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A Beginner's Guide to Sophie's Stew

by thepetlover48


Uhh, what exactly is Sophie's Stew?

Only the best game in all of Neopia!!! If you can't find it, go to Games, and then click Action Games. You'll see Sophie's Stew right up top with Snowball Fight and The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth.

Ooh, sounds cool. How do you play?

Oh, that's very simple. You move the wand (floating stick thing with the eyeball on the bottom) around with your mouse (you can also use the left and right arrow keys, but that's so much slower) to hit the items into the pot, thereby creating one of Sophie's powerful stews.

The items keep just hitting the wand, going straight up, and coming down again! Why???

Hmm... that IS a toughie... umm... OH, I THINK I KNOW!! Are you hitting the items with the center of your wand? The wand is similar to the paddles in Pong: if you hit junk in the middle of it, it won't turn. Hit the items with the right hand side of the wand (towards the pot). THAT makes it turn!!!

What's with the Meowclops?

The Meowclops is there to eat stuff you drop on it, usually for less points than in the pot. Try your best to get the items in the pot instead of in the Meowclops. Only let the Meowclops eat things in an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY. That way, you'll earn more points, and that means more Neopoints! See? That turns out quite well, huh?

I can't hit the Droolik! It's HAAAAARD!!!

I know. It IS really hard to hit. That can be frustrating, considering you could be bigger, smaller, or even get an extra life from that annoying thing. But don't waste all your time on the Droolik. Only waste time on it in an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY!!! Okay? Getting bigger isn't too great. Getting an extra life is. That's the problem with that Droolik. It's chance. You are guaranteed nothing.

Can the Meowclops eat the Dung and Codestone? No, should it?

Can the Meowclops eat the items that are not usually put in the food category? Yes. Should it? NO! The Dung is only worth five points in the pot, I'll admit, but it's worth nothing in the Meowclops. It's even worse with the Codestone. The Codestone is worth a whopping 12 points in the pot!!! But in the Meowclops, it's worth ZIP! That is infuriating, isn't it? Try as hard as possible to keep the non-food items out of the Meowclops's reach, okay?

Why did they add the Ghost Marshmallow and Doughnut? Those things are all sugar!!! You said it was a powerful stew, not a soda! Should I just give them to the Meowclops?

Very funny, young weirdo. No, you should NOT give them to the Meowclops!!! The Ghost Marshmallow is worth 15 points in the pot!!! In the Meowclops, the marshmallow is worth a mere 5 points. With the Doughnut, it isn't that bad. In the pot, the Doughnut is worth 6 points. In the Meowclops, it's worth five points. If you're not willing to sacrifice just one point, always try to get it in the pot. But don't blame me if things really pile up while you absolutely must keep that Doughnut away from the Meowclops. Just try to remember this: Doughnuts are six points in the pot, five in the Meowclops. Marshmallows are fifteen points in the pot and five in the Meowclops. Which do you think sounds better to always get in the pot?

My wand just got smaller!!! HEEEEEELP!!!

There are only three simple explanations for this.

The first is you got a wand shrinking power-up (that's the red hexagon thing with the minus on it) from the Droolik without realizing it.

The second is you got a wand grow Powerup (blue hexagon with a plus), then lost a life. The effects of power-ups automatically wear off if you lose a life, just so you know.

The third is you got a grow Powerup without knowing, and then got a shrink Powerup without knowing. (Note: you don't really have to get the grow Powerup unknowingly. It's possible, though.)

Sophie isn't throwing things anymore, only looking for them!

That's because Sophie is very, very picky!

Seriously, though, the only reason Sophie would stop throwing items is you lost all your lives and the only way to end the game without clicking "End Game" is to get rid of all the items that are still onscreen. I don't know why. It's just something the game does. This is one mystery I can't solve. Sophie just doesn't want to throw things at someone who lost their lives.


Again, you just lost all your lives and have to get rid of all items onscreen. Don't ask why, please!!!

It seems that there are 79% more items being thrown... why is that?

That's because you let things pile up. It's just something that happens without it being anyone's fault. One way to stop that, though, is to try to hit things as close to the right-hand edge of the wand as possible. Yes, it's risky, but at least it kind of stops things from piling up. It's kind of a "If you don't want lots of homework, do it ALL the day you get it" deal.

Is Sophie a good person?

Yes, of course! Witches tend to get a bad rap. Is that why you don't trust her??? I do, why else would I play her game?

Just curious... she IS a witch, you know. I'm not one to trust-

Hey, if she weren't a nice witch, why would she be curing people with all those cures she makes? And good witches get things like games. Does Edna have a game? No. Is she good? No.

Does Sophie have a game? Yes. Is she good? Yes.

Thanks for answering my questions... BYYYYE!

You are very, very welcome. I'm always happy to try and give decent advice, or at least tell you what the instructions don't. Sure, I'm not so much of an expert at the game, but I'm not a beginner either. And if YOU are, I thank you for reading this, as it could help you quite a lot.

Well, thanks a lot for reading, and BYYYYYYYYYYE!!!!

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