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How Boochi Came to Be

by pyphracket


Max, a red Bruce, rummaged around at the bottom of the brown bag and brought out one Neopoint. It was his last Neopoint. Looking up at his owner, his sad face filled with tears.

      "Yes, Max," she whispered sadly, "Give it to the Money Tree." She had always taught him to give to others. He always gave to others. He was supposed to help the less fortunate, but he was the less fortunate. Others didn't need help as badly as he did. All he wanted was a baby paintbrush, nothing more. But did he get it? No. He always had to give away his things to aid the poor. Well, he'd had it! He needed the Neopoint, so he was going to keep it! Gripping the Neopoint tightly in his fist, Max turned and said,

      "No! I'm keeping it."

      "Max, you need to help others. When all is lost, you must still help others so that hope may remain for the future."

      "Don't be so dramatic, Beauty! I'm keeping it!"

      "Max..." Beauty65741 tapped her foot impatiently.

      "NO! It's mine!" Max turned and ran as fast as his little flippers could run away from the Money Tree, away from his owner and into the nearby forest. Max ignored the shouts of his owner as he ran, his eyes filling with tears. Stopping to rest under a yellow Eesa tree, Max sat down and wiped at the tears frantically. They wouldn't stop. Flooding his vision and pouring over his rosy cheeks, sobs wracked his body. Max cried so loudly that he didn't hear the footsteps approaching like soft padded Lupe feet.

      "Why, hello there," a strong baritone voice greeted him. Max kept crying. "Excuse me, why are you crying?"

      "B... b-b-bu-bu-be-because... because I'm so poor. This is my last Neopoint." Max held it out to the stranger. "My owner wanted me to give it away to the less fortunate."

      "That's very kind of you."

      "Yes, but I AM the less fortunate! All I've wanted is a baby paintbrush, but I've never been able to get it because I have to help others."

      "True. True. Actually, you know what? It's your lucky day. I happen to have a spare baby paintbrush right here." Dark grey furry paws held out a bright blue paintbrush tied with a neat little bow.

      "Wha-? Really?" Max finally wiped enough tears to make out the generous Neopet beside him. A giant grinning muzzle protruded from a strong and powerful face of a Lupe, Balthazar. "Balthazar!?"


      "Don't hurt me!"

      Balthazar laughed a deep laugh, "Now why would I hurt you?"

      "Because you catch faeries and eat them for breakfast."

      "Do I really?"

      "That's what they say!"

      "I'm sorry," Balthazar apologized, "but you've gotten it a little changed. Yes, I do catch faeries, but I certainly do not eat them." They taste like cotton candy, eeyuck! thought Balthazar. "Here, do you want this paintbrush or not?"

      "Er... sure!" Max reached out and grabbed the paintbrush.

      "Okay, but now you owe me a favour."

      "What? Nevermind, I don't want the paint brush then."

      "No, take it. I don't need you to do it now. I'll come to you later when I need it."

      "Okay." Max was overjoyed and couldn't think straight. He finally had a baby paint brush. He couldn't wait to get to the Rainbow Pool and try it out.

      Dashing to the edge of the pool, Max wondered briefly where his owner was, but figured he'd surprise her by walking up to her as a new baby Bruce! Taking the paintbrush carefully in one hand, he painted his whole body. Leaving a thick paste all over his body, Max watched as the paintbrush disappeared in a puff of smoke. Then, taking a deep breath, Max stepped into the Rainbow Pool. The water was warm and caressed his skin nicely. Max swam about and slowly the paint washed off of him.

      As he swam he decided to go to the deep end and dive down deep. Paddling briskly he made his way over and dove to the bottom. It took him longer than he remembered. He had been painted once before when he used to have money, but this time it took him quite a long time. In fact, he had only gone a few feet when he found himself needing to come up for air again. Swimming to the shore on the deep end of the Rainbow Pool, Max was surprised to find his stuff there waiting. He was sure he had left it at the shallow end of the pool. Max did a double-take. Looking down at himself he saw he was wearing a diaper and two tiny flippers stuck out from underneath it.

      He was a baby! A grin spread across his chubby little face. Finally! he thought. His two chubby arms reached down to pick up his backpack, but he couldn't get a good hold on his bag. Frowning, he tried again without success. Finally he jammed his arms through the straps and hoisted the bag onto his baby back. The bag still touched the ground. Dragging it along, he made his best to get home. He didn't make it more than a few metres before he sat down and had to take a breath. This was no fun! A short distance away some other Neopets, non-baby, were tossing a frisbee. That looked like fun!

      Throwing the bag down, the baby Bruce tried to run over and play. He got about half way there before he fell down. I must have tripped, he thought. Standing up again, Max fell right back down. He couldn't walk! One last time, he thought. Max jumped up and landed on his face. That hurt!

      Max started crying. Then before he knew it he was bawling his head off, true baby-style. Max felt so sad. He had finally got his wish and now he was a baby. But being a baby was no fun - you couldn't do anything! Max could barely stand, let alone walk! Why did bad stuff happen to him? He a good Neopet. He nice. He gave... stuff to others. Why him?

      Warm paws came padding up to Max once again. "Why hello again, Max," Balthazar greeted him.

      Max mumbled an unintelligible reply.

      "Enjoying your new look?"

      Max merely frowned and continued on blubbering.

      "I'll take that as a no. Hmmm... How about if I gave you a toy to play with? Would that help?"

      "Goo!" was all Max could get out as a disgruntled consent.

      "Here. Take this bubble gun. It blows bubbles for you." Balthazar pulled out from behind his back a shiny plastic bubble gun. It looked so real... so... magical. Grasping it as hard as he could between his chubby flippers, Max aimed it into the distance at a small bluebells plant. Bubbles floated gently out of the gun and gracefully glided over the field like ballet dancers in the sky. "Isn't that pretty?" Balthazar casually remarked.

      Max merely thought, Cool! Goo ga blah.

      "Hey, what did you say your owner's name was?"

      Max thought hard for a second, then letting another burst of bubbles out of the gun he said her name as best he could.

      "Boochi!" Max was too busy to notice, but upon saying the name a small spark zapped out of the bubble gun and flashed into the bluebells that the gun was aimed at. The bluebells folded back up into their buds as though it was still the start of spring.

      "That's a beautiful name. Do you want to be with her again?"

      "Gee!" Max giggled.

      "I bet if you asked other Neopians that they would help you find her. Remember to tell them her name too." Balthazar smiled as he walked off, disappearing into the forests of Neopia.

      And so, to this day Max - known now by his deadly phrase, "Boochi" - goes around asking every Neopian he can where his precious "Boochi" is...

The End

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