and headed towards the gypsy camp. As she entered, the moustachioed Elephante spotted her.

      "Hello there, little Usul," he exclaimed, "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Gilly turned to him.

      "I need to prove to the U Gang that the Tale of Woe is true!" she explained. He frowned.



      "If they don't believe in the story. Then one day they may get their karma coming to them."

      "Oh, I do hope so," grinned Gilly. "They have been picking on me for ages!"

      "Well, you should get going," said the Elephante. "Farewell!"


      The Elephante stoked the campfire and murmured, "Maybe..."

      Gilly followed the path past the edge of the camp and entered Neovia. She picked up her pace as she headed towards Sophie's shack. When Gilly arrived, she knocked on the door, then heard a brief, "Go away!" coming from Sophie.

      "Sophie!" cried Bruno's voice from the shack. "Will you ever stop doing that? No wonder you never get visitors!" Gilly sighed and Bruno opened the door. He glanced down at Gilly.

      "Oh, hello, Gilly!" he said politely. "Come on in!" He stood aside, and Gilly walked inside. The room was dark, as usual, and there were different potion ingredients scattered around the room. Sophie's Meowclops came up to Gilly and purred as it rubbed its soft body on Gilly's leg. She saw Sophie standing at her cauldron.

      "Hi Sophie!" she said cheerfully.

      "Oh great," muttered Sophie.

      "Sophie..." murmured Bruno. Sophie frowned and turned around.

      "Hello Gilly," she replied unhappily.

      "I need your help," Gilly said.

      "Oh yeah, and give me one reason why I should help you."


      "Because," Bruno butted in, "If you don't, then I'll tell Gilly, who will tell everyone else, what happens when you eat asparagus!" Sophie grew pale and looked like she was remembering something terrible. Then she snapped out of it.

      "Alright then. What do you want?"

      "I need to prove to the U Gang that the Tale of Woe really does exist!"

      "What? Don't they believe?" asked Bruno. Gilly shook her head. They thought for a bit.

      "This is crazy!" said Sophie after a while, "How are we supposed to make a few Usuls believe in the most unlikely thing that would ever happen in Neopia?!"

      "Oooo! I have an idea!" said Bruno suddenly.

      "What?" asked Sophie and Gilly at the same time.

      "I have an idea that will make them three Usuls be scared of a bump in the night..." They all gathered around Bruno...


      The next day, Gilly found the U Gang sitting on a large rock doing their makeup. They saw Gilly and giggled.

      "Look who it is!" said Sarah.

      "Guess what, Gilly!" exclaimed Amy, "I made a new friend yesterday, look!" She pointed next to her. They laughed.

      "Where were you yesterday?" sneered Pearl. "With Sophie and Bruno?"

      "Actually, I was," replied Gilly smiling, "and I can prove to you that I was, if you just follow me."

      "C'mon girls," said Pearl. "It's not like she can prove anything." They jumped off the rock and followed Gilly. She led them past Neovia so they didn't see it and took them to the damp, dark cave where Bruno used to live. She pointed inside.

      "All the proof you need is right in there," explained Gilly. Amy and Sarah hid behind Pearl.

      "I-it's kind of c-creepy," stammered Amy.

      "Oh please!" said Pearl. "It's just a cave! Let's go!" The three of them walked in while Gilly waited outside. They entered. Amy and Sarah shook like anything with fear. Water dropped from the top of the cave. Shadows were cast on the wall, from things that could not be seen amongst the gloominess. A loud roar was echoed around the cave, and the Usuls screamed.

      "W-what was that?" said Amy, scared.

      "Probably just a cd," said Pearl. "I bet Gilly put loads in this cave." As they walked further in, a shadow was cast against the wall, and they ran into another room. They breathed heavily. Suddenly, something entered the room. Pearl still stood confident, but the other two shook with fear. Pearl laughed.

      "Ok, Gilly, we know it's you! You can't fool me!" But the shadow came closer and closer, as whatever it was emerged from the darkness. It was Bruno! But of course the U Gang didn't know that. They screamed and ran as fast as they could through the different chambers of the cave. Eventually they stopped to catch their breath.

      "Do you think we lost it?" asked Sarah.

      "I think so," replied Pearl.

      "W-W-W-W," stammered Amy, pointing behind Sarah and Pearl.

      "What's wrong with you Amy? You look like you've seen a g-" Pearl turned around, and standing right behind them were, yes I think you've guessed it, Bruno and Sophie. Sophie was standing with her big pot, looking as evil as ever!

      "Hello there," she said, glaring at the three horrified Usuls. "I'm glad you came. You're just in time for dinner!" The U Gang shrieked and just did one thing. Ran for their lives, right out of the cave. Gilly giggled as they ran away screaming. Sophie and Bruno came out of the cave after the Usuls had run away. They saw Gilly rocking with laughter.

      "You were great, Bruno! And Sophie was brilliant!" exclaimed Gilly wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes.

      "Well," said Sophie, trying to look like she didn't care, "I had a lot of practise."

      "Was I good?" asked Bruno.

      "Amazing! The scariest Gelert I ever did see!" said Gilly. Bruno laughed.

      "Well I better get going. Bye, Bruno! Bye, Sophie!" called Gilly as she walked off into the forest.

      "Bye, Gilly!" called Bruno. Sophie didn't say anything, except a small whisper:

      "So long, Gilly..."

The End

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