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The Top 20 Faerie Foods of Neopia!

by matthewm344


FAERIELAND - Hey! You may be wondering why I am such an enthusiast about Faerie foods. The reason is that Faerie foods have something other lands don't have. Sure, the Haunted Woods might have Blumaroo Steaks and Almost Gummy Rats, Terror Mountain might have food made of snow, and Tyrannia has Omelettes and Meat-a-la-Twigs, but Faerie food is different. The great appearance, flavor, texture, and liveliness of the food is what makes it so wonderful! Since I eat Faerie food almost every day, I am going to tell you about my day, along with the Faerie food scattered throughout it!

1: Enchanting Strawberry Cereal

Breakfast at 7:15 NCT - This is about the time I wake up to start the day. Now, some people would have Florg Os Cereal or Gelert Day Cereal, but I prefer Enchanting Strawberry Cereal. It doesn't change the milk a funny color like Florg Os, and it doesn't look like oatmeal, like Gelert Day Cereal. To me, it is the perfect breakfast, and it tastes great too!

2: Fruity Faerie Fingers

Early Snack at 10:30 NCT - Now, as you can probably guess, I usually get hungry again at 10:30. So, to tide me over until lunch, I have delicious Fruity Faerie Fingers! These are the ultimate snack food, as they come with Raspberry Jam and cooked to ultimate perfection. These are very good while reading.

3: Faerie Hot Dog

Lunch at 12:00 NCT - Ah, lunch! My favorite meal of the day. By now those Fruity Faerie Fingers have just about worn off, and I'm hungry again. Usually, other Neopians might have a Speckled Hot Dog or a Nice Iced Pizza. NOT me. I prefer the elegance of the floating Faerie Hot Dog, which is just bursting with wondrous flavors and funny experiences!

4: Delicious Faerie Bubbles

Lunch Drink at 12:10 NCT - After lunch I take some Delicious Faerie Bubbles. Now I like to have fun with the side effects. Sometimes I'll drink it fast, go into Mormentum's room while he's making a new potion or something, drink the juice, and burp right in his ear! Oh boy, does he get mad at me when I do that! Other times I just drink it, and burp quietly to myself.

5. Faerie Chocodrop

Lunch Dessert at 12:11 NCT - Usually now I have some dessert for lunch. I usually go for those succulent Faerie Chocodrops. They have such a wondrous taste, chocolate and marshmallow blended together to make such a lovely confection that is almost too lovely to eat! But I eat it anyway. Sometimes, I'll get three or four Faerie Chocodrops and have them race each other in an obstacle course. It's funny to see how they sometimes wobble and crash into one another.

6: Fyora Day Muffin

Midday snack at 3:00 NCT - Now I usually need something light and fluffy (so I don't waste my appetite) to tide me over until dinner. I usually grab a few freshly bought or baked (the Faerie Foods shopkeeper gave me the recipe!) Fyora Day Muffins and head on over to read some comics. One of my favorite titles is The Defenders of Neopia's Rescues and Bios. I think that Lightning Lenny and Judge Hog are some of the coolest guys there. I also use the little tiaras that come with the muffins as decorations for my room.

7: Heavenly Roast Turkey

Dinner at 5:00 NCT - Yum... turkey! But not just any turkey, oh no, it is Heavenly Roasted Turkey! One of my favorite Faerie foods, the Faeries have really outdone themselves. It tastes, looks, and even smells like heaven! And the best part about it is that it can fly over to the table and rest itself down without dropping, spilling, or breaking anything (unlike Xlaria)! And even if we still have leftovers, Dad can leave it in our Orange Jelly Fridge and it stays warm! It never gets cold. Kind of odd in my opinion, but...

8: Fyora Day Fizz

Dinner Drink at 5:00 NCT - Ah. A cool, refreshing drink with a lovely amount of flavor and fizz. Very, very good, at parties or just at dinner. One of my most favorite of all of the Fyora-themed foods, this is the best of the best. I also think that the little stirring stick is a very fun, entertaining thing about this wonderful, refreshing drink!

9: Creamy Cloud Ice Cream

After Dinner Dessert at 5:45 NCT - Ohhhh. Right about now I'm usually bloated, as most people are after dinner, but there's one problem. No one EVER leaves any room for dessert! But with Faerie food, all those worries are carried away on the wind. As everyone knows, there are many different types of Ice Cream throughout Neopia. But Creamy Cloud Ice Cream is different from all the others. It fills you up just enough, and like it says, it won't spoil your appetite!

10: Faerie Fondant

Other snacks I like - Now, since Neopia doesn't have school, the days are like a never-ending vacation. Now, every once and a while (mainly every weekend), I have a sleepover with Kelawla and Arceroff. Of course, they aren't as crazy about Faerie food as I am, but they both love Faerie Fondants! The rich, creamy marshmallows, and the warm, crunchy biscuit is enough to satisfy anyone!

11: Icy Faerie Marshmallows

Other snacks I like - Ah, Icy Faerie Marshmallows. A delightfully cold treat, with a succulent mint-vanilla flavor that always puts you back on your feet. One of my most favorite snacks, I always buy some if I see them stocked at Faerie Foods. There are many different ways to eat this one. First, you can eat them one by one off the stick. Second, you can pull them off(not too hard)and eat them that way. The only problem with that one is they have wings. What is even better is that the stick tastes minty, too!

12, 13, 14, and 15: Earth, Dark, Light, and Fire Faerie Sundaes

Other snacks I like - the sundaes of sundaes, these are a treat. These cool, flavorful, colorful sundaes are all the range this year. Everything seems elegant about these sundaes, even the sauces! The only problems that come with these sundaes are a little bit of the rivalries between the Faeries. When you store them in the freezer, the next day all you see is green, orange, yellow, and purple mush all dripping out of the freezer and onto the floor. And, for that reason, you should buy only one flavor at a time. I repeat, ONE FLAVOR AT A TIME!

16: Fyora Gum

Other snacks I like - Out of all the gum and gummy-themed items in Neopia, this is one of the most delicious. The lovely Starberry-Thornberry combination is enough to blow you right out of the house and into the yard! The pink-blue mist that accompanies this treat is very lovely too, 'cause you can eat it! These nifty pieces of gum come in packs of five, ten, and fifteen. The packs even come with packs of DoN Trading Cards! Two great qualities in one!

17: Faerie Éclair

Other snacks I like - Hmmmm... which one would you rather have, Chocolate Éclair... Paste or a wonderful Faerie Éclair? Not a very hard decision, is it? This wonderful, even-sized snack is full of chocolatey goodness! And believe me from experience, you can easily scarf down four or five of these succulent little pastries. The delectable vanilla cream in the center is one of my favorite features of this Éclair!

18: Faerie Dumplings

Other snacks I like - Now, what meal is cute, tasty, and light on the stomach? Faerie Dumplings of course! These light and good tasting dumplings are the talk of Faerieland (and my stomach!). Each is filled with a succulent mixture of flour and water, and occasionally you can get fillings with different vegetables and meats! The soft, pink glow that accompanies these little dumplings is a very nice touch at a feast or party!

19: Chocolate Fyora Crown

Other snacks I like - This delectable foodstuff is one the Faerie Queen herself enjoys from her castle window, likewise from my spot on the couch! The grape-flavored gem in the center of the crown is one worth tasting, as is the milk chocolate the crown itself is made of. This treat can also be used as a Halloween costume decoration, if you want to be Fyora and have a snack afterwards!

20: Faerie Nachos

Other snacks I like - The last and one of the best Faerie treats is... Faerie Nachos! The Nachos, some of the only types in Neopia, are THE most exquisite snack foods in Faerieland. The Nachos themselves are topped with gooey, cheesy goodness. The box is lightweight, waterproof (perfect for all of you swimmers out there!), and colorfully decorated. Perfect if you need to jazz up a party or luau! The Nachos are flavorful, a combination of whole grains (the Faeries would have nothing else, of course) and the perfect tang of spices to jazz up these Nachos for the number one party food!

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