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Dangerous Petpets of Neopia

by basiliskx17


So you like petpets but they are all just totally harmless, REALLY boring, and won't do squat for your pet! Well, I'm here to show you some of the more dangerous ones and how to take care of them!

The Arkmite

Costing about twenty thousand Neopoints: not too expensive... and VERY dangerous! These things love blood! So if you have a cut, DON'T GO NEAR THEM!!! If you live in Maraqua, just tie one outside and no one will bother you EVER AGAIN! Now they are very vicious. They don't like you to touch them, they don't like you to talk to them, and in fact they just plain don't like you or anyone else for that matter! They enjoy a nice rocky grotto like tank. Steep sides with a deep tank and lots of rocks! Maybe a fish skeleton or two. All in all, they are very dangerous, not friendly, and totally awesome!

The Drackonack

This one can be very variable! Prices are not really set. I have seen them for sixteen thousand Neopoints and thirty thousand Neopoints. I have seen them spike and drop over my time in Neopia. The Drackonack has sharp teeth and enjoys hunting other petpets. Cheese is a good treat now and then too. They are quick and can also be somewhat intelligent. Not very friendly, they like to keep to themselves but if they suddenly become nicer after they have not been fed in a while DON'T fall for it! They probably just want one of your pet's arms as a snack! After all they come from Darigan Citadel; what do you expect? Coming from Darigan Citadel also means they like rocks, particularly obsidian! Make a solid rock flooring for them. That's really it.

The Drackobunny

Around 36 thousand Neopoints is the norm. So closely related to the Drackonack some say they must be magically linked. I don't know about that but they definitely share behaviors and looks! They are faster than the Drackonack, but still enjoy hunting! They are more of an omnivore, though, and love a good petpetpet from time to time. They have even sharper teeth than their cousin and they only get sharper! They never dull! It appears they work like chisels. The back wears faster than the front so an older Drackobunny will have sharper teeth than a younger one! If you give them meat and carrot stew they will love you for about five minutes! After that will want to kill you again! These guys are masters of the bunny eye look! So be careful! These guys like a larger cage and bits of dead grass for a bed. Other than that just give them rocks.

All Robot Petpets

The prices vary. Whether painted or just an original, Robots are DANGEROUS! They shoot lasers, can give massive electric shocks, and have really nasty weapons! The lasers can melt your stuff and, if you are really unlucky, you. The shock will make your hair have static and stand up for the rest of your life! The weapons can include buzz saws, mini lab rays, lasers, clockwork Grundos, and explosive thingies. They don't eat. They don't sleep. They have no emotions. Just stick them in a solid metal room and they will be fine. Yes, it is that simple. All you really need to do is oil them now and then. That is just about it. Just do it, OK!

All Fire Petpets

The prices vary. They are hot! No, seriously, they will melt your face off! Feed them non-flammable and heat resistant food! These guys like to burn things. Total Pyromaniacs. They burn you. Your pets, your friends, your pet's friends, your friend's friends, your pet's friend's friends, and I think you get the idea. Not cool. Literally. They are REALLY expensive due to the fact the only thing they can't melt is pure diamond! So yes, all their stuff has to be made of diamond! Their bed, their bowls, and yes, even their cage. Oh, and please DON'T touch them!

All Darigan Petpets

Prices vary. These guys like to bite, chew, break, smash, destroy, burn, and I think you get this one too. They are very destructive and evil. Mostly very evil. They see your pet as a role model. Actually they see your pet as a wedgie victim. Darigan petpets are known to give permanent wedgies. They also like eating expensive stuff. Like hidden tower items and paint brushes. You know all that stuff that you save for just about forever to be able to get. Remember, these guys are only for the experienced.

All Ghost Petpets

Prices vary. These guys are dangerous because they possess you. They can control you and your stuff. They don't eat or sleep, they make creepy noises at night and they give you nightmares. Awesome or what!? They don't really care where they live as long as there are no vacuums (that can suck them up and trap them) and it is spooky. That is really it.


I decided to finish here. You don't want one so I won't tell you how much they cost! Although if you must know, they have been known to cost hundreds of thousands of Neopoints. I, like most Neopians, don't know how dangerous or destructive they really are. If they don't want you to know you don't know and you don't WANT to know! Oh, and please tell them I memorized their card and said that! All I can tell you is that you need to stay away. Far away! Very far away!!! Unless you are giving them juice, then you can get close. No one knows whom they work for, who works for them, or even where they come from! Like I said before, just stay away! But maybe... just maybe... you could be the one to discover all those things. Are they truly evil, or simply misunderstood? I certainly have not even heard plans of an attack in my time living in Neopia. We assume they are evil but do what proof do we have? Maybe they are really good and that is why someone like Sloth planted a rumor. Do they really have five million world domination plans? Are they working for anyone at all, or are they just normal petpets who want to be loved? Why do they such specific juice color needs? We may never know.

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