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The Exquisite Winged Scholar

by nurtureearth


Most of the faerie races pertain to various elements: light, dark, air, earth, fire and water (loosely based on water is snow). After that, there's one-of-a-kind type faeries, the Library Faerie being one of them. I enjoy and appreciate the lore and public interest in a lot of the well known faerie celebrities. The heroic feats of the Battle and Space Faeries, the sweet and gentle disposition of the Soup Faerie, the exotic flare of the Island and Negg Faeries, and the childlike delight we find knowing something as ordinary as a loose tooth will bring forth a visit from the kooky but lovable Tooth Faerie.

Why is it that this one faerie, with her dazzling intellect, respectable trade and very chic purple glasses, gets such little recognition?

Although it perturbs me that this magnificent winged scholar of a faerie doesn't have her own holiday, it's not particularly surprising or unjust. The faeries that have actually revealed their first names to the public have holidays, because it's easier to say "Illusen day", rather than "That One Earth Faerie that Lives In Meridell and Has Great Disdain for a Particularly Not Nice Dark Faerie... Day." Not to mention that faeries like Fyora and Illusen have had such an impact on Neopian politics.

Even the Notorious Jhudora and the Tragedy That is the Grey Faerie have a mysterious allure about them. The Neopian citizen wonders, "What kind of atrocity did Jhudora commit in order to earn such a nasty reputation? Why do she and Illusen make angry eyes at one another? What's with the tacky slime-green-and-purple trademark?" and, "What kind of faerie was the Grey Faerie before the shearing off of her wings? What motivated her kidnappers to torture her in such a heartless way? And why does she have a pair of antennae growing out of her head?"

As for the Nameless Ones, who has much incentive to care about their shrouded pasts when they give you cool stuff like neggs and free soup? But the Library Faerie is so reserved that when she sells you books that are so very cool, you pay more attention to the book than to the faerie selling it to you.

It just may be so that beneath her shy exterior is an enigma wrapped in a lavender hue.

Answer these mystery questions for me: Why is she called the Library Faerie if she runs a bookstore? Wouldn't that make her the Bookstore Faerie? Where does she keep the library? If the Battle Faerie is so brave and the Soup Faerie is so humble, then why is the Library Faerie the only candidate with enough guts to sport spectacles? Is it just a coincidence that her wings are so similar in color to the Queen Faerie's wings? And is the "shh, no talking, this is a library" rule just a protective shield to keep Neopians from asking her personal questions?

And here's the question that I'm demanding to get an answer to: How come there are dolls made in honor of every well-known faerie in Neopia except the Library Faerie? These dolls are rare finds, but expand your sources and you'll learn of their existence. There's always at least one or two for sale in the Hidden Tower. Did I also mention that Fyora gets TWO dolls in her likeness? I'm well aware she's Queen of the Faeries, but can you honestly say that you would have been able to earn that nifty Neopian Book Award if it weren't for all the faerie-related books that the noble Winged Scholar continues to restock her store with?

Here's another thing: Type "Library" or "Library Faerie" into the Neopet's search engine and you'll end up with a single result: "Library Tales." Fyora has books written about everything from her legacy to her favorite hair styles. Illusen also has a few up her sleeve. It's true that some of the faeries only get a book or two written about them, but it's tragically ironic that the supplier of all these fantastic tomes of information has but a single volume in her name.

I think at this point Neopians are starting to catch on to the fact that I adore and admire the Library Faerie. Is she my favorite of all the faeries? Actually, no. That's Illusen. As noble as I find our grand faerie Librarian, the reason why Illusen is my favorite is because of everything we know about her added up is a wonderful personal history of a wonderful faerie. The Library Faerie could be a potential favorite to millions out there - if we just knew a bit more about her. Imagine what the Mighty Neopets Team could deliver us if the Library Faerie was the star of the show. Her own chapter in the Neopedia? Her own holiday? Her own...*pauses dramatically* Plot?!

Oh, sure, a few of you snicker. A plot about a librarian. Wake me up when it's over. Come now, hasn't your interest in her been stirred? What about that intriguing point I made about her wings being similar to Fyora's? The color purple has been known to symbolize royalty. No other pair of wings in the faerie kingdom comes close to resembling the Queen's own than you-know-whose. Another thing the Queen and the Librarian have in common: they both have respected entrepreneurial establishments within Faerieland. Add that to their preference for the Glorious Royalty Hue, and you'd suspect that these two faeries were sisters, the eldest seeing to the throne until the time comes for the youngest to leave her parchment-filled post to publicly become Queen Fyora the II. Well, it's a fun theory, anyway.

I say we Neopians gather together to campaign for this brainy beauty's own personal symbol of recognition. We want to know more about her. We want to know something about her that will make us, and the rest of the faeries, proud.

We want to see a day come when we can buy our Neopets a cute little book-shaped cake with purple wings and icing.

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