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Purple Love

by fairyrose3221


To better understand this writing, please read the first part of this story, "Faerieland Home," in the Neopian Times.

"You have no idea of how much I missed you," said the faerie. "Did you miss me?"

      Jenny was scared, scared beyond belief. The last time she had seen Jhudora was in her purple cloud, and she had blown the roof! (Not literally, of course, but it is quite possible.) Jenny squirmed in the faerie's arms.

      "Don't look so frightened, little miamouse," the purple face added, "I came back to get you; I missed you." Jenny looked up and stared into her eyes. Did they look *gulp* sincere? After Jenny had been kicked out from Jhudora's home, she had heard many stories about the faerie; some were even too nasty to repeat. And now, as Jenny looked once more into the deep, purple eyes, she still could not help feeling frightened.

      "What in the world are you scared of? Can't you see I truly, one hundred-percent missed you? I need you back home, with me..." Jhudora said.

      Needed her? For what? For an experiment? For a servant? It could not possibly be for a companion and loving petpet, could it?

      Jenny was so busy asking herself all of these questions that she did not notice they were flying high above Faerieland. When she looked down, Jenny noticed one of the things she had seen earlier when the air faerie had flown her to the shop. There was the spring. It looked so peaceful, so beautiful. I bet I'd feel a lot safer there than with her, Jenny thought to herself.

      They landed on the cloud Jenny had once called home. It was violet, bubbling, and almost out of view was the house. Just like the rest of the cloud, it was purple with a wee bit of green. It rose way above Faerieland, and Jenny had not remembered it looking so welcome. What had happened to the "Get off of my property!" sign, and why was there a "Welcome" mat in front of her door? Had Jhudora really turned over a new leaf?

      "What happened to my sign?! I bet it was Fyora; it wouldn't be the first time she took it and put a welcome mat on my door!" Jenny knew the name Fyora. It was her dream to live in her house with all those wonderful harris. That dream looked way off in the distance now.

      Jhudora looked liked her old self now: steaming and angry. She tore the welcome mat off her porch and with the snap of her fingers, she made her sign reappear in front of her home. "That's better," Jhudora stated.

      They walked into the house; Jenny was practically shaking in the faerie's arms.

     Everything looked the same as the miamouse had remembered it. The staircase was tall and winding. Cauldrons and potions littered the floor on the ground level. As they continued upstairs, however, Jenny noticed a big purple bed and then many smaller beds on the floor. Were they petpet beds? What's more, though, was that there were petpet toys all over the room. There were veespa petpetnip toys, wind up cooties, disco squeaky petpet toys, and every other petpet toys she could think of!

      "So, what do you think?" the faerie asked Jenny. Jenny was in awe. Jhudora had gotten all of this for her. Hadn't Jhudora been the one to kick Jenny to the curb? Wasn't she the one who made Jenny give up her first and only home?

      Jenny wanted to pounce on every toy, chew at every toy bone, and take a long nap in the beds. As if Jhudora had read Jenny's thoughts, the faerie exclaimed, "Go ahead! Enjoy all these wonderful items!" And so she did.

      Jenny tapped the zomutt fluffy ball around the room in circles until she was dizzy. She scratched at the zytch scratching post until her claws were worn out. She even jumped on the blechy squeeze toy until its squeaker had died.

      The miamouse hopped on every bed. She patted every springy toy until the spring stopped springing. The chewing toys were reduced to little pieces of rubber. Jenny didn't worry about all these toys that she had broken. After all, there were plenty left in that room to last the rest of her life! After hours of fun and happiness, Jenny realized it was bed time.

      Jhudora walked up the stairs and into the room with her nighttime pajamas on. She had a sleeping mask around her head and carried a book under her arms. She yawned, put the book on the nightstand, got into her bed, and pulled the covers on. "Good night, little miamouse, sleep well." She pulled the mask over her eyes.

      Jenny had to choose between a snuffly petpet bed, an ettaphant petpet bed, and a scarabug petpet bed to sleep in. She chose the ettaphant petpet bed and crawled in. She fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes.

      Hours later, Jenny woke up from a nightmare. Her nightmare had let her realize several things. For one, what if Jhudora was going to eat Jenny? Had she given her all those toys because she thought that a happy petpet was a tasty petpet? Jhudora never did say, "Welcome to your new home." Jhudora never named her nor did she give her a petpetpet. She didn't say anything to the miamouse that made her feel safe. This could all be a trick.

      Jenny heard some rustling in the room. It could not have been Jhudora since she was snoring and looked exhausted. Just then, Jenny saw the source of the noise. There seemed to be two creatures across the room.

      "Grab that Jimmy! That looks like it would be worth enough Neopoints to buy us food for a week!" one of the Bug Brothers said.

      "Yeah, well, this would do it for a month!" the other said, pointing at another toy.

      "What are you two doing?" Jenny asked the bugs. They looked up at her in surprise. Both gasped as if it were the purple lady that said that and not a tiny miamouse.

      After one of them caught their breath, he said, "What does it look like we're doing? We're taking these toys!"

      "But those are mine!" Jenny pleaded. The brothers started laughing. They rolled on their backs and laughed until tears rolled down their face. They laughed loud, so loud that they did not notice the snoring had stopped.

      "You two again?" Jhudora sounded angry. "Get away from my petpet or I will turn you into piles of ashes! And if you ever come back, that's what you will be!" she shouted.

      The brothers looked at each other, dropped the toys that were in their hands, and made a run for it. Jhudora got out of her bed and walked over to Jenny.

      "I'm sorry about that, honey, but you're safe now." Jhudora tickled Jenny's belly and Jenny purred. "Quite an eventful night for your first night home, huh?" Jhudora smiled, as did Jenny.

      Jenny had a home, and she had heard it with her own ears. Both of them crawled back into their beds and went to sleep in their home.

The End

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