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Veggie Livin'

by pixie_dust_318


In Neopia today, Neopets are starting to take a better look at their health. They're starting to be more active, partaking in sports like Yooyuball and Poogle Races. While exercising is important to a healthy lifestyle, it is not the only factor to take into account. Another aspect of healthful living that Neopets are starting to take a better look at is what they put into their bodies. They know if they keep eating fatty sugary foods like BBQ Porkwiches and Cheesy Meat Wraps, they are going to end up like *ahem* King Skarl with a big belly, or like the Jelly Chia, just a giant blob of goo.

Neopets all over are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle. Despite what some nay-sayers may think, like those Chia loving Lupes, a meatless diet is interesting and tasty. Vegetarians do not eat salad all the time! There are lots of choices for the Neopets who are watching their waistlines. There's plenty of veggie sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers and pastries. One big favourite is vegetarian pizza. One thing vegetarians have to be careful of is getting enough iron; however, a quick visit with the Health Food Shop Quiggle to get some iron supplements will help keep that from being a problem. Vegetarian Neopets can eat vegetables, fruits, legumes, eggs, dairy products and nuts, so there are endless possibilities for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are even meat replacements like tofu, veggie sausages and veggie hotdogs.

Being a vegetarian does not limit a Neopet to always eating at home, either. The Kelp Restaurant offers lots of yummy meatless dishes to choose from. There're lots of salads, but a dish even Neopets who do eat meat will love is the Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie.

For some Neopets, going without meat is not enough. Some go as far as to remove eggs, milk and milk products from their diet. These are called vegans. While this does mean being a bit more careful with what you feed your Neopet, after you know what contains milk and eggs, it becomes a lot easier. The Health Food Shop even has vegan cheese. Vegan Neopets eat a diet made up of nuts, legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables.

Other Neopets do not become a vegetarian or vegan because they are concerned about their health, but because they do not want to eat another Neopet or petpet. They do not understand how a Neopet can eat a Snorkle Snout with their petpet Snorkle Oinky sitting nearby, or how someone can chow down on a Blumaroo Steak, then go play some Dice-a-Roo.

Some Neopets may be concerned about what they can eat while traveling around Neopia. There is no need to worry, since there is plenty of delicious veggie cuisine everywhere you go. While on Mystery Island, be sure to try the large variety of exotic fruits like the Melowhirl or the Blobbule. In the Lost Desert, all of the sand food is meat-free! If you prefer to chill out while on holiday, while not try some snow pizza or a snow sandwich while on Terror Mountain? While touring Shenkuu, stop by the Exotic Foods shop and sample their Green Tea Custard, Steamed Vegetable Dumplings or Purplum Buns. If you're a Neopet who loves the Carnival, we recommend packing your own lunch since you never know WHAT you will get in your meal at Spooky Food.

For the Neopets who want to try their hands at making their own culinary delights, you can make your own vegetarian treats with the help of Jhuidah.

One delicious dish is Mecha Veg Toast. All you need is some Mechabread and Veggie Sausages to make it. Saucy Veggie balls is another, made with Asparagus Balls and Brown Sauce.

The following interview is with a vegetarian Lupe who wishes to remain anonymous, but wants Neopets to hear his story.

Interviewer: Thank you for speaking with me today. What made you decide to become a vegetarian?

Lupe: Well, one day, my brothers and I were wandering around High Street, looking for something to munch on. They decided to buy some Beef Jerky Chias and looking at them made me feel sick because one of my best friends is a Chia!

Interviewer: Do you get teased at all, being a vegetarian Lupe?

Lupe: Yes, I do, but it's the choice I've made and I'm sticking with it. No amount of bullying will get me to eat meat again. No way.

Interviewer: That's good to hear. I think Neopets can respect that. What your favourite food?

Lupe: Golly, that's a tough question. I'd probably have to say Veggie Lasagna. It tastes so yummy that you don't even miss the meat.

Interviewer: Is there anything you would like to say to Neopets out there who are considering switching to a meat-less diet?

Lupe: I say go for it. I feel so much better now that I have given up meat. I have a lot more energy and instead of playing games all day, like Frumball, I go to the Battledome and kick some rear. When others tease me, I just take my frustrations out on Punchbag Bob.

If anyone thinks going veg is something they would like to try, they can come out to Veggie Eaters Anonymous and we can help them out. We meet the first and third Tuesday of every month at the Health Food Shop. Everyone is welcome and we always have scrumptious veggie appetizers for new Neopets to try. We always have a really great time.

Interviewer: Thank you for sitting down and talking with me today.

Lupe: No, thank you for letting me get the word out about being a vegetarian.

In conclusion, giving up fatty, greasy meat is not that difficult to do. Whether you are young or old, a vegetarian diet is beneficial for everyone, the eaters and the eaten. This reporter hopes that Neopians everywhere will at least try one vegetarian meal after reading this article. It won't hurt you, and you may find out that you like it.

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